Baby Joy

There are times when I look at Matthew and he seems like such a big boy.

With each passing day, he ages before my eyes and I feel his babyhood just slipping through my fingers.

But, in the mornings, when I greet him and wish him a good morning, the sight of him smiling from behind his pacifier reminds me that in so many ways he is still a baby.

And that brings me so much joy…because I’m just not ready to call him a toddler.

Not yet.

Now it’s your turn!

What brought you joy this week? Please share it with me!


  1. Sherri

    OK, now that's one adorable "baby", no matter how old he gets!

    My joy this week was a Friday with my whole family home…each of us puttering around, doing our own thing, but being together. Ahh….

  2. Tonya

    He's gorgeous!

    I had a good week. Busy… two amusement parks. Legoland on Monday and Disneyland yesterday! Seeing Lucas' face light up at the fluffy characters and the water and lights is magical. He's quiet and curious while he takes it all in and then BOOM lights up like a Christmas tree with pure delight. LOVE!!

  3. julie gardner

    This post made me realize that I've been so busy trying to give my children the PERFECT SUMMER (activities, friends over, go go go) that I'm not pausing to be joyful about it.

    So this week's goal will be to do exactly that: to be in the moment and appreciate why our summer IS beautiful already. Just because we're together.

    LOVE that smile through the pacifier. The eyes say it all.

    Joy for sure.

    Thanks for the inspiration…

  4. mamamash

    Beautiful shiny eyes!

    I was ever-so-joyful to have returned home safely to my home and husband this week after traveling to Texas with the baby. Even though it's hotter here than it was there!

  5. His eyes are naughty in a cute way, such a gorgeous "baby-boy"! Mine is soon 4 and he brought me joy this morning saying Mommy I love you, and he gave me the sweetest kiss. AND he did not pee in his bed tonight – that's joy :D

  6. Amber

    I am a new follower, and I love your blog! So refreshing, and your little ones are adorable!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  7. mommybyday

    That is a fantastic photo!
    (I got to camp with my daughter. And whitewater kayak. 'Twas fantastic.)

  8. Aw, he is gorgeous!!

    I unplugged from being online for 24 hours – spent it playing with my little one, reading, going to bed early, brought me great satisfaction and joy. I endeavor to do so at least once every few days. Life is too short to be peeled to the laptop 24/ 7 :)

  9. Kimberly

    He is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I spent tonight at the shore with my family. Being together, laughing, smiling and having a great time. Couldn't be happier about that! :)

  10. I've been bed ridden for a good portion of the week so I've been feeling pretty low. I went outside and my son was playing and he came up to me with a flower. It was a weed but it made me smile.

  11. He is so gorgeous!! (I still call Dylan a baby, too.)

    We picked strawberries this week, and it was so cute to watch Abbey (she only wanted to pick the very red, very "little tiny" ones, so it took forever to fill her little pint) and Dylan (who doesn't love fruit but loved eating the fresh berries) wandering along the strawberry paths.

  12. multitaskingmumma

    I often wonder if I should start calling our daughter a toddler but I'm not ready. She's still a baby to me.
    Her wobbly walk and giggle bring me great big joy!

  13. BalancingMama

    So cute! My joy is seeing my 3 yr old's unrestrained joy as she plays with her older cousins. So wish we could be together more than 2x/year!

  14. Katie

    eddie has been a toddler…and i suppose is even past that now…but i still call him my baby. and now, with the pacifier in his mouth, he says, no beh-beh mama.

    My joy this week was watching Eddie so badly want to hold a baby who is less than a month old. He is such a big brother…without a little.

  15. My joy this weekend? A nice nature walk with my hubby and daughter, a nice sale to go shopping at and a beautiful 4th of July to spend outside.

    Best weekend in a really long time!

  16. Awww, what a cutie! :> I loved the toddler years, with both kidlets.

    I found joy this weekend listening to my boy help his Dad in the kitchen, making the hamburgers to go on the bbq, later that day and when the firework finale launched, my girl sitting atop her Daddy's shoulders, opened her arms wide as they burst in the night sky. Yup, pure joy. :>

  17. Oh boy, I know what you mean – and I'm only three months in! You're son is beautiful!!!

    This week Lucy giggled for the first time, and it was the most amazing experience! I was so filled with joy, it was unbelievable.

  18. Rachel

    LOVE! Being at HOME with my family this weekend brought me much joy!

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