All Bets Are Off

We have a limited sugar policy in our house.

I just don’t buy sweets so I don’t have to say no.

But when we go camping, I come unhinged and all sugar bets are off.

In a typical week at home, raspberries or blueberries are dessert.

In a typical day of camping, dessert lasts all day long for days.

Here’s what Katie’s sugar intake looked like on Sunday, for example:

7 mini powdered sugar doughnuts

4 Lifesavers

2 cups of hot cocoa

1 bowl of Ben & Jerry’s cookies and cream ice cream

1 packet Annie’s fruit snacks

2 S’mores

2 juice boxes


1 light blue rock candy lollipop

There may be more, but I think I’m blocking it out.

This smile is all I’ll remember, I’m sure of it…







  1. JoAnn

    LOVE it. And I'm sure your healthy every day living made this all the more delightful and special for your Sugar (she's so precious!)

  2. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    OMG that last picture. Can she be any happier?

  3. Leah

    I love her little face! We have a more lenient food policy at our house when the kids are not in school. I let them buy a box of Lucky Charms last week (they normally eat shredded wheat or cheerios!) and WOW, did it make them go never again! LOL Those types of treats are fun when you're a kid though and really that is what matters!

  4. Tianyu

    Ha ha what a sweet post. I am a sugar junkie like you but I take mine with coffee, as I like sweet but not too sweet. Call me crazy. :)

  5. galitbreen

    Oh that sweetness! It's perfection. XO

  6. Yuliya

    That cracked me up! The beauty of camping is that no matter how much sugar they've had they still crash at bedtime!

  7. SquashedMom

    That last picture is priceless, oh, my. Perfection.

  8. MamaWantsThis

    She's just beautiful! And oh-so-happy :)

  9. Nancy C

    Camping is so great. So, so great. Paul and I took the boys camping (right before the world exploded), and I treasure those moments with the four of us, just unplugged and together.

    And yes, sugar-fueled.

  10. Love! We don't camp a lot (ok, so we did it once this year), but all bets are definitely off. The kids ate Cheetos. I figure that the neon orange dust left all over their fingers will help make sure they don't get lost in the dark ;)

    She is so darling with her blue rock candy sucker. Was she so excited it was her favorite color?

  11. Peggy

    I'm glad that you are able to bend the rules while camping. And like others already said, it makes it all the more special, and no matter how much sugar kids have camping, they are still guaranteed to crash at bedtime.
    Katie is just a doll.

  12. MamaTrack

    She has such a beautiful smile. I can why, when camping, you would bend the rules, just a bit! Glad you guys had fun!

  13. Evonne

    She looks so happy! I love it!

  14. Ha ha I'm sure she loved every moment of it…and was bouncing off the walls…or trees since you were camping! :)

  15. supermomboots

    That is awesome! And I am trying to move our household this way. Where candy is for very special occasions. Unfortunately my husband has a major sweet tooth and is therefore NOT on board!

    And the pictures are so cute, she looks so pleased with herself :)

  16. Melissa

    Haha! She sure does look happy :) I tell my kids they can pick out "vacation" cereal when we're on vacation but not at home. You know, the Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops variety. It's part of what makes vacation fun!

  17. Aleta

    Oh my gosh, look at that smile! Precious!

  18. Sherri

    Man, could she get any cuter?? Vacation is for stepping out of your routine and comfort zone….so glad you had fun. And sugar.

    And wine, perhaps?

  19. Lyndsey

    Such a treat! Love the pics!

  20. Rachel

    Hahahha!!! That picture is awesome!!!

    Katie got sugar….Mommy got WINE!!!

  21. ROCK CANDY!!

    That picture is adorable. LOVE the smile. A hint of mischievousness in there, huh?

  22. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love the joy a blue lollipop can bring to someone's life.

  23. MamaRobinJ

    Oh my, that smile is priceless. Did she sleep at all?! I dread to think what Connor would be like…

  24. Kris

    You can make your own rock candy, did you know that?

    Maj and Kallan have done that a few times. Sugar GALORE! So much fun.

    We don't camp, so the galore happens at our house.



  25. andygirl

    that face! so freaking classic. love.

  26. Bod for tea

    Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder :D What a gorgeous smile!

  27. Aw, your daughter is so adorable! Nothing sweeter than a sugar rush… Coming from a sugar addict mama ;))

  28. ChaoticRantings

    Aww she looks happy, how was her energy that day?

  29. You would deny her her FAVORITE color? Now now Mama.
    Yes, we have the same rules in our house as well. More to keep ME from needing to buy new pants. Because my daughter on sugar and her daddy's frustation: HILARIOUS!
    (I'm sure there is a circle of hell just for me!)

  30. julie gardner

    That smile is worth every milligram of sugar.


    And good for you for letting the bets go on a camping trip.

    She will now ALWAYS love this type of trip and remember it forever.

    …In These Sugary Moments.

    Oh yes. So sweet.

  31. Katie

    this is AWESOME! That is how vacation was for us too. As kids we didn't get many snacks, but vacation at the cottage meant snacks all day! YUM!

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