Gifts of Joy and a Recap

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Erin sent me this St. Gerard medallion in the mail…

St. Gerard, the patron saint of motherhood

I have had to fight Katie for that medallion ever since.

I told Erin about it and earlier this week, Katie got a package in the mail from Erin.

Inside, Katie found this…

St. Catherine

Katie was overjoyed to have a medallion “just like” mine.

Thank you, Erin, for bringing Katie so much joy.

Joyous daughter, joyous mother.

Much love to you, my friend.

Now it’s your turn…what brought you joy this week?




  1. Joy this week? 4 day work week…I wish they could all be this way.

  2. MamaWantsThis

    Love this post. I'm thankful for great friends online and offline. And chocolate. :) xoxo

  3. galitbreen

    So, so sweet Nichole (and Erin!!)!

    My joy was the first sprinkler day of the season! Those happy shrieks- way more perfect outside than in!

    Nichole, I also went back and read your drama-filled Babble posts. Wow! How did you fair there, friend? That would have eaten me up! But you? You handled yourself with grace. Way to go, lady! Impressive, really!

  4. Sherri

    What a sweet gift! And Katie must be thrilled to have her own "just like mommy"!

    This week certainly flew by, but my joy was watching my son received his honor cords at the Senior Awards ceremony, which he will wear proudly next Friday night as he graduates.

  5. Rachel

    Erin is so sweet!!

  6. tracy

    Joy for me was following Cheryl's wisdom and losing 5 lbs. YAY!!! xoxo

  7. What a sweet gift.

  8. alison

    A friend who looks out for your children…one of the best kind of friends to have.

    Joy for me was tonight. Being with friends and my family at a local vineyard, listening to our favorite band under the stars, dancing with my sweet boys. It was a great evening.

    Have a great weekend Nichole!

  9. Way to go Tracy! Now share, so I can lose those same 5 lbs because I think I gained them! =)

  10. THIS….This post made me happy!!
    I am so thrilled she got just as much joy receiving it as I did buying it for her!

  11. JDaniel4's Mom

    Now wonderful to both get something special in the mail.

  12. Have a lovely weekend Nichole, yes, what a week you had!
    You are doing a fab job over there, give your self a pat on the back or at least have Craig give you a foot massage ;)

  13. How wonderful! What a generous and thoughtful friend you have in Erin!

    My joy: getting to know my son. MY SON! I think that is the first time I've typed that! OMG, this is for real.

  14. BalancingMama

    Such heartfelt gifts!

    I've been on vacation with my 2 favorite people! Hard to come back, but our week was certainly full of joy. How blessed we are!

  15. Tonya

    Like mommy, like daughter. :)

    Sorry you had such a rough week on Babble. Some of those comments were brutal!

  16. What a sweet gift from Erin to share with both you and Katie!

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