Small Moments Spotlight #15

This week, I have four glorious posts to share with you in the Small Moments Spotlight, four posts that will make you stop and appreciate and remember similar moments in your own life.

Please go visit these lovely women and leave them a little note to say that you stopped by and that their words touched you…

Photo Finish, from my dear friend Sherri, of Old Tweener, submitted by Leighann. (Sherri also has a lovely and peaceful new blog for you to check out!)

The Early Morning Hours, by Krista of Not Mommy of the Year

One More Time, from Tina of Life Without Pink

Moment for the Memory Vault, by Kelly of Dances with Chaos

If you’ve submitted something to me recently and it isn’t featured here, I might be saving it to feature in the coming weeks.

If you’ve read or written a post that captures a small moment, please use my “contact me” tab (up there in the navigation bar) and send me the link. I’d love to feature it here.

If you’ve been featured here in the Small Moments Spotlight and would like the button, let me know and I’ll send it your way.



  1. Sherri

    Such a great place to be, Nichole! And much love to Leighann… are so sweet!

  2. OMG thank you for featuring me it means so much!

  3. Read and loved all the posts!

  4. Krista

    Such great company to be in. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  5. Kir

    Loved each and every one of those links! I love knowing these wonderful women and reading their words about the little things.

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