Joy and a Recap

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that bring me joy…you know, focusing on all of the positive in my life.

So, of course, my thoughts immediately go to sharing these things with you!

Each week, I’m going to share one thing that brings me joy and I’m hoping that you’ll tell me about the things that make you joyous too!

Today, I went to check the mail and this is what I found:

A new issue of Real Simple on a Friday? I couldn’t have asked for a better treat!

What brought you joy this week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



  1. You read my mind!! I've been thinking a lot this week about focusing on more positives in my life. What brought me joy this week is that my daughter has started waking up happy lately. She was very colicky and this mama needed some smiles!

  2. Vi3tBabe

    I was overflowing with joy when I found out I was a finalist for the Born Free "Queen for a Day" contest haha! I doubt I'll win though, but it's nice to be noticed =)

  3. Breakfast this morning at my son's preschool to celebrate Mother's Day. Joy Joy Joy.

  4. Sherri

    Oh, what a joyful week I had! And it started when you picked me up on Sunday for the baby shower!

    But if I had to narrow it down, hearing my son's super-excited voice yelling to me down the hall as he read his email acceptance to his #1 choice college….that was pure heaven!

  5. The other day my children and I were in Hallmark picking out cards for grandmothers. I was busy reading cards and I barely heard my daughter, Ainsley, say something. Then she said "Mommy, you didn't hear me." So I asked what she said and she said "I love you." So I smiled and I told her I loved her too. Then at the top of her lungs she said "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!" and threw her arms around my legs.

    I got a lot of smiles and giggles from those around me and I thought "yeah, I'm so lucky she's all mine."

  6. Katie

    My husband taking charge of the doctor appointment scheduling when I was too broken and angsty to do so myself. I love that he protects and cares for me.

  7. galitbreen

    I got mine in the mail today, too! Love it!

    My joy was a long morning at the park with friends and kiddos- warm sun, lots of laughs, perfect!

    Love this idea!


  8. sugarbowlmix

    First thing would have to be being a guest poster here on Monday! Secondly, seeing my husband for the first time in 2 weeks today. He's home for the weekend – only one he'll be here for all month.

  9. My joy was spending 2 precious days with my boys at Disneyland, reflecting on that, and realizing that this weekend will be my 4th Mother's Day…..a Day I never thought I would ever be able to take part in, other than being a daughter. And I remember that special joy every day!

  10. Tracie

    A laptop. The very first one I have owned… fact, the very first computer that I have gone to the store and bought brand new. It was a very joyful Friday for me!

  11. Tonya

    I love Real Simple and I'm with you, there's nothing better than getting a new magazine your mailbox. I hope you found time to enjoy yours.

    Last week, I found joy in the Dalai Lama… what an amazing man. Such simple principles.

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