1. briana

    Getting pedicures with my mommy for her birthday but what you would bring me joy too ;)

  2. Sherri

    Well, it would give me great joy to be the first commenter on this post!

    What gave me joy this week was seeing my son in a tuxedo, for the very first time since he was four years old and in a wedding. Tomorrow? Senior Ball.

    Much love to you, my friend!

  3. Rachek

    This was one of the hardest weeks of my life. My beautiful children brought me joy in a time of such pain and heartache. I love them dearly.

  4. Rachel mommyneedsavacation.com

    Apparently my name is now Rachek. What???

  5. Angel singedwingangel.blogspot.com

    Getting a job that feels like it was just placed in my lap.. my son going to prom tomorrow and seeing him in tux

  6. My camera gave me joy this week as I'm finally taking the kind of photographs of my son that justifies his cuteness :)

    You have sure been busy at Babble this week! Have a great weekend!

  7. Janae

    Payday and being able to buy groceries. Today I decided to surprise the older 2 kids, packed up the little 2 got the big kids from school and spent the whole day outside finding adventures, painting, coloring chalk on the sidewalk, and blowing up balloons. Loved every minute of it.

  8. Janae

    Also! My former IM (intended mother – was a surrogate had Triplets) sent me an update with pics & thanked me for making her a mom. I cried. Ah it was such a beautiful thing!

  9. Mrs. Wonder sunshinewonderland.com

    Starting working gave me a lot of joy! Mod'ing a message board and will be blogging for a big brand name. Adding more change to the buy-a-home piggy bank

  10. Tiffany

    Buying 3 new dresses in a size smaller than I was a year ago brought me joy this week! :-)

  11. thisismynewmoon

    My job. I am so thankful to have a job I love and co-workers who care about me.

  12. Kenna Ray kennaray.com

    I got major joy this evening. I got back to the hotel (I'm out of town) late after six days of work and slipped into a bath. I actually felt the muscles in my bath relax. Then I just laid there and read a book for an hour. Amazing!

  13. sugarbowlmix

    Joy this week was having my 6 year old alone (after I put her sister on a plane by herself). She is so different when she's not with her older sister. Her guard is down. She's not competing. She's so much easier. Alone, I love being with her. Joy.

  14. The Whimsical Sweet

    My one year-old singing along with me :)

  15. This week I have been sooo sick. Where is the joy in this, you ask? Afternoon naps, allowing myself to slow down, an understanding boss and oh, yeah… I lost a couple of pounds. It was quiet joy but joy nonetheless. Thank you for making me think of this.

  16. Lori inpursuitofitall.com

    My husband home in a mere 8 hours. THAT will bring me joy.

  17. Tracie fromtracie.com

    I got a HUGE haircut and donated the cut hair to make a wig for a cancer patient. that brought me joy.

  18. AliRosearb

    Spending time & making memories with older generations of my family. Someday they will be just a bundle of amazing memories for me to reflect upon. Right now they are joy, teachers, amazing, a treasure. <3

  19. gigi kludgymom.com

    Wow, yuo have been a busy lady!!!

    I'm happy to no longer be so busy writing for so many places that I need to write a recap :)

  20. This week's joy was two-fold for me: a little vacation with Ryan where we could breathe and enjoy each other and then coming home to the other loves of my life :)

  21. ksluiter

    This week my biggest joy was hugging one of my best friends and rubbing her very swollen, pregnant-with-twins tummy and knowing the next time I hug her, I will also be holding her babies!

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