A Birthday Letter for My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful Katie,

Sweet baby girl, you’re turning four today.

Four fantastic years old.

I’m not sure how that is even possible.

Mommy and Daddy waited so long for you, Katie.

We worried that you’d never come along. But you finally did.

And that waiting was so worth it…you are exactly the baby we were meant to have.

Days old...

I thought I knew what it would be like to be a mother.

I thought I knew what it meant to love.

Then, you arrived and taught me that I knew so very little.

One year old...

You taught me that once you have a child, you are more vulnerable than you ever dreamed possible.

You showed me watching you sleep was the most important thing that I could do on any given afternoon.

Two years old...

Loving you has shown me that I can’t control everything…that sometimes the most amazing moments come from letting go just a little…that sometimes it’s better to let life guide us just a bit.

You have taught me to laugh at myself, because nothing makes you laugh harder.

Three years old...

You have helped me to realize that throwing caution to the wind every once in a while doesn’t have to be scary.

You have taught me that the amount of love that the heart can hold is endless…that just when I am certain that I couldn’t possibly love you more, you make my heart nearly explode.

Nearly four years old...

You have shown me that life passes so quickly.

I don’t want to waste a single moment of this time that I’ve been given to share with you.

You have brought me more joy than I ever dreamed possible.

Happy birthday, my beautiful baby.

With more love than you can possibly imagine,



  1. Sherri

    Oh, such a sweet little girl! And such a sweet post….Happy Birthday, Katie! You have brought such joy to your parents!

  2. Vernita vbridgeshoyt.com

    Happy Birthday, Katie! You are a beautiful little girl with a beautiful Mommy!

  3. tsonoda148

    What a beautiful little girl! And your tribute was so sweet. Now I can go on to bed with happy thoughts in my head (I was reading a scary book!). Have a wonderful time with the birthday celebrations. Loved it when my kids were four. The sweetest time…….

  4. Yuliya shesuggests.com/

    She was perfection from the very first picture! So sweet Nichole, happy birth day and Katie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  5. Amy @ babybabylemon babybabylemon.com

    Happy birthday Katie! And birth day to you Nichole. Sweetest thing I have read in awhile. xoxoxo

  6. Ana

    Happy Birthday to Sweet Katie! Hope she had a great day with her brother, mommy and daddy

  7. jessica fourplusanangel.com

    Happy Birthday Katie! What a beautiful post. Nichole, she was given such a gift to have you as her mom.

  8. Peggy

    Happy Birthday Katie Grace! I loved the pics of her each year. Such a cutie.

  9. Nicely written and such gorgeous pictures.

  10. mommyslounge

    Awww…what an adorable little sweetie! Can you believe how fast they grow? I can remember my eldest was just like that not so long ago! Happy birthday Katie!

  11. Desperate Housemommy dhousemommy.com

    What a lovely tribute to your daughter. Hoping for a day filled with joy for you all.

  12. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    Aw…happy birthday, Katie!

    And when your mother says she likes to watch you sleep, why don't you go ahead and nap in the afternoon and make her so very happy!


  13. Grammy

    Happy Birthday Katie Grace! Grammy loves you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  14. Kristy pampersandpinot.com

    Oh, she is so adorable! I so related to the line about becoming so vulnerable once you have a baby.

  15. Karen Peterson apeekatkarensworld.com

    Isn't it amazing and exciting and a little bit sad how quickly they grow up?

    My nephew turns 6 next month and I have no idea where the time has gone.

    Your little girl sounds like such a sweet child! I hope she had a happy birthday!

  16. Tonya lettersforlucas.com

    Another beautiful and heartfelt letter. Happy Birthday to your beautiful, Katie!

  17. wantapeanutblog

    She is so beautiful!
    Moe will be four on Tuesday, so I'm feeling all of this with you. Didn't realize they were so close in age!

  18. Happy Birthday Katie!

    She will love these letters so much when she's older :) The progressive pictures are so sweet; it's amazing how quickly they grow.

    I hope you had a lovely day today!

  19. Lyndsey

    Happy Birthday Katie!

  20. Roxane roxanesdays.com

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    Okay, just so you know I saw this when you first posted it and immediately ran the other way because I didn't want to get all blubbery. I just knew I would.

    I was right.

    When she reads this a really long time from now, she'll be blubbering as well.

    This was so beautiful and heartfelt and so sweet. I love reading your words.

  21. Cate catelinden.com

    Happy Birthday, Katie! She is such a beautiful little girl and is so lucky to have you as her mom.

  22. SquashedMom

    Just beautiful. Happy Birthday Katie! Your mama sure does love you.

  23. May mayachieveclarity.com

    I loved scrolling down and discovery another shot of that beautiful little face growing older each time. It feels like it doesn't take much longer to live it than to scroll it, does it?! So sweet!

  24. galitbreen

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl! This is such a beautiful letter, Nicole. Exactly the type of love that will keep her swooning for you years to come! XO

  25. They grow so fast!!! Happy birthday precious girl ;)

  26. Bod for tea bod-for-tea.blogspot.com

    Beautiful post and beautiful photos! Happy Birthday to your little angel :D

  27. Stacey staceysmotheringmoments.com

    What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!

  28. Jen Has A Pen jenhasapen.com

    This is so cool, so sweet, so full of love. She's adorable. :-)

  29. ksluiter

    Dear Katie…
    Thank you for sharing your mommy with us all. She has single-handedly turned my heart and made me crave a daughter.

    And? You look just like your beautiful mommy.

    Happy birthday!

    Another Katie

  30. MamaWantsThis mamawantsthis.com

    Happy birthday beautiful Katie.

    Loved your letter, Nichole. She's gorgeous.

  31. julie gardner juliecgardner.com

    Someday, when Katie holds her own baby in her arms for the first time, she will gasp.

    "THIS is how much my mother loved me."

    Yes. That much, Katie.

    Oh, happy day to you all!

  32. TheGroceryDad

    Happy Birthday!

    What a beautiful letter! I am reading this while my daughter (who coincidentally also turned 4 on friday) sleeps across the room from me.

    Every single moment is precious.

  33. Oh wow, that is a beautiful letter that she will treasure forever. And what a gorgeous little girl. Kind makes me want to go gangbusters and have another kid (I have two boys — love them…but oh! a girl!…).

  34. Beautiful post! I was tearing up a little, just thinking about how I'll be writing these letters to my (three-month old) daughter one day.

  35. charmer

    That has got to be the cutest little girl ever!! Katie should be 5years now.. Amazing post!

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