Brushes With Salmonella Death

My local Target had barely packed up the St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia when they turned the holiday aisles into a pastel wonderland of all things Easter. (Can someone please explain why is Easter so late this year? I’m dying already.)

People? I love Easter. Hopping bunnies, chocolate, cute little baby chicks, and ham? Yep, Easter is my holiday.

There is so much about Easter that I love, but I’ve boiled it all down to five key things:

1) Three words: Cadbury Mini Eggs. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

2) Bunnies that visit in the night and leave the loveliest of baskets, filled
with toys and treats that will keep Katie and Matthew delighted for hours.

3) Dyed eggs. This is just one of those messy things that must be done. Every year, I’m convinced that I’ll get salmonella from blowing all of those egg whites out, but it’s so worth the risk.

4) Ham. Oh, wait, I may have mentioned ham already. Ooops.

5) Finding eggs the following Tuesday that Craig and I hid, but were undiscovered on Easter morning. Filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs.

And, we’ve come full circle!

Cadbury Mini Eggs, happy kids, brushes with salmonella death, ham, and Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Happy Easter!


  1. Amy @ babybabylemon

    I could be wrong, but I seem to remember my husband saying that there has never been an salmonella outbreak from California eggs. He tends to know about these things, he went to farm school. Just check the package.

  2. Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite! I have been endulging in a bag for the last week that I "bought for the kids". They have had about four.

  3. Jessica

    Cadbury Eggs are delicious. I have no idea why Easter is so late this year but I have been wondering the same thing.

  4. Heidi Smith Luedtke

    I just gobbled up 4 Cadbury mini eggs with my morning coffee before I read your post. Delish! I think Easter moves about with the moon cycles…not sure why. We're going on vacation so I can't wait for Easter to get here. Can't. Wait.

  5. Klz

    Cadbury mini eggs are my desert of choice. My waist is lucky they're only out a few weeks a year

  6. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Ah, the Cadbury Mini Egg. How I love thee.

  7. Jayme

    What, no Reeses peanut butter eggs? Those are my favorite! I do enjoy the Cadbury Eggs as well. I kind of feel like a slacker mom because we haven't dyed eggs in a few years. I guess I better get on that this year.

  8. Jessica

    I may have my own bag (or two) of Cadbury Mini Eggs hiding in the cupboard so that I can eat them without having to share. ;)

  9. Evonne

    I can't wait for Easter. My MIL makes this pineapple stuffing that is to die for! I'm also a huge fan of Cadbury Eggs. I might stock up before stores stop selling them for the year.

  10. Andrea

    Mmmmm Cadbury mini eggs, regular Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, Reese's pent butter eggs…I'm not picky. Any holiday that makes it ok to scarf down sweets is good in my book.

  11. Stacey

    I LOVE those Cadbury mini eggs! I have two bags hidden in the closet for consumption. I don't like to share!

  12. Happy Easter! I hope it's sunny where you are….we are buried in snow :( That makes it pretty hard to do the massive Easter egg hunt. But I also love Easter…it beckons sunshine, green grass, and outdoor play….and ham. I'm a sucker for a slow roasted, juicy ham. Oh and the forgotten hidden eggs…those make me smile every time!

  13. CDG

    wait blowing out the whites? huh?

    don't you just boil them before you dye them? that way you get egg salad during the following week — which, aside from the CME's– is the raison d'etre for Easter.

  14. businesslorelei

    I have successfully turned my Jewish kids into chocolate egg addicts.

    I think that's a win.

  15. We hard boil our eggs first too. I makes for yummy egg salad sandwiches after Easter. Of if we're ambitious pickeled of deveiled eggs!

  16. Cadbury Mini-Eggs are seriously addictive! They're my favorite Easter candy.

    We are also hard boilers. I don't see myself ending up with a lot of eggs to color if I had to blow out the eggs first. I am so klutzy and my kitchen is so small that we would end up with lots of broken shells and salmonella on every visible surface!

  17. kristen

    1. Cadbury mini eggs were a very special treat as they are my moms fave and she rarely shared (they are pricier than other chocolate wanna-bes)
    2. fun post. I too love Easter.
    3. I have yet to buy my mini eggs, but after this post, I am on my way!
    love it!

  18. Kir

    Well my Pennsylvania is showing. LOL
    I don't like Cadbury eggs…I prefer Gertrude Hawkes Smidgens and Reese's eggs.
    I don't blow out the eggs…I boil them and thn dye them.
    And Ham and's not Easter without both. At least in my house. ;)

  19. Oooh. I'm totally craving ham now. [drool]

    Also? I have never blown out egg whites. I worry I would confuse when to suck & when to blow. …and my mind is venturing into the gutter now…nothing to see here…move along…hehehe

    We always hard boil. I didn't know there was an option to do it differently LoL But I guess then you don't have to worry about the eggs going bad & potential egg salad food poisoning… :)

  20. Jen Has A Pen

    I've never met an "Easter girl" before. Christmas and Thanksgiving, yes. But never Easter. My birthday is on the 4th of July, so that's my holiday. Anyway, I love how excited you are about it. George and I got married on Easter weekend last year, so that was fun. Good luck finding extra eggs with leftovers in them next week!!!

  21. Mom Went Crazy

    I LOVE the mini eggs. My favourite part of Easter? Getting together with my entire extended family. It will be the last time we're all together before Thanksgiving

  22. tracy

    Oh I get such a headache trying to blow-out the eggs. Now we boil them. Also, don't try to blow-out a hard boiled egg. Been there. Happy Easter!

  23. Sandra

    You had me at Cadbury Mini Eggs!

  24. Kristi

    Brushes with salmonella death. lol I love it! You know what I don't love about Easter? When your child decided to save the decorated boiled egg she made in class and fails to tell you about it. But you know what I don't love even more? Wondering where the smell of death is coming from 6 months later, only to find a moldy mushy mess of what used to be a decorated boiled egg. Yes, this is my life. lol

  25. Way to bring them in with the headline, sister. As a kid, Easter was all about the sugar for me. I eat clean now and my kid gets candy free easter baskets filled with toys and easter egg hunts to find pennies and nickles, so don't feel too bad for her. She's plenty spoiled…and I am sure her grandparents will eventually sneak her a counter fit cadbury egg. ;)
    PS-blow out the EGGS? What planet have I been living on? We boil and dye them egg in and eat them over the few days after easter. Which is why we don't do that many. Okay. Novel over.
    PPS-i prefer all lower case letters. my brain has to think less that way.

  26. Sherri

    Oh, I would love me some Cadbury eggs about now! And you are such a Martha Stewart with your egg-blowing…but I'll bet they're beautiful.

    Have fun!

  27. Crystal

    Those are by far the best holiday candy ever made. Next to the solid chocolate bunny anyway. Never, ever, is hollow acceptable. Unless you like hollow, then it might be okay.

  28. tulpen

    First I visit Cheryl and leave with a craving for Asian cuisine. Then I come here and now I MUST have some mini eggs.

    You guys are killing me.

  29. Yeah. You can't mention ham too many times. Impossible. Is it lunchtime yet? Somewhere?

  30. Lyndsey

    Okay I'm the only one who has never had a Cadbury egg! Reese's Eggs Rock!

  31. ksluiter

    ham? <shudder>

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