The Big Three

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I absolutely love sports. I’ve always loved the spirit, the excitement, the spark in the air.

Basketball, hockey, football, all wonderful. I can talk stats and smack with the best of ‘em.

Some sports have always been off limits, however. The big three, I always said.  No golf, no tennis, no baseball.

Then I met my husband, an avid and life-long San Francisco Giants fan. He spoke of the drama, the strategy, the anticipation of the game.

I found it necessary to impress upon him that in no way would I be watching any baseball…I explained my disdain for the big three from the very beginning.

Every time he’d watch the game, I’d watch the backs of my eyelids. Snoozefest.

Ever feel like life is passing you by far too quickly? Watch some baseball. It will slow down things down pretty quickly.

I made it through two full excruciatingly-long seasons without watching a single game. That’s 162 games people, per team. And when you live in Northern California, you have two of them.

Then one day Craig called me with words that made my blood run cold. He had tickets. Great tickets. For a Giants game.

And he wanted me to go with him.

I reminded him of the big three. How could he have forgotten?

He reminded me of the four Shakespeare productions he had taken me to over those same two years.

My resolve weakened.

He sealed the deal with his promise to buy me as much beer as necessary. I anticipated LOTS of beer.

We rode the train into the city and Craig spent the entire trip trying to teach me the basics of the game. America’s pasttime, blah, blah, blah. Big waste of his time, I kept thinking.

When we arrived, I quickly reminded him of his beer promises, so we grabbed a couple and found our seats.

As I sat there, in the glorious sunshine, I realized that beer in the sun wasn’t so bad.

When the game began, I relaxed a bit and learned that I loved the sound of the crack of the bat.

I asked a couple of questions, trying to remember the things that he taught me, or at least tried to teach me, on the train.

Craig saw his opening and began throwing out little rules for me to absorb.

It took three innings for me to coin a new phrase…the big two. No golf, no tennis.

Baseball permeated my brain that summer. I gathered stats and read every book on baseball that I could get my hands on. I called Craig at work to tell him that the batting order had been changed for that night’s game or that a pitcher had pitched a perfect game or to suggest that we head into the city to catch a game.

I spoke to him of the drama, the strategy, the anticipation of the game.

Baseball has become one of my favorite sports.

I’m so grateful for that day when I just gave it a chance…when I resisted the urge to dig my heels in.

But the big two? Never gonna happen.


  1. What the hell do you mean, "No tennis??"

  2. Rachel

    Baseball???? Really? NO way for me. So boring. I love that you absorbed this game for Craig! True Love!!! I grew up playing tennis and love watching it. #TeamTennis

  3. Yuliya

    Tennis is one of the few sports my husband likes to watch! I would add to your list bowling, billiards, curling….

  4. Galit Breen

    LOVE this! I married an avid MN Twins fan and I can cheer with the best of 'em now. My favorite? Is the 7th inning stretch! Love everyone singing! (I'm *such* a sap!)

  5. SquashedMom

    My husband grew up with a deep love of baseball. The fact that his father's business was just a stone's throw from Yankee Stadium didn't hurt either, he saw many a great game there. He doesn't really follow the sport passionately now, but still likes to catch a game or two, early in the season (before scoring tickets gets tough). I think it is breaking his heart that while our son Ethan has declared his intention to "get sportier" (as he has figured out the popular boys at school are all "sporty") baseball is so NOT among his chosen sports. But maybe he'll come 'round.

    I love how you phrased it, when you opened up to a new experience and "resisted the urge to dig my heels in." We could all do that about so much in life, and if we don't? Think how much magic we'd miss out on.

    Lovely post, as ever, thanks. (and love the redesign)

  6. Kelly

    There really is nothing like the sound of the game, right? I love to watch baseball "live", but hate it on the TV…and I am just the opposite with football!

    So awesome to learn you like sports too!! :)

    BTW- LOVE the new site design! Looks great! :)

  7. Kir

    You know I am not such a sports girl..but I will watch (oh someone gor the love of god explain icing to me LOL) and tennis. I also enjoy baseball..but if I can be in the stadium. Something about getting a tan and seeing it on the big screen is so much better.
    Loved this!

  8. I hate baseball, but I bet it would be fun to watch a live game.. being in the moment with fans, the excitement rubs off… and after a couple of beers, it's hard not to have fun right?

  9. I used to love going to Giants games when I lived in SF. I think it's the most beautiful baseball stadium setting ever. You gotta love looking out at the water and watching people catch balls in their little boats. I also love the awesome food selection there. :-)

  10. MommaKiss

    I love going to baseball games. Met my husband at one ;) And football. And basketball (college) and golf. Yep. Love them all.

  11. My husband likes them all, but baseball is a particular favorite. I was also won over by actually attending games, having beer, sitting outside, & people watching. It's still not my number one, but I can tolerate it :) Also, when watched on TV, it gives you plenty of time to do other things while still "watching" the game – blogging, snacking, painting the living room (just kidding, kind of!)

    Also, I like the new look! I have been having some technical difficulties and just got back online from a couple-day hiatus. (I didn't even get to participate in RemembeRED this week, unfortunately.)

  12. Natalie

    I would rather gouge my eyes out than watch baseball! Football, fights, basketball…I'm in! Baseball is just too slow for me.

  13. Heh. Baseball is definitely WAY more fun in person. I'm not huge into sports, but I've been to some baseball games, basketball games, & even a hockey game. It's a blast to go in person. :)

  14. Love sitting in the sun eating all that stadium food – for about a half doz innings, then I'm done!

  15. I like watching sports live – with the crowds and the snacks and the expensive alcohol. On TV? In small doses. Thankfully, my husband doesn't mind if I click over during commercials to watch HGTV. Because, after all, marriage is all about compromise.

    He grabs another beer and I check out home-buying in Nicaragua.

    Win win.

  16. Renee

    I don't know. Baseball seems to be a lot of not much going on. I like football. Basketball is ok.
    Here is a lot a NASCAR watching.
    And yes, golf watching. Have you ever played golf? I have. I suck. But? It seduces you. I know I can do it. So I keep trying. And sucking. But at least the courses are pretty in a nature-y way.

    And of course bowling is my true sports love. Not that I tweet my scores or anything.

  17. Brandon

    Why I felt the need to comment on this is somewhat beyond me… I am probably one of the least sports oriented guys I know, lol!

    Baseball, as I have found, only gets boring when the players become professionals. Lots of nothing, then a great play, then lots of nothing again… The same holds true with several sports.

    If you REALLY want an invigorating game, check out college sports. No kidding, those boys and girls work their tails off to be the next big thing. Non-stop action more than 90% of the time. (True story)

    I also agree with a few of the other comments here… Tennis?! Play sometime. Wicked fun. My daughter tried to teach me how to play. Loved it.

  18. 30ish Mama

    I know exactly what you mean… my husband is a golfer and I used to HATE golf. When we were dating and I saw the clubs in his trunk it was almost a deal breaker–I didn't want to be a "golf widow" and I certainly did not want to learn how to play. But he used the same tactics your husband used on you and reminded me of all the musicals he sat through for me, so I tried it, and despite myself, I loved it. Spending a couple hours on a beautiful golf course on a fresh sunny day is heavenly. And the accessories aren't bad either!

  19. Laura

    Great post! My husband loves hockey and has always had a favorite team. My team was his team's rivals. Eventually, over the three years we've been married and as I've watched him share his joy of hockey with our baby, I have come to have an appreciation for his team, and would actually call myself a fan.

    I think that is love.

    And about baseball – I have always liked it. Been to a few games on some trips to Boston. I think I liked it because as a kid it was pretty easy to grasp.

  20. Cate

    I'm so glad you love baseball! I've been a baseball fan since I was very young…I fondly remember going to Orioles games at Camden Yards with my dad. He would buy me cotton candy and put me on his shoulders. I married a baseball fan, and we love going to games together. We took a "babymoon" when I was pregnant to see a few Cincinnati Reds games, and everyone acted like I was doing something nice for him…but I was just as excited!

  21. Jill

    Man, I would be in serious trouble if I didn’t like baseball. All three of my boys play(ed) baseball, I’m down to only two of them playing now. Thankfully we aren’t home enough in the summer to watch it on tv though.

  22. Mad Woman

    I knew I loved you! Welcome to the dark side my friend. AND Baseball players? WAAAAY hotter than hockey or football players. I may or may not have carnal knowledge.

  23. sugarbowlmix

    My husband follows college sports. I don't. But I love the lesson from your post that what we find when we try something new may really surprise us in the best of ways.

  24. @kmulkey007

    This was funny. I can't stand baseball. Snoozer. But I like playing, and watching, golf and tennis. Funny.

  25. No baseball here. Too slow and boring. Going to a game is okay, but only in perfect weather. And only if I get a huge hot dog with grilled onions.

  26. Sherri

    Oh Nichole, I hear ya! I usually hate watching it on TV (except the World Series or playoffs) BUT take me out to the ballgame and I'm a FAN! Especially AT&T Park! Ahhh…..but don't make me watch any tennis or golf, please.

  27. Jennie B

    My parents are huge baseball fans, especially the Dodger's (don't tell Craig). I don't follow or watch on TV but do love going to games. I was never a tennis fan either, until I went to some matches at the Atlanta Olympics. It was great! Maybe we just need to see a sport live before we can really appreciate it.

    But I'm totally with you on golf. If there aren't seats or hot dogs, I'm out.

  28. Yay! A fellow convert! I was the same way, but when I realized my husband's (and then my son's) love of the game, it was join 'em or be left out. So I joined and I love it. But, um, golf is for taking a nap. Pretty much tennis, too. Besides, I can never figure out why they just can't score tennis like any other game.

  29. gigi

    My CG post is about my hubs turning me on to something new, too :)

    I love your new design…so clean and fresh! Congratulations!

  30. You guys are probably right along with us, then… watching spring training games and holding onto hope for repeat World Series! I love baseball, and like you, owe that love to my hubs. So fun, even better when we WIN! :)
    Looking forward to getting to know you through TRDC posts!

  31. Tonya

    I grew up with an avid sports fan as a father and even played basketball and softball in high school. I love watching any sport live, but baseball? I'm with you… snoooooozzzzzzefest!

    MY husband watches zero sports! While my sister and I watched the Super Bowl, he went to the mall. I'm NOT kidding.

  32. polwig

    Everything is great with beer and sunshine… you would even like tennis… Golf I can totally relate… who wants to watch a person walking for 3 hours… well I did once, I was terribly sick and just too lazy to get up and change the channel but that was the first and last time, evah

  33. I love tennis if it's on the Wii. I will wear the hell out of myself playing tennis on the Wii. Golf is annoying both virtually and physically, so that's never gonna happen for me. I don't mind baseball, but it has to be a team I like. Meaning, if it's not the South Carolina Gamecocks, I don't like. I sat through one entire game of theirs last season because it was the championship game and I really wanted to see our school pull something fabulous off, and we did, and it was awesome. But I'm not a religious follower of the baseball team now. I'm more into our football team than any of our other teams. Only because, growing up, the excitement of our football season was the most emphasized in the house, so that's what stuck with me the most through time.

  34. TheJackB

    I am a diehard Dodgers fan. Just saying "Giants" is like cursing, such an evil team. Sigh, I hate them almost as much as I hate the Celtics, but not quite.

    But I'll add that there is a beauty to baseball that some people just don't understand.

  35. Alexandra174

    I love your new look here, Nichole.

  36. I thought baseball was the absolutely most boring sport before my husband took me to a game.. and well, I realized that when you're sitting in the stands, it's not that boring.
    My husband is a fan of all sports, the one I can't stand watching more than anything is curling… I hate it. He loves it. Last year he tried to convince me we should go learn to curl… Geesh.

  37. momwentcrazy

    You're too funny! My no way- never ever ever sport was NASCAR. Cars driving in circles for hours? Hilbillies hootin' and hollerin' at engines and crashes? No thank you.
    Through osmosis I began to enjoy it. When you have a small apartment and no where else to go in your house, you just absorb some of the material on the tv.
    I'm actually in a NASCAR fantasy pool now. Good lord, what has my life come to?

  38. Megan-Best of Fates

    Tennis is awesome.

    Just sayin'.

    It's actually the only sport I enjoy watching on television.

    Baseball – that's just something you have to see in person.

    What theme are you using? I know you used to be suffusion, but I can't identify this one (yes, apparently I creepy stalk your blog).

    Whatever it is, I like it. And I LOVE how the three posts on the bottom, GORGEOUS.

  39. ksluiter

    My family has baseball ingrained in their souls from the moment of birth. We live and breathe the Detroit Tigers. Cort got sucked into that at the alter. He wasn't a fan of baseball. I took him to games, watched it on TV, and made summer slow and lovely because of it. He fell in love.

    Baseball IS American summers!

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