Small Moments Spotlight #7

This week, in the Small Moments Spotlight, I have three gorgeous posts to share.

The first is from Laura, from Mommy’s Miracles, who wrote This Moment, a post about stopping and truly seeing. She does something that I have always been tempted to do…something that I may actually do now. Thank you, Laura! (And thank you, Kris, for sending me Laura’s way!)

Into the deep blue, from Sara, of Periwinkle Papillon, is transcendent and gorgeous.  I dare you to read and not get swept away. So beautiful.

I am in love with Mirror Image, from Robin, who blogs over at Farewell, Stranger. There is something magical about seeing yourself in your child. She captures that beautifully in this piece.

Please go read these gorgeous pieces and leave them some kind words. Thank you so much!

If you have submitted a piece and it isn’t featured here, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

If you should happen upon a small moment post, or if you’ve written one yourself, please use my “contact me” tab (over there on the left under “site links”) and send me the link; I’d love to read it.

If you’ve been featured here and would like to have the Small Moments Spotlight button, let me know and I’ll send it your way.


  1. Off to read!

  2. Tonya

    Love Robin and have never herd of the others… thanks for the introduction. :)

  3. Laura

    Wow – Thank you so much for the mention. I'm looking forward to reading the others!

  4. Sherri

    Ooh, these are all new to me! Thanks for the links!

  5. MamaRobinJ

    Thanks again, Nichole, so much. I visited the others too – great posts, both of them.

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