Small Moments Spotlight #10

This week, just one post.

One post that will take your breath away, make your heart expand, make you love more fiercely, appreciate life more fully.

Please go read 3.21, by Kelle Hampton, who blogs over at enjoying the small things. Though I don’t know Kelle personally, I truly hope to meet her one day.

Spend some time with Kelle and her beautiful children…let their joy infuse your life.

It certainly has mine.

If you have submitted a piece and it isn’t featured here, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

If you should notice a small moment post, or if you’ve written one yourself, please use my “contact me” tab (up there in the navigation bar) and send me the link; I’d love to read it.

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  1. That was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Nichole.

  2. ourtypicallife

    My daughter has Down syndrome, like Kelle's Nella, and I love visiting her blog to watch Nella grow up and accomplish all the little inchstones most parents take for granted.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Oh, I love Kelle's blog so much. It makes me want to live my life in better and fuller and more wonderful ways.

  4. Rachel

    Ohhh! I love checking out new blogs!

  5. alicia

    Off to go check out this amazing blog. Thanks.

  6. alicia

    P.S. I came back to tell you that I'm a dingaling and I already read that one and yes, it is a beautiful post.

  7. Sherri

    I've never visited her before, heading over now!

  8. Kelle's blog was one of the first that I ever came across.
    If you have a big box of tissues at the ready, be sure to read her story of Nella's birth, you will need each and every one.
    Her writing is flawless, her photography beautiful and her blog will keep you coming back to follow their story of their lives.
    Great job Nichole, wonderful blog to share.

  9. Tonya

    I love learning about new writers from your Small Moment Spotlights. Thanks, Nichole!

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