My lovely friend, Tim, is taking over Small Moments Mondays this week and is sharing a moment that has changed how he approaches each day.

Tim is one of the warmest and most generous people I’ve ever known. He is so incredibly genuine and supportive and is loved by bloggers everywhere. I met him on Twitter and am so delighted to call him my friend.

Thank you for sharing your story, Tim. You are truly an incredible person.

Revelation — by Tim

Just this last Tuesday March 1st, 2011 my dad and I are driving to a local bank. He is driving and I am in the passenger seat.

We get on to the freeway with no problems and are cruising effortlessly as usual when suddenly my dad starts moving toward the left lane to make a lane change.

I have made a habit of looking for cars in blind spots even when I’m in the passenger seat, and as I am doing it, I am shocked to see a car right next to us that we are about to strike. I yell out whooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa or noooooooo or something to that effect and I tense up, preparing for the worst. I must admit that I nearly did not yell as I was shocked that there was a car there.

It didn’t seem real. I don’t think I even have time to muster a single thought besides a quick we’re going to die. I’ve always wondered about the concept of one’s life flashing before their eyes. How would that even occur in a sudden death situation?

Miraculously, my dad instantly recognizes what my scream/yell is all about and guides the wheel  back to the right to avoid impending doom.

I am shaken and he admits that only my shout made him realize a car was there.

I have no idea what would have happened had we hit that car but  throughout the day I think about every unpleasant scenario.

Would we have been injured or worse?

Would the other driver been injured or worse?

I feel at the 70 Miles per hour that both vehicles had been driving, it likely would have been bad.

After spending the day playing the what if game, I have a revelation.

My dad is still here.

I am still here.

We get a second chance at life and a second chance to make sure that those we love know just how important they are.

No more taking for granted the good things or the small moments that make life wondrous.

The next time I hear the ocean waves crash against the beach I will listen a bit closer, and the next time I hug someone I will hug a little tighter.

Now, please go follow Tim on Twitter, like him on Facebook, and check out his fun t-shirt site, Soge Shirts. He has so many great t-shirts, but this one is my personal favorite.


  1. kris

    Tim is such a lovely man . . . he has done me countless favors by passing my posts along to his followers on Twitter. He is perhaps the most generous man I have met here in the internet. Happy sighs at the honor of knowing him.

    He is also a thoughtful and insightful man, and how lovely to see that side of him here today.

    I have had moments like the one he describes . . . in which the fragility of life is revealed in one split second. A second in which you so clearly see that there is an ending, and that the ending may be now. And then that second passes into the next . . . the recognition that you will get to go on.

    That this moment is a gift instead of a taking away.

    Thank you for this post, Tim.

    And thank you, Nichole . . . for this lovely series.

  2. It's crazy how incidents like that wake you up, isn't it? Even the smallest, most overlooked aspects of our lives become the most treasured and important.

    Great insight. Always appreciate what you have.

    Glad to have met you!

  3. jessb27

    Tim it is so good to see you here and to read your words in more than just 140 characters at a time. I love that you took this moment and you got it. You are here and so is your dad and that is most important. Now go start your blog so we can come read each day ;)

    So glad you invited Tim here, Nichole.

  4. Mama Mary

    I just had a similar moment b/c I got stopped for speeding in residential neighborhood at 72 mph, with my 2 yo in the car. WTH was I thinking? There is no need for me to be in such a hurry if I'm going to be putting people at risk, including my own kids. Excellent guest post!

  5. Rachel

    Yay for Tim being featured here!!! He is amazing and so kind. Now I am just waiting for him to adopt one of my super fabulous t-shirt ideas!

  6. Jennifer

    Ah yes… I can relate… It was 2 years ago yesterday (my daughters 2nd birthday) that I almost did not make it out of surgery (very complex birth story – involving placenta increta). I was in surgery awake for 7.5 hours while they tried to clot all the 100% brand new blood they had to replace. It was CRAZY…. and I am forever grateful for blood and blood product donations and technology. I will NOT take for granite a single moment of my life because in the words of my own doctor – YOU are LUCKY to be alive. Great post – thank you for sharing and the reminder!

  7. Melissa

    Thank goodness everything is okay! So wonderful to see you writing here. :)

  8. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Tim is incredibly generous and supportive of all of us out there. He is so, so kind, and I'm so glad to see you featured over here. I have had plenty of "what if" moments and some still make my stomach twist – even years later.

    Thank you for sharing yours with us.

  9. PartlySunny

    This is a beautifully written piece. I wish I could say that every time I've had a moment like this, it changes my life forever and the ocean sounds more majestic and my hugs last longer. But usually, I fluctuate between feeling grateful and beaten down about life. Or, sometimes in the best case, just landing somewhere in between. It feels great to have those moments of gratitude, but I have to admit that I can't seem to hang onto them indefinitely. I wish I could.

  10. Yuliya

    I'm sure I could focus on the big picture message you are sending with this post "don't take your life for granted" but I would also like to focus on the little message "it's ok to be a backseat driver" …whew I am so relieved to hear you say that!

  11. @sogeshirts

    Kris- Thank you so much for those kind words. They mean more than you know.

    Brandon-Nice to have met you too. Glad you liked it. Think I found you through PrettyAllTrue or BooYahDad

    Jessica- Blog definitely needs to be started. Everyone urging me on has definitely increased by confidence.

    Mary- Everyone has those what were they thinking moments. All we can do is try to learn from that. I have made the same boneheaded mistake twice driving wise and luckily came out the other side.

    Rachel-Thanks! Your t-shirt ideas are hilarious just like yourself.

    Jennifer-Glad you made it out of surgery. That had to be scary but glad it made you more thankful. Thank goodness for donations and medical technology.

    Melissa-Thank you!

    Cheryl- No problem and thank you for the kind words. I hope this is my last what if moment for awhile :)

    PartlySunny- I know what you mean. The problems I had before this incident are still here and I hope that I will remember to embrace the positive from this. That is why I wrote about this so I will remember to not take life for granted.

    Yuliya- Good point. Backseat driving can save lives. Don't be afraid to say something. Just because you are not driving doesn't mean you don't have responsibility. Some may find annoying or others may thank you like my dad did.

  12. How frightening! So glad that you looked!

  13. Tim is such a wonderful person and I am so happy to see him here at In These Small Moments. He's so supportive of the blogging community- and he's not even a blogger. I'm also happy to say that he is just as fabulous in real life. Yes, I had the honors of having a beer with Mr. @sogeshirts Don't hate. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your story Tim! I will certainly be hugging my chicks a little tighter tonight. xo

  14. Stasha

    I have had those what-if moments.

    Those moments where you find yourself going "Whoa! Did that just happen?"

    The moments that make you think twice (like you did) about life in general.

    Glad that nothing bad happened. You had a guardian angel riding with you.

  15. Love this Tim!
    I think there are so many moments that make up a lifetime, and if each moment if not taken for granted, there is a whole life time of sweetness, of love, of happiness, of specialness.

    After losing almost all my family over time, being told I would never have kids, being diagnosed with cancer, and surviving (at the moment), having kids and not imagining what their life would be if I wasn't here and vice versa, I've learned life is short and so very precious.

    So nice to be reminded that those extra special moments in life! Thanks again for yet another reminder!!

  16. Lydia

    This is excellent, I’m so happy that it turned out for the best. I love the moments that make us realize how precious life is. Great post!

  17. knowitallnanna

    now to hold on o that feeling and not let it slip away

  18. Why Tim? You might actually be the most popular man on the Internet! Look at all the babes you have commenting on your post! Perhaps because we know for sure that you're not Dave today since I think the goal of you two is to convince me I'm insane.

    At any rate, isn't it strange that such a simple thing makes you appreciate the big things? Such is life. Glad you saved the day! Hope you're having a great Monday!

  19. Klz

    Every Day is it's own kind of gamble. So glad that you're ok.

  20. Alexandra174

    Thank you for featuring Tim. I have often seen him on twitter, and have wondered who he is. Thank you for putting a person behind the tweet.

  21. Tim is amazing. Though I admit, this post made me feel a little strange, because I have that oh-my-goodness-I-was-almost-in-a-terrible-accident-revelation all the time, so now fear I'm a dreadful driver and other people don't!

  22. BalancingMama

    Thanks for the important reminder. You never know what can happen in an instant. This year has taught us that for sure – one minute my SIL could walk, the next she barely escaped death and is a paraplegic. Live every day to the fullest!

    -Julie from

  23. That's beautiful. How many times do we have a "close call" but never appreciate the what if? Every giggle of my toddler, every hug from my 4 year old, every "snuggle" of my 7 year old, and the more-random-than-I-would-like kiss from my 12 year old are precious gifts…that I need to appreciate every….single…..moment.

  24. Pop

    So I guess the silver lining of terrible drivers is that they give us a newfound appreciation for the small things in life.

    Beautiful post, Tim. D1 and D2 are getting an extra big hug from me when I get home today.

  25. Oh my…

    So so so glad the worst did NOT happen.

    These are the kinds of things that send my anxiety gene into overdrive.

    And lovely to see you posting here!

  26. Natalie

    Tim…that last line? Says it all.

  27. liz

    It's so great to see a different side of Tim! What a touching post!

  28. Stacey

    Wonderful post. It's interesting that sometimes it takes something like this to make us really appreciate what we have. Thanks for the reminder.

  29. Tonya

    The last sentence is what it's all about! I love Tim and appreciate him sharing this small moment.

    Who knew Twitter's greatest supporter could write?!

  30. Sherri

    How awesome to have Tim over here today! He's got to be the most supportive and gracious tweeter I know. And what a moment to share…those life-before-your-eyes moments really make us stop and think. So glad it turned out OK for a second chance at another day, another week.

    Well done, Tim!

  31. Mandyland

    Nichole – I'm so happy to see Tim here! He's such an amazingly supportive and kind tweeter. Or is it twerson?

    Tim – Every now and again, something happens that helps you appreciate the fragility and preciousness of life. I've had a couple near misses, which, now that I think about it, may be a sign that I'm clumsier than I thought. Afterwards, ice cream never tasted sweeter, the sun was never brighter and the air never smelled as sweet. I'm so glad you're okay.

  32. @sogeshirts

    Wow. This is definitely the most comments I can ever remember. Thank you Nichole so much for giving me this chance and for helping me really capture the small moment that I was searching for. You are a great writer and editor. It's an honor to post here.

    Shell- So glad I looked too. One more second and I may not get to write this.

    Morgan-Thanks so much for all your kind words. Believe me it was awesome to get a beer with you and to meet you and your husband. I am sure I will see you again soon and others here all at Blogher.

    Stasha- Definitely a guardian angel there. I have had other close calls but this one was the closest and throw in my Dad was involved it made the situation a bit more tense.

    Erin- Thank you so much and keep on fighting. We all are rooting for you. You are one of the nicest people around. You can beat this and you will beat this.

    Lydia- I'm so glad you liked the piece. Thanks for all the support you have given me.

    knowitallnana- I will do my best to keep the feeling alive. Thanks for commenting.

    Lynn- haha that you knew me as Dave was definitely my fault. I do appreciate the big things and the little things. I hope you have a great Monday too.

    KLZ- True. Anything can happen on any day both good and bad. That is life. Thanks for commenting!

    Alexandra aka GDRPEmpress-No problem. Glad you got to know me a bit better. Thanks for commenting.

    Megan- I'm sure you are a great driver. Glad you like the post. I always enjoy your humor.

    Julie- So sorry to hear about your Sister in Law. Life is definitely fragile and sometimes unfortunately bad things happen to good people. Thank you so much for commenting. Living life to its fullest is something that I definitely strive for.

    Crystal- I think you summed up the post brilliantly in a paragraph. You captured everything that I was trying to say.

    Pop-Thanks man. Yes driving can be scary. Extra hugs for your kids is a great idea.

    Lori- Thanks and I know what you mean. I get anxious driving too especially long trips.

    Natalie-Thank you as always. I tried to make the last line a memorable one.

    Liz- Thanks so much. It's nice to be able to show my serious side. Wasn't sure I had one :)

    Stacey- No problem and thank you so much for the comment.

    Tonya- Thanks so much. All you ladies great blog posts inspired me and made blogging seem fun again. What a terrific community you all are a part of.

    Sherri- Glad to be here. You are too kind. So glad to have a second chance too and I get to be able to read more of everyone's posts :)

    Mandy- Twerson works for me. You just really made me want Ice Cream now. Baskin Robbins owes you a commission fee. Thanks so much for that comment. I'm glad I'm here too.

  33. CDG

    Well, now I feel justified in always double checking when I'm riding shotgun, and the weird vertigo I get if I realize I haven't been playing attention to the driver…

    Glad it turned out okay!

  34. Tim-
    I'm so glad everything turned out okay! How scary! I love reading your stories, I hope you do decide to taking up the blogging more!

  35. ksluiter

    I LOVE Tim! He is such a wonderful friend and supporter! Plus he loves Pearl Jam which makes him all the more awesome in my book.

    Great post!

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