I Remember

This week, on Small Moments Mondays, I am elated to share with you a new friend…a friend whose writing sweeps me away and makes me feel and think and recenter. A woman who writes with such flow and beauty that she consistently leaves me in awe.

Whether you already know Galit, who write over at These Little Waves, or you are meeting her here for the first time, I am certain that you will love her as I do. She has a unique and lovely voice and an eye for those small moments that pull me in…those moments that I live for.

From the bottom of my heart, Galit, I thank you for sharing your words here.

Do you remember?by Galit

I touch my friend’s arm. She follows my gaze towards the family of three next to us. One curly haired toddler with a parent on either side of him; their finger-laced hands serving as a buffer and a shelter.

A slow smile warms her eyes and I instantly know that yes, she remembers.

She remembers huge strollers.

Overflowing diaper bags.

And ready sippy cups.

She remembers undivided attention.

Instant responses.

Just-the-right-size laps, snuggles, embraces.

And most of all, she remembers just one small being pulling at her heartstrings.

She remembers, and so do I.

That morning, each of us had already waved two children off to school. Made lunches. Signed reading logs.

Hugged and kissed and rushed and nagged and sent them along with only a hope that they’ve learned well at home. And a wish that they’re treated well at school.

No longer able to utilize the power of our laced fingers to protect them.

And then we shifted. We breathed the deep sighs of holding hands with just one child.

A third child who is always at everyone else’s events. Along for the ride. Knows to wait. To be patient. To be flexible. Just because he has to.

We share that story.

And when we see this family of three on a weekday outing at the zoo, we look on with wistful eyes reflecting thoughts of I remember.

Then, this other Mother turns around with one hand tousling her toddler’s hair and one hand touching her pregnant belly. And my heartstrings ache with bittersweet tugs, even stronger and more demanding than before.

Her hands aren’t just tousling and touching. They’re fiercely holding onto one true love while bracing to let another one into her folds.

And that, too, I understand. With every fiber of my being, I remember.

I remember holding newborn Chloe tightly in my arms and seeing two-year-old Kayli walk by, suddenly gigantic.

I remember finally walking Brody to sleep only to have Kayli and Chloe ready for snuggles and milk and books. Ready for me.

I remember tearily saying No. Not now. Please wait. Be patient.

Mostly, I remember my heart’s bandwidth stretching further than I ever thought possible.

Flashes of tears and laughter, exhaustion and joy, snuggles and completeness, fill a moment in time with these other Mothers; one friend and one stranger.

I walk through the zoo with my friend. My eyes and worries gracing just one. My fingers protectively laced with my son’s impossibly little ones. His warm fingers barely circling around just two of my own.

He looks me in the eye. He knows that I am his right now. His mischievous grin is wide; his giggle contagious. And I feel my heartstrings pull yet again.

We go see the diver, Mama? The fish feeding? The dolphins? I follow his lead and we walk away together, as two.

As we do, I lock eyes with this other Mother. And I know that our own shared smile sent the same message of motherhood camaraderie as it would if we knew each other’s stories more completely: I remember.

Now that you’ve read Galit’s words here, please go visit her. There are so many posts that I’m dying to point you to, but I’m going to try to use some restraint. Be sure that you don’t miss Fresh Fruit, Wishful Thinking, and Detour.

You can also find Galit on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Nichole, I'm so honored to be here and can't thank you enough for the generous chance!

    And friends, old and new, HOORAY! I'm so very happy to be right *here* with you! Thank you for taking the time to be here with me! XO

  2. Leigh Ann thetwinspin.blogspot.com

    Beautiful. I can say I've been resentful at times because I never got to experience just one baby at a time. And when pregnant with number 3, I wondered how this baby would fit into our lives so symmetrical as a family of 4. I love how you describe your heart's bandwidth stretching further than you ever thought possible. So true.

  3. Yuliya shesuggests.com

    So lovely Galit. Every time I struggle and muddle through my day to day I also remind myself to cherish this time, this child. Because she will be the only one I get to give my undivided attention to like this (God willing, she will have siblings that will have to share!)

  4. Jessica mytimeasmom.com

    So sweet Galit. I remember many special moments with my children that make my heartstrings pull. Kids are only litle once and we need to remember to enjoy as many moments with them as we can.

  5. Kir thekircorner.com

    She is one of my favorite new friends..her writing just cuts right to the heart of me …plus there is her smile!!!
    Thanks for sharing her with us and u are wonderful too…two new friends on a Monday is a good thing.

  6. ayala

    Galit, beautiful words here today- as always.

  7. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    LeighAnn, hi! Thank ou so much for your words! I love the way you said, "symmetrical as a family of 4." That off kilter feeling? We all get that, don't we? XO

  8. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Yulia, hi! Thank you for that. I used to say the *exact* same thing to myself with Kayli. At least once I realized that truth! XO

  9. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for your comment! That's so very true, wise, and sometimes hard to remember! XO

  10. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Oh Kir, thank you for those kind, sweet words. New friends *are* a very good thing, indeed! XO

  11. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much, Ayala. Truly. XO

  12. jessb27

    So sweet and beautiful as all of your writing is Galit. My youngest is the same, pulled in everyone else's direction. Thank you for reminding me that there will be a day that my hand will hold just his for a few hours. Wonderful way to start a Monday, thank you Galit and Nichole!

  13. Heidi Smith Luedtke leadingmama.com

    What a wonderful, bittersweet post. Thank you for sharing it, Galit. I, too, remember. Maybe today I need a mommy-baby date. It is so much harder to get those one-on-one moments with the second child. She (and I) need it!

  14. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much for your words and support, Jessica! I always love sharing space with your kind soul! Like you, I often forget how often Brody just sits and waits and sits and waits. XO

  15. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Hi Heidi! Thanks so much for the note. YES! We need that one-on-one time at our house, too! It's so hard to remember to carve it out, isn't it? I'll admit that until the girls started school, Brody and I rarely got that time. XO

  16. tracy sellabitmum.com

    Oh Galit – this is so perfect. I love you.

  17. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much friend! And love you right back! XO

  18. knowitallnanna

    The memories of my four came tumbling back with your post…they grow up too quickly.

    "I remember holding newborn Chloe tightly in my arms and seeing two-year-old Kayli walk by, suddenly gigantic." Perfect description.

    Thank you…enjoyed your thoughts so beautifully written.

  19. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much for the kind words and the instant feeling of connection. That's one of the things that I love most about blogging! XO

  20. Klz

    The idea of loving anyone this wholly is still unfathomable to me, even though I do it every day. How do our hearts expand so?

  21. Sherri

    I stumbled upon Galit very recently, maybe through Red Dress Club….and was immediately in love. She has such a way with words, and this post is beautiful on so many levels.


  22. I love Galit! She is an amazing writer! I love seeing her connect with some of my favorite people, too! ;)

  23. Mama Track Www.mamatrack.com

    This is gorgeous, of course. I love Galit's writing. Excuse me while I go dry my eyes before heading to the park.

  24. Megan-Best of Fates bestoffates.com

    I love Galit. Everything she writes is poignant and beautiful.

    Fantastic choice, as always.

  25. Stacey staceysmotheringmoments.com

    Beautiful words! I recently found Galit through The Red Dress Club and I'm so glad I did!

  26. Oh, I love how Galit writes. "Lyrical" isn't even an adequate word.

    And…I had just the one. I do not know share this experience.

    But I can feel it through her words. I can feel the pull.

    How beautifully told.

  27. Galit, beautiful writing…as always.
    Just yesterday I was looking at little jackets my three children wore once upon a time — and I remembered the kids being small, and young, and more reliant on my husband and myself. And then I thought: "Did they really fit into these jackets once? Where did the time go?" Beautiful little children grow into beautiful young people. That's the stage we're at now. Yet I still remember….

  28. Beautiful. Right from the start she took my breath away.

  29. ash shadesofblueandgreen.com/

    Excellent choice per usual Nichole – Galit is one of my favorites. This is so heartbreakingly gorgeous to me. I feel the days before youngest goes to kinder in the fall rushing past too fast. Our last few precious months of just "us" during the day while big brother is at school. Too far gone for a third, darn it.

  30. I will never forget the moment my newborn daughter and my just-turned-two-year old son both cried at the same time.

    That feeling of helplessness. Of being divided and stretched beyond what I could handle at once.

    I still remember and it's been over a decade. You brought it all back for me. But in a good way.

    This was simply gorgeous, Galit.

  31. @amyplus1x3 twitter.com/amyplus1x3

    This made me remember when my lap was filled with 3 kids for a month while they all got used to each other. It was a wonderful and horrible time. I miss it.

    Great writing as always!

  32. Angelique Scully

    Ahhh Galit again as we spoke about in our "buckets" conversation it's like you echo my thoughts! When I saw Lea for the first time after Fiona my mind went to the exact word you used….Gigantic. I am glad to have such a beautiful connection with you old friend, I am constantly thankful that our paths crossed all those years ago when we were just children ourselves <3 <3 <3

  33. Mad Woman adiaryofamadwoman.com

    I struggled with these thoughts just this weekend. As I sit here rubbing the belly that holds my impatient, unborn son, I too wonder how I might love him as much as I now love my daughter. And pray that I am enough for both of them.

    Thank you Nichole for featuring this beautiful writer. I too have enjoyed her writing in recent weeks and look forward to reading more.

  34. Rachel mommyneedsavacation.com

    Galit…simply beautiful. I love how your words capture such beautiful moments. As I struggle through the days, I really need to pause and hold on, tight.

  35. Beautiful post, Galit! You write with such love and detail…it's really magnificent.

    This makes me cherish those moments with my own one a little more, and also makes me a little sad that I won't ever know the stretching of the heartstrings to include two.

  36. erin margolin erinmargolin.com

    I can relate to this all too well, now carrying my 3rd child in my belly. Wondering if I can handle it. Wondering how he/she will adjust to having two bossy, older sisters. Wondering if I will adjust. Wondering when I will stop worrying. Wondering when I will have confidence in myself and know that I can pull this off.

    Beautiful, thoughtful, poignant post.

  37. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    You're absolutely right and I have no idea whatsoever! You're words are beautiful, thank you for them! XO

  38. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Oh sweet friend, thank you. Truly. You warmed my heart there. I can't wait to drop the new label on this friendship. You're a keeper! XO

  39. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so very much, Elizabeth! And yes, these connections are absolutely amazing, aren't they? We're all so lucky to be in such good company! XO

  40. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you, thank you, and again: Thank you. XO

  41. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much, friend. Truly. XO

  42. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much. I'm holding onto the word lyrical; it's that lovely. As are you. XO

  43. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Pearl, thank you so much for the words and memory! I can see the moment right there in front of me, and it made me teary! Thank you for the support, friend! XO

  44. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Ash, thank you friend, so much. And yes. I feel that, too. That tug for another, as Chloe heads off to Kidner this Fall, like your little one. Hold me. :) XO

  45. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Oh goodness, I can only imagine that- truly! "Wonderful and horrible at the same time"– I so love that you wrote that! It's spot on. Thank you so much for the nice note! XO

  46. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much sweet friend! I wondered all of that, too. Still do some days! Thanks so much for the love- it means a lot to me! XO

  47. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Me, too, lady! Me, too! Thanks so much for the kind-hearted comment. XO

  48. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Erin, thank you as always for your thoughtful words. I think about all of the same. It all ebbs and flows and eventually we feel comfortable within those ups and downs. Thanks for connecting so wholly – I love that! XO

  49. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Pearl, thank you so much for the note and the vivid memory! I felt like I was right there with you. And it made me teary! XO

  50. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    Oh, Galit. I am going through that now with my third. He is such a gift, but I ask so much of him. I need to him to be bigger than he is, and the next moment, i need him to be smaller.

    You captured it so beautifully.

  51. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Cheryl, thank you. Thank you for your words. And thank you for reading inside my mind and heart. XO

  52. What a wonderful post, so full of richness and emotion. Thank you for sharing it with us :D

  53. Alexandra174

    Oh, Galit: I adore Galit. I met her through her monthly mamaleh column at TC's.

    She struck my heart hard then, and now even more, with her own incredible blog.

    The woman can write…I hope she believes this.

    She's got the natural gift….

  54. CDG

    Having only met Galit recently through the Red Dress Club, I'm thrilled to find her here on Small Moments. More Galit! Yay!

    I only have one of my own, but I've had my heart expanded by new children. Many years ago, long before I was a mother, I only had the one child, and I remember, too.

  55. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much, Brandon! And of course you've left a kind, thoughtful comment– that's just how you roll! :)

  56. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Truly. XO

  57. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    I adore you right back, sweet friend. But eerily? You know *exactly* how I think. I needed those words. Thanks for writing them. XO

  58. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so very much, friend! I, too, have had my heart stretched beyond words by other people's children. It's all mind-blowing, isn't it? Thank you for remembering side-by-side with me. XO

  59. JDaniel4's Mom

    Thank you so mush for sharing this wonderful post! I love her wriing style and her words.

  60. kris

    My daughters are a little older now, and these words touched me . . .

    "No longer able to utilize the power of our laced fingers to protect them."

    Sigh. That's just a gorgeous mournful and yet hopeful image.

    Thank you.

  61. SquashedMom

    Hello, Galit, so happy to find you here, and with such a lovely post. I, however, never had a moment of undivided attention and a just the right size lap. Having twins meant instant induction into the being pulled in two directions club. I remember feeling some envy of friends with just one, who could let a peacefully sleeping baby lay in their arms for as long as they wanted to, didn't have to place them down, apart, to be ready for the next one's awakening hunger. Long ago memories, those. Thanks for the lovely lyrical sweetness here, even if my own memories were, by necessity, somewhat jangly-er.

  62. Melissa confessionsofadrmom.com

    Beautiful Galit…just absolutely beautiful. Everything you have spoken here rings true and I cannot imagine being said/written any more poignantly. Love this so much. XO

  63. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so very much. That is so generous of you! XO

  64. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    And *that* is a huge compliment from YOU! Thank you. Truly. XO

  65. C.Mom lacaramamma.com

    I love Galit….so much power, so much emotion…..so much love.

  66. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    That's just…so very lovely. Thank you. Truly. XO

  67. Tonya lettersforlucas.com

    I have not read Galit before, but she recently commented on one of my posts and after this, I will definitely be visiting her blog! This was simply beautiful.

  68. Elaine misselaineouslife.com

    You captured those feelings perfectly Galit. Just like you always do. There is something to be said for that relationship with the first child. They change your life the most. That's for sure.

  69. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thank you so very much for the nice note Tonya!

  70. Galit Breen theselittlewaves.com

    Thanks so much for the kind note Elaine! I love hearing from you, definitely, and connecting with you even more!

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