Yoo Hoo?!

A lovely reader, Chantelle, from Mom Went Crazy, left me a thoughtful comment last week.

She wrote, “I read your blog faithfully. I don’t always comment, but I always enjoy. A lot of times I’ll be cuddling with my girls and I’m thinking of a way to write it so beautifully that it will make it onto ‘Small Moments Mondays!'”

Chantelle’s comment left me wondering how many of you do the same.

I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on the opportunity to know you and to read your words if you don’t leave a note before you go.

So, if you read and don’t comment, please know that, if you’re comfortable, I would love for you to take a moment and say hello!

And for those of you lovely readers who visit and comment regularly, thank you! Maybe you could help me make the others feel more comfortable!?

Please don’t leave me listening to the crickets!

(Thank you, Chantelle!)


  1. MamaRobinJ

    Am I first! Crickets, be gone! I'll admit I've thought about this too, although I only discovered your blog recently. But it's lovely. And it makes me re-think my perspective on my writing.

  2. Rachel mommyneedsavacation.com

    Yoooooo hoooooo!!!??!??!?!!! I love you. Hey everyone out there who is only thinking of commenting..just comment. Nichole is the best host there is.

  3. @elissapr twitter.com/elissapr

    Woohoooo! I'm heeere! It's true…I read but don't always comment…I mean…I can't CONSTANTLY gush over your writing can I? I'll become 'that gushing commentor stalker'…! But trust me…always love your posts whenever I drop in…

  4. I read every single post! =) But a lot of times you say it so right, there is nothing more I could add!

  5. tsonoda148

    A fan of your writing but not so good at commenting as often as I should. I am working on this issue. Just know that I thoroughly enjoy your posts!


  6. @zenfiremama twitter.com/zenfiremama

    guilty! :}

  7. Tracie fromtracie.com

    I comment sometimes….but I read all the time. =)

  8. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    I read and comment all the time because I'm a psycho stalker. I'm sure THAT will make your lurkers come out of the woodwork!


  9. Yuliya shesuggests.com

    oh I like that! ditto that.

  10. @sharmstro twitter.com/sharmstro

    Yoooo Hooo!!! I'm here! Another quiet regular. Having said that, I am off to Mexico tomorrow and I won't be stopping by until after I get back home! I do enjoy spending time here, Nicole — and I will catch up. Salud!!

  11. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    Yes, but when you comment, I always cry because they are so thoughtful and encouraging. Spread your love, woman! xo

  12. Ding dong…I am here! Let's get the party started ;)

  13. Nancy C npoj.blogspot.com

    I comment when I can….this is something I struggle with. I'll read you on my phone and I then say, "I'll write something when I'm on a real keyboard." And then, it's bedtime again.

    Not enough hours in the day. Trying to work on this reality to make everything fit.

  14. I read always and try to comment frequently! You are such a beautiful writer :)

    To those who are comment shy, don't be! Nichole is wonderful to her readers!!

  15. I'm the same way – I sometimes think noone is reading my posts….LOL. It's always nice to know that someone enjoyed what you wrote. Makes it a little more worth it. :-)

  16. Peggy

    I never knew that it was kind of expected for people to comment if they came to your blog, until I was reading one of "Pretty All True"'s blogs, and she threatened us if we didn't comment. haha :o)


    Whew, now that's done.

  18. TamingInsanity

    I am shivering with cold waiting for the warmth of companionship to warm me up.

    So please leave Nichole some comment love. She's sweet, I promise.

  19. i'm here! reading more often on my iPod touch so i'm not commenting as much. still haven't figured out a way to make commenting easy on that thing!

  20. Been following you for awhile but haven't had much time to comment…of course, I comment a lot more on Twitter. Hope this post gets people 'out of the woodwork' …and that includes me!

  21. Sherri

    First time commenter; long-time stalker. Your blog is one of my favorites, as are you. :-)

    Oh yeah, I guess I DO comment on here all of the time…..everyone should! And they should all know how wonderful you are in REAL life as well.

    She is.

  22. Mad Woman adiaryofamadwoman.com

    You know Nichole, maybe we less verbal commentors are too busy scrambling for tissues. Just saying.

    People: show my girl some love. Even if it's just a *SNIFF or "Love this!" Because I promise you, both of those work for almost EVERY post!

  23. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    So lovely to meet you!
    And thank you for your kind words.
    I look forward to getting to know you. :)

  24. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Thank you, my lovely friend!

  25. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I'm always so happy to see you here, Elissa.
    You can stalk me any day. :)

  26. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Hi Erin!
    I'm so happy that you come by. :)
    Also? I cannot wait to meet you at BlogHer!

  27. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Thank you so much, Terri!
    It's lovely to know that you read. :)

  28. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Nice to meet you and happy to have you here. :)

  29. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Thanks, Tracie.
    I love when you leave me notes.
    I truly appreciate your visits. :)

  30. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Psycho stalkers are my favorite.
    Much love to you, my friend.

  31. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I'm not sure I'm speaking to you anymore!
    No fair!

    Thank you for being such a loyal reader, Shanon. It always makes me so happy to know that you've read. :)

  32. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    You're one of my absolute favorite, loyal party guests! :)

  33. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I have that same problem, Nancy.
    When I read on my phone, I just cannot comment from that tiny keyboard.
    I always think that I'll find the time to revisit and comment from my laptop, but life has a funny way of getting in the way! :)

    So happy that you read!

  34. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Thank you, Angela. You always leave such lovely comments. :)

  35. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Some of my favorite comments are when people identify with something I've said and tell me a story of their own. I love learning more about those who come here to read. :)

  36. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    So eloquent! So witty!
    Love you, my wordy friend. :)

  37. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Somebody bring this girl a blanket!
    Or she could just dance for us … that would warm her up!
    Thank you, KLZ. Much love to you.

  38. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    It is nearly impossible to comment from that tiny keyboard, isn't it!?
    When I read on my phone, I don't even try to comment…it's just too hard.
    I'm always so happy to see you here, Grace!

  39. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Hey, Amanda!
    It really is easier to comment on Twitter, isn't it?
    I am guilty of reading a post and then tweeting the blogger to tell them that I liked it.
    Sometimes I just want that immediate connection.
    I'm so happy to have you here!

  40. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    You're the best stalker ever. :)
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Your friendship has brought me so much joy.

  41. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    "Sniff" totally works. :)

    Love you, my tissue-toting friend!

  42. I always read and sometimes get the chance to comment when I am on the laptop. Mostly I read from my phone and trying to comment from there is a pain.
    I always promise I'll get better, but I think I have some kind of Constricted Comment Condition.

  43. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    "Sniff" totally works.

    Love you, my tissue-toting friend!

  44. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I'm convinced that it is equal parts painful and impossible to comment from my phone.
    I can read like a champ, but commenting just isn't going to happen.
    So happy to see you here and know that you read.
    "Constricted Comment Condition" … I love that!

  45. sugarbowlmix

    Nichole, I love the spirit of this post. I can be a stalker, too. I do so enjoy your blog. Your writing is lovely and I always enjoy coming and seeing your beautiful, tender header picture. I will try to comment every time I come! Thanks for yoo-hooing!

  46. kris


    You are in big trouble.


  47. Efloraross thewriterrevived.com

    Nothing worse than the sound of chirping crickets on your own blog! LOL Which is why I always try to leave a comment when I read a post.

  48. WOW ask and you shall receive. Look at all these comments. You are going to have to get the @BooYahDad to follow you with a bat to beat all of the people off if you keep this up.

  49. Hi! I'm here for the booze, nachos, and cookies! I do love me some boozy snacks.

    Actually, I come here anyway for the nifty writing…but if there are booze and snacks? So much the better. :)

  50. I feel the same way. Sometimes I just don't have anything stunning or even remotely witty to say. I want to let people know that I'm there & that I've read – because my comments…or lack there of…give me an idea of who is (or isn't) reading…sometimes I just have a hard time thinking of stuff to say.

  51. Delurking myself.

  52. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I sometimes struggle with the same thing.
    I know that I can't come close to being as witty as the other commenters on some blogs, so I usually just wave hi and maybe tell a story about how the post relates to my own life.
    But funny? The harder I try to be funny, the less funny I am.
    Thanks for saying hi today!

  53. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Crickets are the worst!
    You are a lovely commenter and I truly appreciate each and every one. :)

  54. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    So happy to see you here, Scott!
    Thanks for saying hi!
    No bats allowed. ;)

  55. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    That Lori sure knows how to throw a party, doesn't she?
    I'm always so happy to see you here!
    Boozy snacks are better shared. :)

  56. mommylebron

    I read every post even though I don't always comment!

  57. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Hey Shell!
    So happy to see you here!
    How was Blissdom?

  58. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    It's just lovely to know that you stop by. :)
    Thank you for that!

  59. Leighann

    I read all the time and comment often! Love your writing!!!

  60. I'm a terrible lurker!! I do leave comments, but will often go weeks in between leaving them. I'm actually making a concerted effort to do a better job. :)

  61. Delurking to say Hi! First time commenting but not first time reading…

  62. Rachel thelazychristan.com/

    I've read before, but I don't always comment. I'm Rachel! :) Nice to meet you! http://www.thelazychristian.com

  63. SquashedMom

    Really? I'm glad, because sometimes I think I'm guilty of "hijacking." But so often what you write resonates deeply with something in me and then I flash on my like-minded story and I just want to share it. Happy to hear that doesn't annoy you.

  64. SquashedMom

    You know I read all your posts, even if I'm sometimes a day late (but I'm never a dollar short)! And like many above, I often read in phone mode and cannot make that work for commenting. But you know I love you, right? Good.

  65. I, too, subscribe and read. But sometimes if your post has been up awhile, your other readers have already taken the words out of my mouth.

    Your posts elicit beautiful thoughts. Lovely insights. And often, someone else has beaten me to them.

    But I am here. And I will leave a comment every time now. Even if it's just to say:

    Thank you.

  66. jessb27

    Well you asked and they commented, what am I comment #3002? I had to scroll WAY down to comment. You are a loved blogger, hope this post helps you to feel it.

  67. kelly momsgotblog.blogspot.com

    Hi, my name is Kelly. I have to admit that I have been reading your lovely words for a while now. And I have to also admit that I don't always leave a comment. Totally guilty. I will try very hard to change that! :)
    Just know that you are one of my most favorite places to come and visit!!

  68. I comment all the time…but I do give a thumbs up for this!!

  69. Jackie withjustabitofmagic.com

    I have to say that I'm a lot like Chantelle…. I read your blog often but I don't always comment. I'm sorry…

  70. Tonya lettersforlucas.com

    Every time I read you, I comment.

    I can't say that for every blog I visit through. A lot of times, I am reading and not commenting because I'm on my phone and it's harder to comment from my phone. My log-in isn't working for some reason and I have to jump through hoops to sign in and then I'll lose my comment and then get frustrated. I always have the best intentions of logging on to my computer later and commenting, but sadly it doesn't happen.

    Hope this helps?

  71. Peggy

    Hey, I'm a little slow, but I got the not so subtle hint!
    Sooooo…..I'm commenting! I'm commenting! ;-)

  72. amanda

    Hello! You know I've commented a few times, but I've actually been reading since around August. I'm not a huge commenter anywhere, but often it's because the posts have said it all for me. (And, that's a compliment!)

  73. kris

    Nichole and I have different approaches. Nichole is sweet and inviting and friendly and warm and loving. She wants to get to know her readers! Come on over and say hello! Happy sighs.

    And I threaten you with a pounding if you don't talk to me.

    We all have to do what works for us.

  74. Ilana mommyshorts.com/

    Hello! What a great idea to bring everyone out from their hiding places. I often get personal emails from readers who never comment. It’s so interesting to think of who is out there that we never get to know.

  75. MelissaDrMom confessionsofadrmom.com

    What a great way to have your readers come from the shadows and just say hi already :) I love that idea. But you know, I can't really leave here without commenting anymore :)

  76. JDaniel4's Mom jdaniel4smom.com

    You have some many fans! It is always amazing when you look at your stats and see how many visited and never commented. Glad they answered the call. Glad I answered the call.

  77. ksluiter

    And I am here….late as usual.

    where is the wine?

  78. I don't always have time to comment.

    And I usually feel like a jerk for not commenting.

  79. Elizabeth realestatetangent.com

    I'm reading! I've commented a couple of times recently. I am a chronic lurker, but now that I'm working hard on my own blog and I have people tell me they read it (who never comment), I try hard to comment on the ones I read to let people know I'm there, because I know how much it means to me. :D

  80. Katie

    I've been reading for a few months now and your blog quickly became my "save the best for last" blog I read daily. I LOVE the way you write. It is so incredibly beautiful. You truly have a gift. Katie & Matthew are very lucky for the gift of all the stories, letters and treasures you will eventually leave them. You inspire me to treasure and appreciate all the small moments with my two year old daughter. Thank you for that.

  81. I'm here :)

  82. CDG

    Everyone! This is the kindest place on the internets. And your hostess? The nicest woman you'll find.

    Never mind she's just breathtakingly brilliant.

  83. Kristi liveandloveoutloud.com

    Wow! Look at all the comment love you received on this post. That's so wonderful. You know, Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) says that typically only 1-3% of readers ever really comment. Interesting, isn't it?

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