Small Moments Spotlight — Week 4

I have only one small moment to share with you this week.

Not because I didn’t get enough submissions or read enough amazing and moving posts.

But because this post…well, this post took my breath away, as it epitomizes what I am always talking about…the small moment, the moment that you simply must remember for always.*

Please go read Freeze frame, by Dana, who blogs over at Feast After Famine. I promise, you will just love this post.

If you have submitted something in recent weeks and I didn’t feature it here, in no way does that mean that I won’t feature it in weeks to come.

If you should discover a post that captures a small moment, or if you’ve written about one yourself, please use my “contact me” tab (over there on the left under “site links”) and send me the link.

*I want to thank my dear friend, Kris, from Pretty All True, who sent me the link to this post. She knew that I would absolutely love it.


  1. CDG

    Thanks, Nichole, for sending me over there!

  2. kris

    NIchole –

    Oh, how happy am I that you loved this post as much as I thought you would? Dana just blew me away, and I thought of your Small Moments Spotlight immediately. I love that you are featuring Dana's post.

    Happy sighs.

    I love her post.

  3. Yuliya

    holy cow! I was going to send this to you too, it's still marked as 'unread' in my reader because I wanted to make sure I commented on it. So glad you're featuring it!

  4. Megan-Best of Fates

    SO beautiful – and so perfect for you!

  5. Simply beautiful. I looked around over there and was blown away. Just lovely.

  6. Dana

    Thank you so much! This is such a happy surprise, and I appreciate all the kind words. You just made my day.

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