Small Moments Spotlight — Week 3

I’m featuring four more fantastic women in this week’s Small Moments Spotlight. Each of these posts stopped time for me for a bit and shared a glimpse at something lovely and priceless.

Tonya, from Letters for Lucas, captures a moment that we all hold dear…one of those precious memories that we hope we’ll never forget in her post, Three Little Words. This post is beautiful and special but still so universal.

In A Simple Moment, Elizabeth, from The Writer Revived writes about telephone call that brought things into perspective and reframed how she looks at her life. I’ll bet her daughter is so happy that she took that call.

In I don’t wash windows, Crystal, from Surviving and thriving in Mom-dom, mother to four (!) boys, writes about a funny, yet touching moment.  I adore Crystal because she blends strength and beauty and tenderness and practicality so beautifully.

And lastly, I would love to point you towards Alexandria from before the baby wakes. Her post Matter Holds Memory is so lovely. I love this post because she examines all of the small moments that make a house a home and arrives at an important conclusion.

Please go read these lovely posts and leave them each a little note. Each of these women has isolated a small moment, a moment that could have easily slipped by.

If you submitted something this week and I didn’t feature it here, that doesn’t mean that I won’t in the weeks to come.

If you should happen upon a post that captures a small moment, or if you’ve written about one yourself, please use my “contact me” tab (over there on the left under “site links”) and send me the link.


  1. Tonya

    Thank you for including me in this wonderful group. I live for the small moments most of all hearing Lycas tell me he loves me ranks up there as one of my favorites.

    Looking forward to checking out the others you included.

    Please send me the Small Moments Spotlight button so I may include it in the post "Three Little Words". Thank you. xoxo

  2. Efloraross

    Oh, thank you! I'm so honored to be included! I'd love your awesome button for my, too!

  3. jessb27

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of some beautiful new blogs to read.

  4. Going to check them out right now :)

  5. Sherri

    Oh, I loved that post of Tonya's! I'm anxious to check out the others, too.

    Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Thank you so much for including my post. I kind of feel like a tiny little blog in a big old blogging world!!! I always love reading your posts…they make me smile, they make me cry, but mostly they make me want to appreciate my time with my boys!!

    Also, these other 3 blogs are spectacular. I loved their posts…again, just makes me want to hug my 4 stinky little boys!!

  7. Ooh…yay! Off to read!

  8. Megan-Best of Fates

    Have I told you lately I love this series?

    Oh, I have?

    Never mind then.

  9. Can't wait to go read these, thank you Nichole:)

  10. Thanks so much for including me! Can’t wait to read the other post.

  11. Theta Mom

    Love this idea of featuring the posts of bloggers you found…have to go check out some of those other posts!

  12. Kristy

    I have an award for you at my site if you're into those kinds of things! :)

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