My full weight

She secured the final yellow elder flower in my hair, handed me my simple, yet glorious bouquet, walked me to the beginning of the path, and wished me luck, her voice like golden honey, thick with her melodious West Indies accent.

“I wish you tremendous joy…” she pronounced, her hands warm and kind, her eyes clear and deep.

I started down the path, alone, fatherless, joyfully anticipating all that awaited me.

Even before I saw him waiting for me, I could sense his radiant love.  I could feel his joy at my slow approach.

I knew he would be there.

I knew he would always be there.

With each step I took, the satin of my white dress slid across my bare legs, whooshing and gently grazing the sandy ground, shifting ever so gently beneath my golden shoes, just as my present and my future solidified before me.

The air was heavy with moisture. The sun shone overhead in a sky so blue it rivaled the ethereal, glistening sea, which sat directly in front of me.

I stepped forward…each step I had taken in my life, every ache, every loss, had brought me closer to him…to this very moment.

From this moment on, every joy, every failure, would be wrapped in his love and support, buffered by his love.

The heady scent of plumeria carried me past the last turn in my path.

He stood at the end of the winding path, his golden face lit with love and anticipation.

Though my feet continued, my mind paused…caught in that moment…hoping to etch that feeling in my mind, memory, and heart. Hoping to always remember what it felt like to have someone look at me with such adoration, with acceptance that knows no bounds.

He waited. For me.

No guests. Just the two of us. The way we had begun, the way we needed it to be.

For the first time in my life, I knew that I was part of a whole.

I could set down my worries and lean with my full weight into true and unconditional love. I could stumble and fall without fear of losing everything. I could stop being the one who things happened to and I could start making my own life happen.  Making our life happen.  Together.

I stepped forward to a place of acceptance, safety, and unconditional love.

I stepped foward.

Into us.


Photos? Well, of course, I have photos…

This post is linked up with the Red Dress Club’s memoir prompt, which asked: “imagine that after you have died and your daughter/son will be given the gift of seeing a single five-minute period of your life through your eyes, feeling and experiencing those moments as you did when they occurred. What five minutes would you have him/her see? Tell us about them in the finest detail.”


  1. So beautiful! a step, in the right direction, of life! And I so love that it was just you two! The way it's meant to be! You, my dear, are a beautiful bride!

  2. MelissaDrMom

    Crying over here Nichole. What a beautiful description of that beautiful day. I could envision and feel it all. That line where you say "…every moment, every loss, every ache…brought me closer to him…"

    You captured it all and now here in words for your children to always remember and treasure :)

  3. Nancy C

    grazing the sandy ground, shifting ever so gently beneath my golden shoes, just as my present and my future solidified before me.

    That line is a beauty.

    And having read your previous prompt, I recognize the power of this moment even more keenly. Finding a man that brings joy and mutual support is such a gift. So glad you've found your Craig.

  4. Maija

    What a beautiful moment to detail for your children. I love it. It made me remember my own wedding day and the line "buffered by his love" made me understand truly how you were feeing in that moment.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Angel

    Another beautiful piece of writing and one that makes me wish I had done the whole wedding thing..

  6. jessb27

    Such a beautiful moment to capture for your children, you took me right through your feelings and I felt the rush of relief when you saw your husband to be. Absolutely beautiful as always.

  7. varunner7

    What romance! I love that you recapture the tender moments.

  8. Klz

    I love to see the way you love each other. So precious

  9. Peggy

    Even though I would have loved to have been there to share that moment with you two, I'm so glad that it was just the 2 of you. Just as you said, "the way it needed to be".
    Beautiful piece.

  10. Wow! Powerful, poignant stuff! Sent shivers up my spine and then I was off into a whole daydream about my wedding day :) Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  11. perfection. stepping forward into forever. i love the words you chose.

  12. I feel like I am always gushing when I read your writing, but your words are honestly so beautiful and touching. I love the way you are able to choose such specific detail without being verbose; in this particular post I like the thread of yellow/gold imagery through the moment.

    What a perfect moment to leave to Katie & Matthew. Showing them that precise moment of pure, unconditional love is like giving them a safety net of hope for a beautiful life.

  13. Beautiful and so poignant!

  14. Megan-Best of Fates

    Just when I think you two can't get any sweeter…

  15. erin margolin

    Glorious moments, N! And I peeked at your photos, too. Can't believe you found that gem on the Nordie's rack! you looked radiant and lovely. And these few precious minutes are described with magic and wonder.

  16. Evonne

    What beautiful words for a beautiful moment.

  17. @kmulkey007

    What a beautiful memory and fantastic follow-up to last week's story.

  18. This is just a lovely description. :) And the description makes looking at the photos such a rich experience.

  19. Sherri

    There you go again, Nichole….so breathtaking, I felt like I was you in that moment.

    And of course I had to go and look at the pictures again…..

    What a lovely memory for your kids. And for you two.

  20. Veronica

    An amazingly beautiful moment captured perfectly. You should print this out and place it in the album of your wedding pictures.

  21. Yuliya

    Oh I love the way you love each other, I do. And you just read my mind at the end, I was thinking of course I could picture it with those lovely words Nichole has written for us but a picture would be so perfect and there you go, pictures! So glad you're kids will have this memory.

  22. More than the beautiful words, I am deeply happy that you have each other.

    Because you deserved him. So much.

    He deserved you too, of course…but mostly I think about you. ;)

    *waves* Hi, Craig!!

  23. @guiltysquid

    Very sweet.

  24. Pamela

    This is beautiful. A simple wedding filled with raw emotion and love.

  25. CDG

    A beautiful moment to share.

    Plumeria, satin, sand.

    And love and the rest of forever.

  26. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Except not simple at all. If that makes sense.
    Our wedding had 200 guests.
    This summer will be our 15th anniversary and we have discussed a vow renewal. Away somewhere. Just us and our two children.
    Not the way we began, but the way we hope to finish….

  27. Mandyland

    I always cry at weddings. This post? Made me cry while READING about a wedding.

    What a beautiful, precious treasure this post is.

  28. Efloraross

    How fantastic that you chose this moment, because it does all start with two becoming one. There are no children until that first wonderful bond is formed. Fantastic! And thank goodness you have pictures. I was going to be really disappointed if you didn't. Going to look now…

  29. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Lovely, Nichole.

  30. tulpen


    And thank for the pics too… I'm nosey like that.

  31. Adelle Gabrielson

    Ok, that dress? shaZAM!

    I totally felt this: "For the first time in my life, I knew that I was part of a whole."

    Exquisite words, as usual!

  32. Amazing words and beautifully crafted as usual! Love your story. Just like you. :)

  33. Leah

    The imagery of that was just beautiful. I always want my children to know the love and dedication that my husband and I share.

  34. Renee

    This is just beautiful. The scene, the smells.
    The emotion.

  35. sugarbowlmix

    So romantic and poignant. Your husband is lucky! What a special and intimate moment for your children to read about.

  36. Mad Woman

    Just wonderful Nichole. And how lovely to be able to share this with K & M in the future. I knew this memoir series was right up your alley!

  37. Angie

    I loved that, Nichole. What a treasure for your children.

    And I am furthered swayed towards eloping!

  38. ksluiter

    For the first time in my life, I knew that I was part of a whole.

    I think that line speaks to real, deep, unconditional love.

    being a part of something bigger.

    the love you and craig share gives me hope and joy.

  39. Kir

    Oh my goodness..what a beautiful way to look at marriage, to step foward into it. I feel like we walked each step with u. Your descriptions were so real.I could see/feel your dress..see the sky..smell the ocean. Thank u for letting us share that very private moment with u.

  40. Isn't it nice to find that person in whom you feel completely at peace? And you wrote about it wonderfully.

  41. J P

    Love at it's best…when equally shared!

  42. Wow!! Phenomenal! You painted a perfect picture.
    Loved the pictures.

  43. I see it. I smell it. I hear it. From "voice like honey," I was there. I love that you were alone, yet you felt so full and joyous. It was simply perfect.

    Oh yes–and the pictures were lovely!

  44. bywordofmouth

    Oh damn you Blogher.
    August is an eternity away … and I have to wait all that time to meet Nichole … and I am so not a patient person. Actually, I wish that Ian were making this trip too, our boys would bond, of this I am certain … knights in shining armor, hero's of storybooks …. our soulmates in our fairytales!
    So beautifully written, as always, inhaling that peace, as you walked to your destiny …

  45. Beautiful! You put words to something that is often so hard to fully express. Just… wow.

  46. Rachel

    Love this beautiful post my lovely friend. What a wonderful moment to capture for your children. You and Craig are so lucky to have each other!

  47. Miri

    This is wonderful. And these lines..

    "I stepped forward…each step I had taken in my life, every ache, every loss, had brought me closer to him…to this very moment.

    From this moment on, every joy, every failure, would be wrapped in his love and support, buffered by his love."

    … I felt like you were writing about me and my husband.

    A perfect love after a turbulent life is such a precious gift.

  48. So beautifully told!

  49. Beautiful writing – as always! Thanks for linking to the wedding photos as well – what a perfect day on the beach!

  50. kris

    This post makes me very happy.

    Several reason for that, as you know.

    Well done, you.

    This is awesome.

  51. Tracie

    This is so beautiful! (as are the pictures…you were a gorgeous bride!)

    My husband and I had three weddings, but the first one, was just us at our pastor's house (at midnight…it is a long story!) and that one was my favorite.

    I love this "The way we had begun, the way we needed it to be." and I love "For the first time in my life, I knew that I was part of a whole."

  52. TheJackB

    My favorite part was this:

    I stepped foward.

    Into us.

  53. ash

    So wonderful – your words, your marriage, your second chance – and seriously, your smokin' hot dress. Holy schnikies Nichole!

    Love this.

  54. What a beautiful 5 minutes to recount for your kids! I like that it was just the 2 of you. Perfect!

  55. amberpagewrites

    I love how you captured this moment. This is my favorite line: "No guests. Just the two of us. The way we had begun, the way we needed it to be." Because that's what every marriage comes down to, isn't it?

  56. Tonya

    Your wedding day. Gorgeous. xoxo I wish you tremendous joy. <— I love that.

  57. _Rebecca_

    I loved this.

    Your story and your wedding.


  58. julie_s

    This is beautiful. Your wedding photos are stunning!

  59. I absolutely ADORE this. Inspiring with such understated emotion. Perfect!

  60. mommylebron

    Such a warm and sweet memory.

  61. @sharmstro

    I stepped foward.

    Into us.

    Wow! Perfection. The words. And the pics.

  62. Karen

    So very beautiful. Not only could I see the story, but felt as if I could breath your walk in. Your words are wonderful and are a five minute moment that I believe will stay with many of us for more than that.

    New to TRDC and this is my first time hopping your way…what a treat! :>

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