First Haircut and Neck Nibbles

After dragging our feet for so long (you all remember our poll, right?), we finally brought Matthew for his first haircut.

This was our baby…

And this is our big boy…

As I expected, I cried as they cut off his baby curls. But, I am so happy that we finally did it.

His neck is so much easier to nibble on now.



  1. Laura

    So adorable! Before and after! :)

    First hair cut wasn't a big deal for me. Maybe because Cam's hair is so straight.

  2. bywordofmouth

    He deserves lots and lots of nibbles!
    Thought of you in my post today.
    Yesterday I was flippant, but today a deeper me ;)
    Our very precious gifts …

  3. ksluiter

    ack! look at that precious neck roll! nom nom nom!

  4. tracy

    Oh I hope you saved a few curls. He is adorable!!!
    I am thankful my baby is finally growing hair. LOL.

  5. Nichole

    I saved all of them…they gave us a tiny little baggy full. So sweet.

  6. Kristen

    Nichole! He IS delicious! And I LOVE the cut! Also, he has a great set of cheeks. Just precious!

  7. Jaime

    Ohhh…I just had Ainsley's hair cut for the first time…she's 3.5! I totally cried. I don't know what I expected, but it was just so fast and then done…it took no time, and I just wanted more ceremony I guess. We are just so silly :) As I say about my own hair all the time…it's just hair, it grows out/back/etc. It's just hard to see those baby curls hit the floor.

  8. Alicia

    What a cutie pie!!! He is adorable!!!

  9. Tayarra

    He looks so so sweet with his big boy hair! My boys never had curls. Just completely straight hair! I think if They did have curls I would be so much more attached to their hair.

  10. beforethebabywakes

    he looks so adorable. i love the new hair cut.

  11. andygirl

    neck nibbles make it all worth it!

  12. Robyn

    What a handsome big boy! Jake's first haircut was not too tough for me. Harder now to pay someone to leave it in his eyes!! I really wish this long hair for boys thing would go OUT of style!

  13. sugarbowlmix

    Darling! My oldest was 2 1/2 before she had her first haircut. She was bald for the longest time. I love how the angle of your picture shows off his baby cheeks (:

  14. Oh it changes their little look so much! Isn't that crazy how grown-up it makes them?!! But those neck nibbles are the best!! Hope you saved a curl or two.

  15. ~*Jess*~

    Oh my goodness! He does look like a big boy now!

  16. CDG

    Way to put a positive spin on it!

    He's adorable!

  17. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    He is beyond cute.

  18. Hes gorgeous!!!!

  19. @adriennemay

    Everytime I cut my son's hair I think, he looks soooo much older now. I wonder if I stop cutting it if he will stop looking older and start to look like my BABY again. (he is 3.5 years old now)

  20. Mom

    Sooo cute!!!!!

  21. Kara

    I just wandered into your blog from your listing on Babble, and I'm glad I did! I love your writing style. I think I'll stick around for a while! New follower! :)

  22. Sherri

    Oh, I loved to nibble their necks! Now they won't really let me.

    Can I live through you? He is all sorts of adorable, and such a big boy!

  23. Evonne

    He is just too precious! Nibble away!

    My son's hair was like that before I finally took him to get it cut. I cried like a baby!

  24. Yuliya

    Oh gosh save me a piece, yummy! He looks darling!

  25. The first time I cute my oldest son's hair, it was so hard for me. He had such thick hair…but when I did he looked like such a big boy and so cute! Your little guy looks adorable :)

  26. Aww. he's sooo adorable!! Before & after Nichole! :)

  27. Tonya

    Your son had a very handsome head under all those beautiful curls. It had to be done. xoxo

  28. jessb27

    Oh my gosh so sweet but I have to admit I gasped between picture one and two only because we just did the same, said goodbye to baby curls.

  29. JDareG

    Such a bittersweet moment, right. You know they have to grow and it's a good thing. But when they start to lose that baby-messily just have to mourn a bit. Sweet pics and what a cutie.

  30. JDareG

    **baby-ness. (I hate autocorrect)

  31. Oooh yes…that is one delicious neck!

    But…oh…the curls!

    I miss them!

    How ridiculous am I?

  32. kris

    Oh, I like his haircut very much!


  33. SquashedMom

    Bring that neck on over here, I just need a little baby nuzzle.


    And? Sigh. Can't turn back the clock, grow up he will. (Channeling my inner Yoda here.)

  34. Miri

    So sweet. We just cut my 3 year old's hair for the first time now. And how I miss those curls!

  35. So, so sweet! He is adorable (with or without wispy baby curls)

  36. Jen Has A Pen

    I love him! :-)

  37. Isn't it shocking how much older they always look after the first hair cut?
    It's so bittersweet. They are so darn cute with their new look, but it's hard to see them look instantly older!

    Love his big boy cute! And his cute neck!

  38. Kristy

    Isn't it funny how the first haircut catapults them into big boy status instantly?! I sometimes let his grow out a bit here and there just to see the pretty curls before it is cut again. Besides the fact that he can sometimes be a screaming mess when getting his haircut (so then I don't want to take him too often!)!

  39. Fist haircut, first steps and first words of kids are especially interesting for their parents. Nice photo after first hair cut :)

  40. kim

    So sweet! I just saw a pic of my little guy before his first haircut — total mullet. It cracked me up. He's almost 4 and every time he gets his hair cut I still get weepy.

  41. you made the right choice ! he looks EVEN cuter!

  42. KLZ

    We got our first haircut this weekend for Alex. It did not go well. And I don't like the shorter hair. I am glad the mullet is gone but…the front is too short.

    So, it will continue to get cut but not this short.

    Which makes me feel infinitely picky.

  43. Alexandra174

    It's so shocking. In our culture, you do not get a haircut before the 1st birthday: bad luck.

    It's always such a shock when they go from baby wisps to big boy hair.

    Such bittersweet tears.

    Way to keep the perspective, mama.

  44. Carrie Meadows

    Aw, that first haircut is always filled with mixed emotion. He looks so sweet!

  45. Megan-Best of Fates

    I remember my first hair cut like it was yesterday…

    Oh, no, wait, I don't remember it at all.

    Does that mean I'm officially old?

  46. Paige Morgan

    Mackenzie will be four in July and I am finally thinking about getting her first trim, at some point, soon, or soonish, but most likely by her 4th birthday, I think….

    You get the idea!

  47. I used to play with the hair at the back of my son's head and neck when we cuddled, and cried when he got his first haircut. Now we affectionately call his pre-haircut pictures "hippie boy".
    Cute, cute, cute.

  48. Melissa

    Adorable!! Keep those precious baby locks :)

  49. Clare

    Wow! I remember those firsts! Amazing how a few pieces of hair off his neck make him look that much older! Please tell me you saved a precious curl or two… :)

  50. Rachel

    He is still SO cute!!! But those baby curls…to die for!

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