Treasured gifts

Today I’m over at BlogHer, talking about body image and Barbies, in my piece Disappearing Stripper Boots … or Why Barbie Can Stay.

I would truly love it if you would follow me over there and weigh in.

If you are visiting me here from BlogHer, welcome!

Please stick around for a bit.

Some of my favorite pieces to date are listed in my recent post, 327 Gallons of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

And please don’t miss my Small Moments Mondays series, a collection of guest posts where others come to share a special small moment of their own.

I’m so thrilled to have each of you here…new readers as well as those of you who have been with me along the way.

You are each a treasured gift.

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  1. SquashedMom

    Congrats! BlogHer post number 3 now! Squeee!

  2. Sherri

    Yay! I am so, SO very excited for you my friend! Heading over there right now….

  3. Tonya

    Another BlogHer post! Yay, you! Heading over to leave some love…

  4. So proud of you! #3!! WOOT!

  5. Veronica

    Awesome, heading there now!

  6. katie

    you amaze me. so proud!

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