Small Moments Spotlight

This week, on Small Moments Spotlight, I’m featuring four amazing women.

First up, I’d love to share with you a post by the lovely Melissa, who blogs over at Confessions of a Dr. Mom.  Though I read every post she writes, I had two other people email me the link to Dance With Me, a post that made me melt.  Melissa’s ability to reframe a situation is remarkable in its beauty. I am so grateful to call her my friend.

Another lovely post that I have stumbled across recently is Something in my Pocket, by Law Momma, who blogs over at Spilled Milk {and other atrocities}.  This post speaks to all women, especially those who work outside of the house … women who miss their babies each and every day and hurry home to the magic that waits for them. This is such a tender and lovely post.

I’d also like to point you to Awesomesauce: Now With More Awesome, a post by Tulpen, who blogs over at Bad Words, that chokes me up each and every time I read it, specifically the Saturday evening segment. Their mother-son connection is so strong and true that it touches a spot so deep in my heart.

Lastly, I have to share New Baby Sister, a post from Squid Mom (of the blog of the same name).  This post truly moved me, as I felt that she was speaking for me…that she knew exactly what was in my heart (I’ve written about a similar struggle time, and time, and time again.)

Please go read these lovely posts. You’ll be so grateful that you did.

If you submitted something this week and I didn’t feature it here, that doesn’t mean that I won’t in the weeks to come. I might just be saving it for now.

If you stumble upon a post that captures a small moment, or if you’ve written one yourself, please use my “contact me” tab (it’s over there on the left under “site links”) and send me the link.

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  1. Lydia

    I can’t believe I was featured here-Thank you much! I know the other bloggers featured here and this is a huge honor.

  2. I'm heading over to read them now!

  3. Megan-Best of Fates

    Seriously, LOVIN' this series.

  4. MelissaDrMom

    Thank you so much Nichole for including my post here. I am so honored! I read the other posts listed here and they are absolutely amazing. You are so generous to feature other wonderful blog posts here that capture these small but important moments :)

  5. Sherri

    I loved Melissa's post when I first read it! And the others I can't wait to read. Thank you for featuring them here, Nichole! The posts that tear at your heart always tear at mine.

  6. tulpen

    Thanks so much for including me here… am touched.

    Now, I've got read the others!

  7. Law Momma

    You are so sweet. Thank you so much for including me in this list of fabulous women and fabulous posts.

  8. Love these picks and love your series!

  9. kris

    Seriously awesome talent here.

    Thanks for pointing the way!

  10. Alexandra174

    I've read each of these posts, and they stop time for me when I read them.

    Excellent series, and thank you, Nichole, for the time it takes to assemble this.

    The beauty of these words is something that I can't imagine life without.

  11. These are great…thanx for sharing them with us!

  12. Tonya

    Love these!! Thank you for sharing.

  13. These posts are simply beautiful. Love and hope without measure. Like motherhood.

  14. ksluiter

    LOVE that post by Squid Mom! she sent it to me too and I died. so much talent here, Nichole. thanks for sharing!

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