1. I hope he was gettin' a cookie! =)

  2. crayonwrangler

    He is adorable and the tags? Omg! Hilarious1

  3. Mad Woman behind the Blog

    If second children can do whatever, I should probably see if the ER has frequent flyer miles. #mysecondchildisdoomed

    The third pic is my fave.

  4. Yuliya shesuggests.com

    Oh that third picture, I bet he can get away with just about anything wit that face!

  5. Tracie fromtracie.com

    So cute.

    Hide the snack food!!

  6. Ack! My second is well on her way to doing the same thing. I love the look on his face in #3.

  7. kris

    Totally looks like a jail outfit.

    Craig is right.

    It totally does.


  8. babybabylemon babybabylemon.com

    It does not look like a jail outfit. Jail outfits do not have numbers on the sleeve. He is just adorable!

  9. Sorry…can't focus on being proud of adorable baby, too busy laughing at tags.

  10. Klz Www.taminginsanity.com

    Oh holy cuteness that's trouble right there

  11. so cute.. and you are right, the second child has so much more freedom and are usually so much more daring because of it.
    I love the outfit, even if he looks like he just broke out of jail :)

  12. Peggy

    Oh BOY! The joy of raising a boy!
    If there is something to climb, or better yet, climb up to jump off from, they find it! He won't be your reserved little Katie. He will be just what you need. (in your own words)

    Love the adorable face in all the pictures, but that 3rd picture kills me.

  13. I feel like I could have taken those pictures (except my kitchen is not so nice!) And the tags are so hilarious and true. Dylan gets to do things that would have caused a heart attack with Abbey.

  14. CDG

    second children can indeed do whatever. though, I raised Felix more like a fourth child than a first, because I was nannying for three when I had him.

    he's pretty much a wild animal. with excellent gingerbread skills.

  15. Dolli-Mama dolli-mama.blogspot.com

    So cute! Love it!

  16. Aww. Did he get what he was looking for? I love/miss those romper outfits.

  17. gigi kludgymom.com

    Watch out world!!!

  18. Sherri

    Ok, so first off…he's adorable! Second, oh crap there he goes!!

    And third? Your tags are killing me!! Too funny….

  19. Jaime ainsleylynn.blogspot.com

    Nice!! Isn't funny how we love these little things they do so much that we blog about them and tell everyone but it really just makes our lives harder. My 9.5 month old just started climbing the stairs and he is seconds from taking his first step. There I sit, encouraging him to do so, even though I know, it's so much harder when they walk.

  20. BringUpBee bringingupbronwyn.com

    That is too funny. Ever since we got B a little armchair and she learned to climb in it all she wants to do is climb up chairs and onto whatever the next surface is.

    Poor daycare said they can't get her to stop!

    I love how in the third pic he looks like, "Am I going to get in trouble" and then in the fourth he's all pleased with himself.

  21. Tayarra rtrsharpfamily.blogspot.com//

    Funny how we change when the others come along! What a big boy!

  22. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    soooo adorable!

  23. liz

    Is he reaching for a paper towel? Maybe just wants to help clean up?!?! :)

  24. Tonya lettersforlucas.blogspot.com/

    I LOVE this series of photos. I think you should title them as a whole: TROUBLE!

    Get ready, mommy!

  25. Kelly momsgotblog.blogspot.com

    Uh, oh! Look out!! :)

    Too adorable!

  26. Renee 2old2tap.blogspot.com

    The world as you know it has just changed.
    It was good to know you. Best of luck. :)

  27. Adrienne nopointsforstyle.com

    I would like very much to nibble on that little boy.

  28. Jen wantapeanut.com

    He is so adorable! I recently caught Moe sitting on top of his bookshelf. Boys are fun :)

  29. Hutch bawesomeinstead.com

    Oh my goodness those cheeks are just too much!

  30. 30ish Mama 30ishmama.com

    I love the expression on his face in the third shot! It's that special mix of innocence and mischief that only kids can pull off.

  31. Alicia shakennotblurred.blogspot.com

    Too adorable! Look at those cheeks!! I love them!!

  32. mamaneedswine

    Oh my middle one could not stop talking about HER birthday party at my oldest birthday party last week. I actually started to feel bad, like she was turning into Jan Brady or something!!

  33. @2bKate twitter.com/2bKate

    scary!! Where's the pause button?

  34. MelissaDrMom confessionsofadrmom.com

    He is so cute and he looks so proud of himself!

  35. katie sluiternation.com

    Eddie does this on his rocker. it's a problem. a cute, adorable problem.

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