Know What?

Hi, Daddy. It’s Katie.

What are you doing, Daddy?

Are you having a good day?

Me too.

What are you doing?

Make sure you talk to people in your meetings.

Me? I’m in my kitchen.

I’m playing with my brother.

Yes, Matthew. He’s right here.

Make sure you eat lunch, Daddy.

Are you going to have a burrito?

Mommy said I can have noodles for lunch.

I miss you, Daddy.

Know what…know what, Daddy?

It will be dark when you get home.

Yeah, because you’re at work.

Why do you have to work, Daddy?

I miss you when you’re not at home.


Today is Wednesday. What comes next, Daddy?

Know what…know what? On Saturday, it’s the weekend and we have GYMNASTICS! Just Daddy and Katie.

Me too!

Okay, Daddy.

Have a great day.

Make sure you talk to people.



Oh, okay. I love you too, Daddy.

Okay. Bye, Daddy.

This post is in response to a Red Writing Hood prompt that called for a piece written mainly in dialogue. As I was wringing my hands over what to write, Katie tossed this right into my lap. So, I’m a big cheater. I had my iPhone with me and recorded her “conversation,” a conversation during which Craig was not on the other end of the line. I couldn’t resist writing this out. It was too precious. So, thank you for indulging this mommy.


  1. kris

    Oh, that he was not even on the other end of the line?

    That is so awesome.

    I love that.

  2. LOVE this Nichole!! Ha!! That Katie…just too cute!

  3. Sherri

    Please send Katie over pronto, since she's adorable and I can't write ANYTHING for this prompt!

    So cute….

  4. Tracie

    I was loving this conversation…and I have to say that once I found out that Craig was not on the other end of the line, I think I loved it even more. So sweet!!

  5. Hahahahahaha. Love this. What a great pretend moment. Who cares that you "cheated". It's dialogue. ;)

    And I absolutely adore it.

  6. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    I love this. I'm so glad you captured it!

  7. babybabylemon

    I love this. And the fact he wasn't even on the phone makes it that much more adorable.

  8. Adrienne

    I thought it was adorable until you revealed that Craig wasn't even on the line. Then it became one of the sweetest things ever!

  9. Andrea

    Too super sweet!

  10. Rebecca

    So sweet.

    My son's had so many of these 'conversations' with his Daddy. I wish I had had the sense to record them.

  11. Carrie

    That's adorable. I'm amazed at the conversations kids have on the phone…even if there is no one there. :)

  12. tsonoda148

    That was just the cutest thing ever! And so clever! Loved it.

  13. Mad Woman behind the Blog

    Oh, I must have her. Please say she can some play with my Maddy. …or she can come play with me. Pretty please!

  14. I love it! That is a girl who loves her daddy!

  15. Natalie

    That was all pretend? He wasn't even on the phone?

    I'm in love…

  16. Tonya

    She is adorable. I can't believe she made that all up. So cute.

    Currently Lucas' conversations with Daddy just consist of, "Hi Daddy".

  17. andygirl

    aw! warms my heart!

    reminds me of a story my dad used to tell about me. he took a business trip for a week when I was barely a toddler and he called me every night and talked and said goodnight. well, I guess when he got home he walked in my room and I didn't recognize him and started crying! until he talked. he said, "hello, Panda" and I recognized his voice. I've always loved that story. :)

  18. Booyah's Momma

    What a sweetheart. I'm curious to know where the "make sure you talk to people in your meetings" line came from, though. :)

    I'm also loving the fact that you recorded this all on your iPhone. You really are an Apple addict!

  19. That is so cute!! I just love the imaginations of kids!

  20. Ratz

    Awwww. That is just way too cute… I am glad you write this down….

  21. Love it! I can hear her talking. So cute.

  22. Nancy C

    I love that she wasn't really talking to him. That's a powerful bond, and an imaginative mind. What a gift.

  23. CDG

    Finding out Craig's not even on the phone?

    Best. Treat. Ever!

    So freaking cute.

  24. I'm in love with her. Can I have her, please?
    Mine do similar things, but not usually such an extended conversation like this.

  25. Klz

    It's always amazing to me what different pieces these prompts put out.

    I have to go make sure I talk to people now…

  26. that he was not on the other end, made her conversation 1000% cuter :)

  27. Peggy

    Hahah…She is still wanting her noodles for lunch! Little pasta girl :o)
    Kids do this kind of thing all the time, but we never really pay that close attention to them doing it. I think it's adorable that you recorded it, and put it in writing. Craig must have loved it too once he heard it.

  28. Jaime

    Oh goodness…this just brought tears to my eyes, right when you said he wasn't even on the other end of the line. So sweet.

  29. This is so downright adorable! I loved it even more when I realized that she wasn't really talking to her daddy. It really shows the special and easy father/daughter relationship that they have. I just adore the way you did this and what you captured!

  30. Angel

    How precious. I love that he wasn't actually there but he was in her heart and mind.. Kids are so great when it comes to stuff like that..

  31. Megan-Best of Fates

    Awwww… her words to her daddy are SO freaking precious.

  32. kristinglas

    So great! Laila has started calling her dad in his upstairs office from the kitchen. She thinks it's great fun.

  33. So cute!! I love the way you interpreted the prompt!

  34. I love how children play pretend on the phone! Laura only has five words, and already she picks up her play phone and says "Hi!" to no one

  35. A. B. Keuser

    Totally adorable! I love that it's true to life!

  36. mommylebron

    OK, when I thought she was talking to her daddy it was so cute, finding out it was pretend? Adorable! She is quite the little communicator!

  37. The fact that she was pretending makes it even sweeter (if that's possible). Also, I think it's cute that she reminds him to talk to people twice. I am sure the idea of "work" is so mystifying to little ones. I know Abbey wonders what Ryan does all day.

  38. My conversations with people who ARE on the other end of the line are seldom as articulate.

  39. thirstymagnolia

    How stinkin' cute!

  40. MelissaDrMom

    I thought for sure we were just listening to her end of the conversation. I LOVE that she was only pretending to talk to her daddy. So very sweet. And? My daughter loves noodles too!!

  41. Jen

    I love these one sided conversations! Right now, ours are mostly gibberish, but they are too cute. Love that she thinks of daddy when he's at work. He must melt when he hears this!

  42. Nichole

    There have been times when I've heard her in the other room and if I didn't know better, I would think he was in there with her.

  43. Nichole

    Thank you, Rachel! We need to get our kids together. :)

  44. Nichole

    Thank you, Sherri!
    I'm crossing my fingers that something comes to you.

  45. Nichole

    Thank you so much, Tracie. :)

  46. Sarafree

    So sweet! This made my heart melt, mostly because I can relate to how much the kiddos love their dad, and how time with him is so precious and too little. I enjoyed your one sided take on dialog!

  47. Nichole

    This was actually one of her shorter conversations, if you can believe it!
    I wish I could have found a way to weave in her actions, like the way she cradles the phone between her ear and shoulder. So, so cute.

  48. Nichole

    Me too! Thank goodness for that iPhone! :)

  49. Nichole

    Thank you!
    If I let her really call him every time she asked, they'd be on the phone all day!

  50. Nichole

    Thank you, Adrienne!
    These are the things that I hope to always remember.

  51. Nichole

    Thank you, Andrea!

  52. Nichole

    It's never too late! :)

  53. Nichole

    They might just be different now. ;)

  54. Nichole

    Her conversations are actually much more fluid when they're pretend!
    When he's actually on the other end of the line, she does a lot more listening.

  55. Nichole

    It would be so fun to see them play together, wouldn't it!?

  56. Nichole

    She adores him. Seeing their connection is one of the most amazing things.

  57. Nichole

    All pretend!
    Her love for him makes me all weepy.
    Happy sighs.

  58. Nichole

    Thank you, Tonya!
    Give it time…you'll be hearing some great conversations. Have your phone handy! :)

  59. Nichole

    That is the sweetest story, Andy. You have such a great memory…I always love hearing stories from your childhood.
    And Panda? That is the cutest nickname.

  60. This made my heart melt too. There is nothing more precious that these conversations we have with our children. My daughter is 15 now-and I still want to hear everything she has to say:)

  61. Nichole

    When she was much smaller, she asked him what he did at work, to which he replied that one of the things he did was go to meetings. She asked what a meeting was and he said it was when people got together and talked to each other. It just stuck with her and each morning when he goes to work, she tells him to drive carefully and make sure to talk to people in his meetings.

    So funny what they hold onto, isn't it?

  62. Nichole

    I wish I had half the imagination that she has!

  63. Nichole

    Thank you, Ratz! I'm glad I captured it too!

  64. Jennifer Dillon

    It's amazing that she made that up! Before I got to that line I was going to compliment you on doing a really good job of capturing how kids that age bounce from topic to topic and how I could almost hear the Daddy responses on the other end. I love that she is telling him to talk to people.

  65. Nichole

    Thank you so much! :)

  66. Nichole

    Thank you, Nancy.
    Growing up without a father, I always dreamed of the day when I would have a daughter. I always hoped that I would be able to witness a father/daughter relationship up close.
    Seeing them together fills that emptiness in my heart.
    I couldn't have asked for more.

  67. Nichole

    Thank you, my lovely friend.

  68. Nichole

    Thank you, Erin.
    It's funny that when he's really on the phone, the conversations aren't nearly as lively!

  69. Nichole

    Make sure you talk to people, KLZ! ;)

  70. Nichole

    Thank you, Cristina!

  71. Nichole

    All noodles, all the time! Some things never change!
    Craig absolutely loved it. :)
    I love you, Aunt Peggy!

  72. Nichole

    They have the best connection. There's just magic between them.
    She's a lucky little girl. :)

  73. Nichole

    That's exactly it! You said it perfectly…their relationship is just easy.
    They have a way with each other that is just fluid and beautiful.

  74. Nichole

    Thank you so much, Angel!

  75. Nichole

    I know, right?

  76. Nichole

    That is so cute, Kristin!
    Love it!

  77. Nichole

    Thank you!
    It really felt like cheating since I didn't have to use my imagination at all!

  78. Nichole

    Just you wait! She'll be a chatterbox in no time. :)

  79. Nichole

    You totally made me giggle, Pop!

    I explained to BooYah's Momma above that when Katie was little she asked Craig what he did at work. When he told her he went to meetings, she asked what that meant. He told her that he talks to people, so now it's in her head that that's what he does all day. So cute.

    On Saturdays, he takes Katie to gymnastics. It's their special daddy/daughter time.
    And burritos? Yep, his absolute favorite!

  80. Nichole

    Thank you!

  81. Nichole

    She really is.
    The most amazing part is she was significantly speech delayed. We waited for so long for her to talk and every single new sound and then new word made our hearts explode.
    To hear her talk like this is everything that we ever dreamed of.
    She has come so far.

  82. Nichole

    I've taken her to his office and she's met his team. So she has some vision of it in her mind.
    But I think she imagines him in meetings and on the phone all day long. Wait…there are days when he says that's exactly what it feels like! :)

  83. Nichole

    That makes two of us, my friend.

  84. Nichole

    Thank you! :)

  85. Nichole

    Thank you, Melissa.
    I'm certain that they'll get along just fine!

  86. Nichole

    I'm not sure who it's harder on that he has to go to work.
    They say goodbye every single day like it's going to be years until they see each other again.
    It is just perfection. :)

  87. Nichole

    It is so unfair how little time they get with their dads isn't it?
    I wish that Craig and I could share a job so that we could trade off.
    He makes a point to have time with the kids in the mornings and then completely focuses on them from the moment he gets home from work until bedtime, but it's just never enough.
    Thank you for stopping by!

  88. Nichole

    It's difficult for me to imagine Katie ever being 15, but I know that it will creep up on me.
    I hope that she stays this sweet and always wants to talk to us as she does now.
    Thank you so much for reading.

  89. Nichole

    She asked him when she was younger what he does at work. He told her that one of the things that he does is sit in meetings. He had to explain that in meetings people talk to one another and share ideas. It stuck and she reminds him every single morning to talk to people.
    I hope I never forget that she does that.

  90. Nichole

    Thank you so much, Kimberly! :)

  91. Pop

    That is adorable.

    My favorite daddy/daughter time so far? Rocking out. Sometimes, we'll even mosh – it's hilarious. And sadly, it's quite a workout.

  92. Nichole

    Thank you so much, Jill!

  93. amber

    I like the way you cheat. I love that she keeps reminding him to talk to people. SO cute.

  94. Nichole

    Thank you, Amber! :)

  95. ilana

    I love that your husband wasn't even on the phone. She's very good at dialogue then- I never would have known!

  96. @sogeshirts

    I think that just broke the cute scale. Wow Katie is adorable. Can't believe Craig wasn't on the phone. I wouldn't call it cheating, just being smart.

  97. J P

    What a great dialogue!!! Children can inspire us to do so much, can't they?…:)JP

  98. Ashley

    So precious. Gotta love conversations with children.

  99. Pure sweetness. I love this: "Make sure you talk to people." Not terrible advice, either.

  100. Hutch

    That is just too cute! Also, I love the word noodle.

  101. This is so sweet!

    My post is from real life, too, but not nearly as darling as yours!

  102. Renee

    Oh that was adorable!

    And what cheating? It was dialogue. Sort of.

  103. Nichole

    Two things:
    1) Thank you so much.
    2) Get your butt out on the beach where you belong! You shouldn't be reading blogs!

  104. Nichole

    Thank you, Tim…you are always so kind to me.
    I like the way you think…not cheating, just smart.

  105. Nichole

    They truly can.
    She's an amazing little person.

  106. Nichole

    Thank you, Ashley!

  107. Nichole

    Not bad advice at all, is it?
    Thank you for reading. :)

  108. Nichole

    Thank you!
    I know…when she was tiny and we introduced pasta, it seemed like too grown up a word to teach her, so we called them noodles.
    But now, when you offer her noodles, she asks what kind and keeps throwing out types like gemelli, ditalini, fusilli, penne, orrechiette? This girl knows her noodles.

  109. Nichole

    It's probably cheating, but all that matters is that I have it written down.
    One day I'll be so happy that I took the moment to do that.
    Thank you for reading, Renee. I'm always so happy to see you here. :)

  110. Nichole

    Ooohh…I can't wait to read yours!
    Thank you for coming by. :)

  111. Nichole

    She's actually far less talkative when he is on the phone with her. She mainly listens and let's him guide the conversation. I like hearing her take charge and keep the "conversation" going. :)

  112. Oh so sweet! I love listening to the kiddos do that on the phone. My littlest 2 love Mickey…they talk to him all the time. SOmetimes I get chewed out via the boys when talking to Mickey. Gotta love their innocence!

  113. Alicia

    Love this!!! Brilliant!! I have been thinking all week of a "dialogue" post. I haven't thought of anything yet. If I do, can I join in late?

  114. Nichole

    Give it time, Tonya. One day soon, it will be like a monologue at your house too! :)

  115. amanda

    Another small moment captured, and a writing prompt completed. Two birds. So sweet.

  116. That is the cutest thing ever!

  117. Nichole

    No! She's totally different when he's actually on the line. She listens way more! Go figure. ;)

  118. Nichole

    I'm pretty sure that there's nothing sweeter.
    It makes me giggle to think of your kids tattling on you to Mickey. That is awesome.

  119. Nichole

    Thank you so much!
    The link will be up until tomorrow night.
    I hope to have you link up. :)

  120. Nichole

    Thank you so much, Amanda. :)

  121. Nichole

    Thank you, Jessica Anne. It was pretty darn cute. :)

  122. So cute! I love listening to the innocence of children.

  123. Efloraross

    OK, that is too cute! I love the imagination of little kids. It is SO awesome!

  124. ksluiter

    the fact that she was "pretending" almost makes this that much sweeter to me.

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