Before my feet hit the ground…

This week, I’m honored to have Pop, from Go, Pop, Go! here on Small Moments Mondays. I’ve been looking forward to featuring him here and couldn’t wait to share him with you all.

There isn’t much that I adore more than a man who is truly involved with his children. Pop isn’t just dedicated to his baby girls, but he adores his wife as well and he so beautifully balances his humor with his softer, more reflective side.

When I invited him to come share a small moment with me here on Small Moments Mondays, he read through all of the previous posts and emailed me that he had “sawdust in his eyes.” He felt the same way that I do about this series … that the love and appreciation that we each feel for those we hold dear is paramount.

Thank you, Pop, for contributing to the sawdust factor here. I think the world of you and Small Moments Mondays is better for having you as a part of it.

Before my feet hit the ground… – by Pop

Last week, we were getting ready for a long Sunday. We were going to be gone for most of the day because we had church and then a baby shower to attend. To complicate matters, I bought a few items for church that I needed to bring that day along with some budget requests. My wife and I were so proud of ourselves as we packed the car with snacks for the kids, a Moby Wrap in case D2 (my second daughter, 7 months old, 19lb9oz) got too heavy to hold during the shower, the church equipment and budget requests, the gifts for the baby shower, and a few bottles of water and snacks for ourselves. When we were almost at church, my wife and I both smelled it: the smell of rotted sourdough bread mixed with spoiled milk that all parents of infants are familiar with.

When we arrived at church, we found that D2 dropped a BOMB and there was poop all over her and the carseat. As semi-veteran parents, scenes like this are less shocking and more commonplace, so I calmly took D2 out of the carseat, handed her to my wife and reached for the diaper bag.

Wait. Uhhhhhhhhh…..

“Honey, did you pack the diaper bag?” “No,” my wife replies, “I thought you packed it.” “No….I thought you left it in the car from our last trip.” We had a car full of stuff: gifts, snacks, etc…but we forgot the most important thing.


Just like my wife and I overlooked the most important bag without realizing it, my favorite small moment is one that is really important, and yet is easily and often overlooked, especially by us parents: beholding my sleeping spouse the moment I wake up. Ok, that sounds more than a tad creepy, so let me quickly explain.

As I get older, I find things gradually increasing. My waistline, the number of chins I have, the bags under my eyes, my responsibilities, the bills I have to pay, and most especially, my to-do list. And all these things battle for my attention first thing in the morning. “What reports are due today?” “Where do I have to take the kids?” “Do we have a meeting/dinner with anyone tonight?” These are just some of the questions that race through my head from the first waking moment as I begin my routine of getting myself & my kids ready for the day. Consequently, the first half hour in my household is a flurry of activity.

After nearly 3 years of parenting, I wish I could say our mornings are a well-choreographed symphony of awesomeness. But I can’t. Our less than smooth mornings usually include yelling (think Fred Flintstone shouting, “Wilmaaaaaaa!”), the words, “I have to pee” shortly after getting in the car, and turning back once we realize we forgot the diaper bag. Yup. Coffee isn’t the only thing brewing in our home in the morning; we brew stress fresh every day.

And that’s where my favorite small moment comes in. Will it prevent the inevitable chaos that is the morning routine? No. But like a day where someone gives you a compliment or your kid tells you, “I love you” without prompting or bribing, it’s a great start.

Thinking back to our honeymoon, I remember our first morning together so vividly. The sun was peaking through the curtains, and I woke up and looked over at my wife. She was absolutely stunning on our wedding day, but somehow, she was even more beautiful that morning. I smiled thinking that, God willing, I get to spend the rest of my days with this woman.

Some guys may disagree, but for me, the first moment in the morning is when my wife is most beautiful. No makeup, no worries or concerns on her face – just her: the woman I vowed to spend the rest of my life with.

Looking at her in that peaceful state, I feel renewed. No matter what the days before have been like or what the days ahead may hold, I know we’ll make it through together, and there’s just no better way to start my day.

And yet, it’s something I can so easily overlook as I manically attack my to-do list.

Before my feet hit the ground and I go about my day, I want to stare lovingly at the woman who makes life worth it.

So tomorrow morning, look over at your spouse and enjoy it. But not for too long – you have a lot to do today.

Now, please go over and visit Pop. Be sure to read A Letter to My Daughters: U Cant Haz Internetz, I love You, Dad, and Instantly Social? Dislike! I promise, time spent with Pop is time well spent!  Also, he’s a great friend to have on Twitter and you can follow him here.


  1. SquashedMom

    So beautiful…. (You know you now have a whole lot of women who want to be married to YOU right now, don't you?) Your daughters are lucky girls indeed, growing up with a Dad who is so clearly lovingly involved with them, and who loves his wife, their Mom. so much.

    (Thanks,Nichole for bringing us another winner.)

  2. Megan-Best of Fates

    I love Pop and oh my goodness is this post freaking awesome.

    Also? I'm jealous – mainly of the fact that in this category I have a similar, but far less awesome story to share.

    I once woke up after having a few friends sleep over to find a male friend staring at a sleeping female friend. When he noticed I was awake and looking at him he glanced my way, saying "I'm just testing a theory I have that beautiful women are even more beautiful when sleeping."

    Yeah, that really happened.

  3. Natalie

    Sigh. I already loved Pop, now I love him more. His wife and daughters are very lucky women!

  4. I love a man who adores his wife.

    I have one, too.

    How lucky am I?

    And how lucky is she?

    So lovely, dear one.

  5. Yuliya

    Oh so sweet. But I am still on the edge of my seat about that diaper bag mishap, what did you DO?

  6. What a great post!
    Good stuff Pop!

  7. CDG

    I first read Pop when Kris featured another post about his wife, and as Lori said, "I love a man who adores his wife."

    Good stuff!

  8. Pop

    In that case, I will refrain from linking to my post about how I've had aiming issues from time to time.

  9. Pop

    So my comment was more than a tad creepy. Your friend? That's just straight up creepy.

  10. Pop

    Thanks, Nat! But I'm the lucky one. Really.

  11. Pop

    Himself is awesome.

  12. Pop

    *cue MacGyver theme* (or maybe it's MacGruber)

    I carried her as far away from my body as possible with my elbows firmly locked so as to ensure no poop splashed on me. There was a trail of intermittent poop spots from the car to the bathroom at church. I disrobed her and began to run her under the sink, which was a challenge since the sink was rather small. I then fashioned a makeshift diaper out of paper towels until another parent came to church and asked them for a diaper.

    Since we didn't have the diaper bag, we didn't have wipes, but I had a carseat with poop all over it. I attempt to use the church paper towels but they're made of that really crappy, recycled material that gets EVERYWHERE! So I just have to wait until church is over.

    By this point, the poop is pretty crusted on. I borrowed a package of Costco wipes from another parent and basically held the wipes in place with firm pressure until the caked on poop became liquid and got as much of it out as possible.

    Good times (not really).

  13. Pop

    So your opinion of me must be pretty good! If only my wife's opinion of me were based on guest posts I carefully crafted. Actually, I guess that's kinda how it was when we were dating.

  14. kim

    aww, Pop, you made me cry, again. First w/ the missing diaper bag b/c what parent hasn't been there? Then with w/ your wife. I love a man who can express himself so beautifully.

  15. mommylebron

    Aw, that was so gross. And then really sweet. It makes me think of that saying that southern moms tell their Lil Belles. "Always look for a man who loves you more." Wait I don't think I'm s'posed to tell you that.

  16. Jackie

    It's good that you can sort of laugh about the diaper bag situation now!

    You're a great writer and love reading your posts! Your wife & kids are lucky to have you in their lives… my guess is that they know that already though.

  17. Oh, Pop, you are so sweet! I hope my husband thinks those things even though he could never say them. Well, maybe he could if it ended with a fart joke…

  18. Pop

    Forgetting the diaper bag is one of those Southwest "Wanna get away moments."

  19. Pop

    No, no. The saying around my house is: "always look for a man that daddy is bigger than and could easily take down in a fight."

  20. Pop

    I laugh now, but I won't be laughing when I inevitably forget again.

    Thanks for the kind words! But really, I'm the lucky one.

  21. Pop

    My wife breastfeeds, typically through the night, so yes, I wake up first and try to get things going around the house first. It's the least I could do.

  22. Pop

    or with the words, "….in bed."

  23. liz

    Pop, I'm 1,000% serious when I say that Craig says the SAME THING about women first thing in the morning! He says that's how you know who truly is beautiful – seeing them when they first wake up!

  24. Nina Badzin

    Great post Pop! :) By the way, I don't care how long I've been a parent–I'll never be graceful when there's poop on the car seat. Never! ;)

  25. Ahhh! That's how a husband and a wife should feel about each other. You're a team….we had the best message at church the other day about a husband and a wife reflecting the "One-ness" that you become when you get married. Your post made me smile….marriage isn't all romance and roses…it's love through the tough (and sometimes stinky) stuff.

  26. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    "I wish I could say our mornings are a well-choreographed symphony of awesomeness."

    Yes. That is my wish also.


    I will have to ask my husband about the beautiful in the morning thing. Let's hope he gives me the correct answer.

  27. Hutch

    It's nice to see the softer side too, great post! I might have to borrow the phrase symphony of awesomeness.

  28. Mad Woman

    I'm afraid to ask Adonis the beautiful in the morning thing…I think I've ruined any chance of hearing that since I regularly remind him of his morning breath.
    Yes, Pop, I think I am your polar opposite. Except for the forgetting the diaper bag thing.
    Thank you Nichole. This was a reminder to subscribe to Pop…and done.

  29. Love it!

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and that I gave it a shout out in today's post:

    Have a good night!

  30. Aw, I love it! It is so nice to hear a man gushing about a woman, no less a woman he’s been married to for several years (or more?). This is some great advice, taking a moment to observe our loved one first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, though I love my husband dearly, looking at him while he rests usually leads to me comparing him to Shrek. Seriously, he’s an ogre before he has his shower. ;) Great post, Pop!

  31. Peggy

    I once read that the best thing a man can do for his children is to be a good husband to their mother. Sounds like she has a keeper.
    Beautiful post.

  32. Booyah's Momma

    I love it when you write about your wife. And not just when you talk about your dating experiences. :) You guys are lucky to have each other. Lucky indeed.

  33. @30ishmama

    I enjoyed this post so much that I will head over to Pop's blog as soon as I finish commenting here. I absolutely love that one moment of love, beauty and peace can carry you through even the stinky challenges.

  34. So lovely!! Gotta love Pop!!!

  35. Nancy C

    Yup. Sawdust. Thanks for this reminder of how good men can be.

  36. Pop

    Yup! What you don't want is to look over and not recognize who that is.

  37. Pop

    lol – I wouldn't say I'm graceful. I just don't freak like I used to. It used to be "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!!" Now it's just, "Oh. My. God!"

  38. Pop

    Definitely stinky stuff. Like morning breath :-P

  39. Pop

    If he doesn't know the right answer, he'll never forget the right answer after that, I can guarantee you.

  40. Pop

    Be a symphony of awesomeness instead?

  41. Pop

    I don't need no reminders about how bad my morning breath is.

  42. Pop

    Thank you! And Nichole is a symphony of awesomeness!

  43. Pop

    Almost 6 years. WOOT!

    And yeah, I'm not sure if my wife would feel the same way. :-P If she wrote a post like this, it would probably sound like your description. Thankfully, we clean up nicely, no?

  44. Pop

    Most people who didn't read that post don't know how truly lucky I am. :-P

  45. Pop

    Thank you. And they definitely do. Life's made up of such wonderful small moments. Right, Nichole?!

  46. Pop

    Thank you!

  47. Pop

    I try to remind my wife all the time. I hope it's working.

  48. Pop

    Thank you! And my guest posting fees are very reasonable (free).

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