Does Your Name Rhyme With Braig?

It does?  Great!  You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve made you a handy Christmas list, just perfect for your wife, from which you can choose a couple of items.

Simply click on an image for item details and purchase information.  I’m all helpful like that.

Just think, if she had pretty cardigan,

you wouldn’t have to see her in that ratty old sweatshirt that she wears almost daily…

And those yoga pants might get a break if she had something cozy like this…

She’d love to read this in her rare spare time (stop laughing, it could totally happen!) …

And to protect the MacBook Pro that you soooo generously gifted her with,

how about a nice protective case?

Here’s a gorgeous bottle stopper that she would use often (read: daily) …

And a birdie tells me that her free trial of Scrivener is about to expire…

And for those rare occasions when she manages to squeeze in a shower,

this would make her smell nice…

She would love this gorgeous calendar, filled with many of her amazing bloggy friends…

proceeds go to the National Eating Disorders Association

Here’s something that she’s wanted for about 23 years…

And her stocking wouldn’t be complete without a tube of this…

If your name does indeed rhyme with Braig?  I am all sorts of helpful, huh?

And I love you!


  1. Hutch

    Haha, love the subtlety! That embosser looks awesome!

  2. ksluiter

    he he he…you are the queen of subtle, my friend.

  3. Natalie

    So subtle, Chole! I love this idea, by the way…I might have to do one for a name that rhymes with "Grayson" ;)

  4. Cate

    Hahaha! You are hilarious.

    This is a pretty spiffy wishlist, though. ;-)

  5. that's awesome! & quite the list. I'm impressed! We have the spec case for our macbook by the way and when we take it off from time to time it's amazing how our laptop looks like it came right off the shelf.

  6. Yuliya

    wow what a fantastic idea, don't be surprised if you see a blog post from me titled 'if your name rhymes Brainislav" any day now…also the milk & cookies flavored shampoo/body wash is fabulous!

  7. CDG

    Mack Truck-esque in its subtlety.

    When again my husband and I give gifts to one another? I'm totally doing one of these posts!

    For a guy whose name rhymes with Bark.

  8. Renee

    Good thinking!
    You will, of course, model all of those yourself after Christmas? So that we know it worked.

  9. Nichole

    That embosser IS awesome. And I've been wanting it for so long. It just isn't one of those things that you buy for yourself, though.

  10. Nichole

    Yes, subtle. Hee hee.

  11. Nichole

    Thinking, thinking…

  12. Nichole

    You have to throw some there's-no-way-in-heck items on your list. It's required. ;)
    It makes all of the other gifts look reasonable.

  13. Nichole

    Oh, I'm so glad that you told me that you have the spec case…I always feel better about getting something when I know someone else has it and is happy with it.

  14. Nichole

    Yeah, it might take me a minute to come up with a name that rhymes. But, I won't let you down! ;)
    Milk and cookies? How did I miss that one?

  15. Nichole

    Now that's something that you don't hear every day, "mack truck-esque." I'm going to incorporate that into my working vocabulary. ;)

    We haven't really exchanged gifts since Katie was born. Not unless you count things that we needed anyway.

    You and "Bark" will be exchanging gifts next year, I just know it.

  16. Nichole

    I will be happy to do that! ;)

  17. Hmmm…I may need to do something like this for people whose names rhyme with Brichael.

  18. Sherri

    Oh, I can learn a lot from you my friend! And since I love all of these things? I will copy your post and just change the rhyming word to Bott. Perfect.

    And at first? To be honest, I stupidly thought you had made this list for Liz!

  19. What a fun list! Ryan just told me the only thing he wants for Christmas is more money in our bank account (read – no gifts), so now I feel greedy asking for anything. Way to burst my fantasy bubble, honey :)

  20. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Your husband's name is Shmraig? How unusual!

  21. Mad Woman

    Wow, I'm screwed. I know I'm a poetry writing goddess, but Adonis? Come on, what am I going to do with that?
    I love this Nicole AND I want most everything on it too!

  22. Allison @ Alli n Son

    Love that calendar!!!

  23. ~*Jess*~

    Hehe I love that whole list!

  24. Ahh, what a great idea! I should so do a list like this! Altho that would require Hub…er, I mean, Bub to read my blog occasionally…LoL

  25. Mary

    My husband would kiss the ground I walk on if I would just provide such a list! But why loose the chance to make him suffer?

  26. anothermomof2

    This is hysterical! I love it- and the list itself is great too. Although, then I'd have to get my hubs to read my blog..

  27. @CiaoMom

    What a great idea– I may have to borrow it come my birthday next year! And that J.Jill dress…adorable!

  28. What a terrific idea!! I may have to steal this. Great list, too! Here's hoping Santa is sweet to you this year. Knowing Craig (from Twitter only, of course), I think he will be.

    Wait, did I say Braig? I meant Craig. :)

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