Suddenly, I was back

If I could make a wish list of bloggers who I would love to meet in person one day, my beautiful friend Megan, of Best of Fates, would be high up on my list.

Megan has a quirky, off-beat sense of humor that I just love. Her blog is filled with silliness, randomness, and fun.  She exudes love for her family and friends.  She’s genuine and real and it is a pleasure to know her.

Thank you for sharing this story with me, Megan.  We really have to figure out a way to meet in person.  BlogHer ’11?  :)

Suddenly, I Was Backby Megan


I feel at peace in the desert.

I love the heat and the dunes and the vast number of stars at night.

Which is just one reason why I moved to Morocco.

I love the cadence of Arabic and the sound of street vendors good natured arguments.

I love the taste of anything cooked in a tajine.

I love eating clustered around a table, being scolded on my improper method of scooping up food with bread.

I love the smell and the noise and vibrancy of Morocco.

I’d spent a summer falling in love with Fes in college, so I never questioned my decision to move to Rabat when the opportunity arose.

I packed up a year’s worth of toiletries, photos of home, and my camera and kissed my parents and friends goodbye at Dulles Airport.

I never imagined I’d be back in a week, my international journey officially over.

A lot happened during that week. Most of it upsetting yet relatively minute and boring when described.

But during that turbulent week I often found myself pausing and thinking what a fool I had been – how silly to have thoughtlessly left a life I loved.

My constant day-dreams of home weren’t of American food or WiFi or walking down the street unmolested.

My idyllic images consisted of sitting on a couch watching television while offhandedly tweeting. Of spending Tuesday nights cooking with my friends and talking about insignificant work drama. Of taking a leisurely bath and reading one of the many books in my oh-so-towering stack. Each, small moments I’d lived without considering its value.

Making awkward small talk with strangers, shrieking when someone startled me at work, missing the stoplight every single morning – soon I missed it all.

Then, suddenly, I was back.

For the first few months after I returned I couldn’t think of my time in Rabat without replaying scenes over and over in my head. Unable to sleep, I’d toss and turn through the night, until over time I thought of it less and less.

But every once in a while I have a bad day and I picture myself in my Moroccan room. I take myself back to those day-dreams of home and I think of how lucky I am to be back, once again living out each small moment.

Now that you’ve gotten just a small taste of who Megan is, head over to Best of Fates for more proof of why she’s so awesome.

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Also, be sure to follow Megan on Twitter, where you’ll find some humorous gems…like this one:


  1. CDG

    Yay, Megan!

    Thanks for reminding me that my idle moments are also sometimes idyll moments.

  2. Missy Jill

    This was a beautiful story, thanks for the insight into your life.
    You like Megan for the same reasons I like Megan! So glad you asked her to guest post.

  3. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you're away from it for a period of time like that. I'm sure it as incredibly awesome to be in such an amazing place, but at the same time, there is no place like home. Great post!

  4. Natalie

    Oh, Megan…beautiful. I have thoughts like that too…places you go when you need a little boost. Moments that seem like perfection. You said it so eloquently!

  5. Mindee@ourfrontdoor

    Mmmmkay. That was a total teaser post Megan. I want the full story. Pronto.

  6. And in one sentence, summing up home and homesickness.

    It's not the big things – the Superbowl Sundays or language.

    It's the little tiny things that drive home with powerful clarity the differences. The way the shopping carts roll, or the way people park cars.

    It's the million tiny differences that create homesickness. The million tiny moments that are just not the same.

  7. kris

    Those little things that are not the same, the small experiences and joys of a life that we don't appreciate until they are no longer available?

    Oh, I so get that.

    Even when the change is permanent and for the better?

    There are little things that will never be the same.


  8. What a fascinating post. Reality is never what we imagine it to be. And living abroad can be one of the loneliest ventures ever undertaken. Certainly makes you appreciate what you have, huh?

    And Nichole, I love how you included a funny tweet! Classic!

  9. Alexandra174

    What a wonderful job you've both done here.

    Nothing quick, easy, and get it done.

    Quality, quality…it is what keeps people coming back, and for what we tell ourselves about who we are, and what we put out there.

    But, I need to know more, Megan!!!

  10. Sherri

    Wonderful post! I love reading about life-changing moments in someone's life, something that turns everything around and moves you in a different direction. I will have to go and check out some of Megan's posts, and thank you for sharing her with us, Nichole.

  11. liz

    Wow, Megan! I loved learning more about your time there. Also? I'm so proud of you for only including 1 picture!

  12. Christina

    I agree!! Beautiful writing, though. :)

  13. Brilliant. Megan you had me at peace in the dessert. You have a great writing talent my friend. Love reading you!

  14. KLZ

    This is so true…it's the things that seem insignificant that are the most important.

  15. Coma Girl

    I love Megan! Such a nice surprise to find her here :)

    And wow, her stories never cease to amaze me.

  16. meredith

    love love love!

  17. Eloquent! Thank you for hosting Megan. I will definitely check out her blog and I hope the two of you get to meet IRL soon. :)

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