Say That You’ll Be True…

When I was a young child, even younger than Katie is now, my mother would sometimes invite me into the living room to dance with her in the evenings after supper or on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

She would choose our favorite album for dancing, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Chronicle. Ever so carefully, she would slide the large disc from its cardboard sleeve, leaving behind the white paper lining. After lifting the lid on the record player, she would gently place the 33 on the turntable and pick up the needle.  I can still remember the way the needle sounded when she slowly lowered it onto the vinyl album…the slight scratch of the needle as it found its way into the groove, beginning with our favorite song, Suzie Q.

My mother, then a young woman in her mid-twenties, would stoop down and swing me up into her arms and spin and dance with me to the music. She was truly beautiful and her smile was brighter in those moments than I remember seeing at any other time in my childhood.

Those moments were ours alone.

Oh Suzie Q

Oh Suzie Q

Oh Suzie Q Baby I love you

Suzie Q

Swirl, dip, hug, and the reprieve from any sadness.

like the way you walk

I like the way you talk

I like the way you walk I like the way you talk

Suzie Q

Spin, dip, giggles, and the beauty of forgetting the things that we didn’t have.

Oh say that you’ll be true

Oh say that you’ll be true

Oh say that you’ll be true and never leave me blue

Suzie Q

Squeals, dip, I love yous, and the belief that life was good.

Oh say that you’ll be mine

Oh say that you’ll be mine

Oh say that you’ll be mine Baby all the time

Suzie Q

Twirl, dip, neck kisses, and the hope that she would never release me.

Oh, Suzie Q

Oh, Suzie Q

Oh, Suzie Q, Baby, I love you

Suzie Q

Spin, dip, hair stroking, and the feeling that I was the center of the world.

I like the way you walk

I like the way you talk

I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk

Suzie Q

Belly laughs, dip, gasps for air, and prayers that the moment could last forever.

Oh, Suzie Q

Oh, Suzie Q

Oh, Suzie Q, Baby, I love you

Suzie Q

Hugs, snuggles, cuddles on the couch in a heap, and the yearning for just one more song.

Just one more song.

Those small moments with my mother sustained me through the rough times and offered a beautiful contrast to sadness.  They showed me a happiness that made me hopeful about this world.

Thank you, Mom.

This post an excerpt from my book and is in response to a prompt that invited us to write a piece of work using a song as inspiration.


  1. @sharmstro

    Wow.. I was so there with you. Shuckin' and a jivin'. . .
    I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk . . . Suzie Q.
    Another beautiful post, Nicole. I'll take this one to bed with me….
    ♪ Baby I love you… ♫

  2. kris

    Oh, this one has made me cry.

    I am all vulnerable today.

    This is lovely.

  3. i love this. it reminds me that those moments of dancing with solo boy in the living room are more meaningful and special than i know.

  4. CDG

    What a treasure that memory is. A small moment full of wonder.

    And you bring us into it so perfectly!

  5. Natalie

    Beautifully written.. vulnerable, open, honest. And so very relatable. I bonded most with my parents over music. It was always on in the background in the kitchen, the car.. everywhere. I remember dancing with my mom & feeling like the only 2 people in the world.
    I've now tried to share the same things with my kids. It's a little different being the spinner instead of the spin-e, but it's still incredible.

    Thanks for sharing & reminding me.

  6. KLZ

    It's nice to see it from the child's perspective sometimes…

  7. rebeccaslife

    I do this with my kids, a lot. I hope they feel the way you do when they get all grown up! Such a sweet post.

  8. Sherri

    Oh this is great, Nichole! That's a great way to start my morning, and what a lovely memory and exerpt from your story.

  9. Kim

    Your post made me think about dancing with our dad in the living room to Blondie's Tide is High. This was a nice read.

  10. Nancy C

    Gorgeous. Your mother taught you so much through her example. This honors her beautifully.

  11. I remember a few moments like these…

    Where I felt special…important…they were so rare, so fleeting. I wanted to hold onto them with my little hands.

    Beautifully written, beautiful woman.

  12. Ratz

    It couldn't be more perfect. it is such a sweet post. i could feel your enthusiasm. it is just beautiful Nicole

  13. Alli_n_Son

    That is beautiful. I can just feel like love and connection between you and your mom.

  14. Jackie

    It really is the little things that our parents do with us that we remember. It's those things that last in our memories throughout life and it's those little things that we want to share with out kids.

  15. Beautifully written. What a wonderful memory.

  16. Renee

    How wonderful your mom made this memory with you. And the telling is perfect.

  17. Miss_Scarlett99

    that is such a special memory. You really have a way of presenting things from your past. Beautifully done as usual :)

  18. Pamela

    Hi there, I found this post through Twitter. It really spoke to me; I often dance with my son and your description of yourself as a child choked me up. He does the same thing – giggling, holding on to me & begging for just one more song – so touching:)

  19. erin

    Just lovely. And I love that song, too (the whole album, really!). And it's a gentle reminder that I need to do more of this fun stuff, dancing, etc. with my own little ones.

    Beautiful job!

  20. Melissa

    This was so beautifully written. It makes me miss my mom, but it's a bittersweet feeling to remember dancing with her to old records in the living room as well. Or watching my parents dance together after they thought we were in bed. Thank you for reminding me of some cherished old memories that had been stashed away for quite some time. Loved it!

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