1. Sherri oldtweener.blogspot.com/

    Oh, too cute! That Katie knows what's good for her….smart girl.

  2. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    It doesn't take long for them to figure out that sugar is yummy, though, so I figure it's only a matter of time.
    We didn't give Katie a smash cake, so I was eager to see Matthew dive in. He refused it completely. Go figure. :)

  3. Tayarra rtrsharpfamily.blogspot.com//

    That is one classic photo! What a cutie pie! Maybe he is already too sweet for sweets!!!

  4. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    He looked like you just gave him a plate of sauerkraut. Does he not want to partake in the joy of The Sugar?

  5. Natalie mycrazybusylife.com

    When I gave my oldest his first birthdaycake, he looked at it & then stared at me waiting for me to feed him. I took his hand & placed it on top of the icing to show him what to do. He let out the most offended yell until I wiped his hand off & fed him the cake with a fork.

    My middle son & daughter were polar opposite. They both dove in face first & never looked back.

  6. hah! I love it. he's like, this isn't NATURAL, people! snort.

  7. Varda (Squashedmom) squashedmom.com

    That is SO awesome, his "yucky face" for cake. Maybe he would prefer brussel sprouts?

    There is a picture my father took of 1 year old me feeding my cousin Jessie m&m's because i didn't know what they were yet. Last time THAT ever happened.

  8. Ok, the photos are adorable of course, but…neither of those are cake.

    I thought we were clear on The Rules?

  9. Mari

    Our son was the same way on his first birthday…poking it, making faces, and then he eventually flipped the plate over and dumped it on the floor in a dramatic attempt to make it clear that cake. is. not. edible. Funny enough, he ended up being the kid who prefers fruit or savory foods to sweets.

    Your daughter has the right idea, though :)

    I do not have to ask where you stand on the cake issue, however. There are some bakeries 'round our parts that have our names written all over them.

  10. ksluiter

    poor matthew. eddie took one look at his and face planted himself in it. we found blue frosting in his ears, nose and poop for a good week after.

  11. The Zany Housewife

    I love it! I just noticed the Bert and Ernie plates. Where did you find them? My daughter, on the verge of her second birthday, is in LOVE with Ernie. I'm thinking Ernie themed birthday. :)

  12. Maybe cake is an acquired taste? Who knew?! Cute pics.

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