Small Moments

This week, on Small Moments Mondays, I am sharing with you my enchanting and enigmatic friend Marian, from runaway sentence.

Marian simply exudes love and sensuality.  There is a lush and womanly quality to her words…an irresistible, seductive, and earthy beauty.

She is a loving, attentive mother to two gorgeous children and I am filled with admiration and respect for her gentle, organic, and present approach to raising them.

Marian shares my desire to live in the small moments and I am honored that she wrote the following poem for me…for in these small moments.

Thank you, my dear friend.  Thank you for knowing exactly what this little space of mine needed…thank you for truly understanding me.  I am brimming with gratitude and love for you.

Small Moments — by Marian

regular worries
time well spent
effort expended
are we bright enough
are we bold enough


you say people are horrible
you live in darkness
for me
racing thoughts
fleeting anxieties

give way to small moments
sweetness and light
half full

our daily soundtrack

(an inappropriate tune)

paper dolls meet scenery
with a happy song
fight song
victory song

living in an art house

(never stop drawing)

big words
big ideas
big plans

kiss me
kiss kirby
kiss yoshi
kiss purple lamby
kiss me

butterfly kiss
eskimo kiss
forever kiss
crinkled nose

window silhouettes

(see me)

sharing words
reading aloud
snuggle up
my face entangled
in whisper fine hair
lulled by sweetness
dozing off

you arouse me
your hair in my eyes
i embrace you
hazy dream

little voices
and it begins again

hurt one cries
mama I liked you holding me

you say people are horrible
you dwell in darkness

from my place of light
i can be strong enough
strong for her
strong for them
for you
for us.

Please take a trip over to visit Marian at runaway sentence. Be sure to read some of my favorite posts: rush of love, big kids, you are my heart, sleepy girl haiku, drowning haiku, and backyard haiku.  Her words are simply drenched with love.


  1. Marian

    aw! i am so pleased. thank you, dear nichole. big love to you.

  2. kris

    I love this.

    So very much.

    "you arouse me
    your hair in my eyes
    i embrace you
    hazy dream"

    I can feel that embrace.

    Happy sighs.

    And is that Courier I see?


  3. RedMango

    Very nice post!

  4. Kmama

    What a great poem. These words spoke to me:

    "sharing words
    reading aloud
    snuggle up
    my face entangled
    in whisper fine hair
    lulled by sweetness
    dozing off"

    That is my every night.

  5. KLZ


    Ah, I know that refrain all too well.

  6. Marian

    i can barely even summon the strength to comment here because i'm all blushy about what Nichole has written. and the courier! swoon is an understatement.

  7. Marian

    mine, too. thanks to you.

  8. Marian

    yes, indeed. but the point is not to dwell there. or in other dark places.

  9. are we bright enough

    are we bold enough"


    Yes. We are.

  10. Natalie

    Oh, I just fell in love with this! How have I not ever visited Marian before? I'll head over today.

  11. Nicole Q

    “From my place of light

    I can be strong enough”

    I really hope that’s true for me…

  12. CDG

    There cannot be enough sweetness and love in the world.

    Or beauty.

    Let's not forget that.

    Thank you, Marian! Thank you, Nichole!

  13. Marian

    keep saying it. repeat. over and over. yes, we are good enough.

  14. Marian

    ha! Natalie, never too late. come visit. stay a while.

  15. Marian

    i am certain that is true of you, Nicole. i love you, strong woman.

  16. Marian

    you are the sweetness, CDG, my love. and nichole. ah! love!

  17. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  18. Marian

    i know you are but what am i? ;)

  19. andygirl

    lovely. simple yet poignant.

  20. Renee

    Beautifully written

    Each "small moment" shines so brightly. The darkness has no chance.


  21. Jennifer

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you for introducing us to your friend Marian's talent for poetry!

  22. Rachel

    Beautiful poems! Love meeting new bloggers to me!

  23. @sogeshirts

    Another great poem Marian. Your poems invoke nearly all the senses. Very majestic. Loved the kisses stanza including kisses for Kirby and Yoshi.

  24. Marian

    just a simple girl, i am. thanks, you.

  25. Marian

    way too nice, Katie. come read some more. thank you.

  26. Marian

    and that's a good thing. thanks for reading.

  27. Marian

    thank you! i'm so honored to be here.

  28. Marian

    nice to meet you, too, Rachel.

  29. Marian

    kisses for Kirby and Yoshi and you. love!

  30. squidmom

    I LOVE this, I especially liked the part :
    hurt one cries
    mama I liked you holding me
    That sums up the sweetest parts of being a parent, the moment that clinches up your insides with happiness, with fullfillmentness. Really lovely work, once again.

  31. Marian

    aw! you are nice. thank you.
    it is true, that part. so intense and gratifying.
    when they hurt and you know you can manage it for them.

  32. Marian

    people, can i just say how happy i am to read your comments?
    so cool how each one of you relates to something different here.
    thank you for reading and seeing.
    thank you again, Nichole, for putting this out there for your lovely, lovely readers.

  33. Sherri

    This is wonderful. Just what I needed to read today!

  34. Marian

    i aim to please. thanks, thanks.

  35. erin

    this made me cry. so amazing to me how incredible writing can move me so much…..i'm in awe.

  36. Marian

    awe? aw. thank you for saying so.

  37. Alexandra174

    This was so very quiet and sweet….and just a perfect, small moment.

    I can picture it…

  38. Marian


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