Reason #8 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

One of the greatest things about having a preschooler is that you get to help them make useless crafts that take you back to your own childhood when you made your own worthless crafts.

This week, we made a completely useless craft lovely stained glass candle holders.

To make your own useless craft lovely keepsake, here’s what you’ll need to collect from your recycling bin craft cabinet:

  • empty and clean baby food jars
  • pieces of cut up tissue paper in every color of the preschooler rainbow
  • white school glue
  • tea light or votive candle

Step One:

Have your overzealous preschooler smear their finger in the glue and rub it on the table, her arms, her legs, in her mouth, and in her hair the baby food jar.

Step Two:

Place perfectly-cut torn pieces of tissue paper onto the glue, gently pressing into place.

Step Three:

Repeat until your preschooler is stuck to everything you have covered the entire surface of the baby food jar, leaving numerous no blank spaces.

Step Four:

Carefully place a green, no purple, no pink, no yellow, blue tea light or votive candle into the jar and hover over candle the entire time it is lit as it is probably a total fire hazard, what with the flammable tissue paper and all enjoy the lovely flickering candlelight.

Oh, wait, this craft isn’t actually completely useless…it does put a smile on Katie’s face every single time we light it. And anything that does that is perfection in my book!

Coming soon to a craft table near you — hand-print paper turkeys, cotton ball snowmen, and paper snowflakes.


  1. Marian

    useless crafts? no such thing. love these! gonna make us some.
    thanks, dearest!

  2. ksluiter

    i LOVE to see the snarky side of you, my dear. And I remember making these candle holders too! Eddie brings home wonderfully useless things from day care all the time. They adorn our fridge.

  3. Pop

    That's awesome! I can't wait till D1 (2.5yo) gets to that age b/c the things that she's making now in Sunday school get recycled when she's not looking. :-P

  4. Kmama

    I always wanted to make one of those, but never did! LOL maybe that's one craft I can actually attempt with my kids. I don't attempt many, as typically their crafts look better than mine. ;-)

  5. Bad Mummy

    If you mix the white glue with a wee bit of water to dilute it, you can apply it with a brush or sponge and make it easier to work with. You're welcome ;-)

  6. Cate

    Hahaha! I loved making these as a kid. I also loved making "paperweights" by gluing beads, seashells, and other random junk to the inside of a baby food jar lid.

  7. KLZ

    Looks gorgeous. Hope you get Katie unstuck from the table soon!

  8. Sherri

    First thing I read this morning….thanks for the laughs! I remember these crafts well, and I also thought it must be a fire hazard! But those smiles they get when they make something and you use it? Worth every drop of glue on the table.

  9. Mad Woman

    YOU are a SAINT! In my house, these are called farts and craps. Though I may have to forget that catchy little phrase if my daughter gets "inspired."

    Funny thing is I have fond memories of some of my childhood crafts. AND this is adorable. Hmmm. I'll be a mommy one of these days.

  10. Natalie

    Tater gave it a two thumbs up. We'll be making it later this week or next week :)

  11. CDG

    When my crazypants bosses decide we are not doing enough crafts, I will have the two 3 year olds make ONE MILLION of these, and force my overly tidy, ultra-modern bosses to display EVERY PRECIOUS ONE.

  12. My son and I made one of those years ago. I think we still have it somewhere.

  13. Guess I was supposed to be creative enough to figure out what I could use those tissue paper strips for that the preschool sent home the other day…argh.

  14. Alexandra174

    I am so lucky that I love to do all things like this, so do my kids, and my husband doesn't care about messes.

    So dang lucky.

    I love having kids, I get to do all the fun stuff I like to do, and disguise it as "learning."

    Very sweet post. Thank you.

  15. Lydia

    Love it- I remember making these when I was little( my mom still has it!) I love doing craft projects with the girls and displaying them. I love how free they are with their expression, they never doubt themselves.

  16. I’ve given up on glue crafts. The kids cover their hands in glue, wait for it to dry and then peel it off. Fun. But messy.

  17. Nichole

    She is so in love with it that it was totally worth it.
    She just loves lighting it for dinner.
    Happy crafting!

  18. Nichole

    Ah, yes, the fridge.
    Before we had kids, we swore we wouldn't be those parents who put stuff on their fridge.
    Um, yeah, that's just one of the many things we caved on. ;)

  19. Nichole

    I threw away a construction paper bunny about a month ago and she somehow saw it in the trash and was heartbroken. Of course I told her that I had no idea how it had gotten there, wiped the coffee grounds off, and re-displayed it on the fridge.

  20. Nichole

    I'm such a perfectionist that it is so hard for me not to hover and make sure that every step is done just so. Sitting back and letting her do her own work is challenging, but so necessary.
    You should make one…it really was quick and easy. And she loves it. :)

  21. Nichole

    How did I not know to do that!? That would have made it way easier. Thank you! ;)

  22. Nichole

    I loved making them too. I can still remember the smell of the votive candle that we used.
    It's an amazing thing to see your children enjoy the same thing you did decades ago.

    Next time? We'll make your paperweights!

  23. Nichole

    It's actually really pretty when the room is dark.
    We're rather fancy now.

  24. Bad Mummy

    In fact…mix some up and store it in a baby food jar. It should keep w/o drying out.

    Have you checked out It's a great resource!

  25. Nichole

    I'm so happy that our craft extravaganza made you smile.
    I joke about it, but I love those moments with her, seeing her so joyous and engaged.
    She is so proud that something she made is a central part of our dinner now.
    Happy sighs.

  26. Nichole

    Farts and craps…that is so funny!
    Yes, I think you might need a new name for them before long. ;)

  27. Nichole

    I can't wait to hear how it goes. He'll be so proud of himself, I just know it!

  28. Nichole

    Email me your mailing address and I'll contribute all remaining jars to your worthy cause, you evil genius!

  29. Nichole


  30. Nichole

    How fun it would be to dig it out and show him.

  31. Nichole

    I bought mounds of tissue paper for her birthday last year when we did tissue paper flowers, yet another "fun" craft. ;)

  32. Nichole

    It really was fun…I love watching her figure things out and seeing how proud she got was the icing on the cake.

  33. Nichole

    We could learn something from them, couldn't we?

  34. Nichole

    I remember doing that! It was sometimes even more fun than the project itself.

  35. kris

    I love crafts. I love mess.

    Bring on the glitter!

    Seriously . . . love this kind of thing.

  36. Nichole

    Yeah, we have glitter.
    In its original packaging.
    It will be used over my dead, lifeless body.
    Glitter never goes away. Ever.
    We'll do it at your house, okay?

  37. Props to you, Nichole! I am the anti-crafts mom. Terrible, I know. But you know what? That last pic with the candle lit is so pretty it kind of makes me want to do this.

    Only kind of.

  38. @sogeshirts

    haha that was great Nichole. I loved all the scribbling out especially the a green, no pink, no purple, no yellow line. When i'm a parent crafts will be hard. I was so bad at them in school.

  39. Kate

    Good for you guys! I love that craft .I need to do more crafts at home. Once preschool started, I kind of drifted away from that world, secure in the knowledge that I, someone who cannot even draw a straight line, would easily be replaced by a much more capable teacher. That being said, it turns out I am the Master of the Handprint Turkey. I'm telling you: No one traces a pinkie finger like me. NO ONE.

  40. LOL! So true!

  41. Fiona

    If you want to make it a little less messy, mix the glue with a little bit of water in one of the jars and have children apply the glue with paint brushes.

    By the way, crafts that are age-appropriate and open-ended are never worthless. Above all else, these crafts are about the children discovering beauty and joy!

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