Reason #55 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

Yesterday, when I went to sit down at the desk to write, I found this:

Katie’s purse.

The urge to open it and catch a glimpse inside was irresistible.

Here’s what I found inside when I peeked inside:

Memories of my first purse came flooding back.

I could at once recall going through the house, trying to figure out what I should even put in a purse.  I remember collecting various items that I had seen my mother pull from the mysterious depths of her own purse and then gathered the things that I loved most and added them to my collection.

When I close my eyes, I can picture the contents: a long-forgotten key on a silver ring, a pink and purple beaded change purse from my grandmother, filled with coppery pennies, strawberry Bonne Bell roll-on lip gloss, and my mother’s blue and silver pen that clicked open and closed.

In her purse, I found my lip balm, a friend’s business card, my favorite pencil, all mixed in with her treasures: bracelets, hair clippies, a Dora sticker from the dentist, Silly Putty, Elmo, a bouncy ball.

To see that Katie had gone through the same process of combining her treasures with my own truly brought life full circle.

It’s amazing how we truly are a blend of our mothers and ourselves.

These reclaimed memories are such a lovely gift from my favorite little girl.


  1. geninabug

    I would like silly putty in my purse too. Also, I LOVE her purse, would like one in adult size. :)

  2. Marian

    did you make that purse, Nichole?

  3. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    VERY sweet! I have no memory of what I put in my purse as a child. Then again, I went years as an adult without one, so maybe I just wasn't born with the purse gene? ;)

  4. Sherri

    Her purse is so adorable! And those treasures….collected with a lot of thought, I'm sure. Wow, I hadn't thought about Bonne Bell roll-on lip gloss in years! I always loved those HUGE Lip Smackers, too.

    So fun to have these little ones take us back in time to when we were little…

  5. That is a most excellent collection. We have special drawers that accumulate all the precious items.

  6. kris

    This purse and its contents?

    Cutest . . .thing . . . ever.


  7. ksluiter

    ok this little purse also reminded me of my own and I suddenly got a memory…a scent memory. I can remember my little purses because they all smelled the same. They had that flavored lip balm, crayon, girly smell that I can't put my finger on…but is DEFINITELY the smell of a little girl's purse! Sigh….

  8. Adrienne

    I just realized what's missing in my life. I don't have nearly enough tiny baby carriages in my purse!

    Know what's funny? Two of our kids were treasure-keepers, but neither was the girl-child.

  9. Jennifer

    Nichole, I'm honored and flattered that my business card with the picture of my husband's great-aunt made was deemed treasure-worthy by Katie! I'm tickled and delighted!! xoxo, Jenn

    P.S. Sorry for the delayed visit and reply…your email got stuck in my SPAM filter and I just found it today. I've junk-mail-proofed your email address, so it won't happen again. Sorry 'bout that!

  10. Rachel

    SO CUTE!!!! Sadie totally has little purses and bags that have all that *stuff* in it! Just like mine- filled to the brim!!

  11. Natalie

    I'll admit, I have some of the same stuff in my purse…but my purse isn't nearly as cute!

  12. Nichole

    Isn't that a fun purse!?
    And Silly Putty always comes in handy. :)

  13. Nichole

    Yes, you must be missing that gene. ;)
    I've gotten so used to my spacious diaper bag that it will be strange when I can carry a purse again.

  14. Nichole

    Thanks, Sherri!
    I had forgotten about that HUGE Lip Smackers until you mentioned it!

  15. Nichole

    Katie's treasures are taking over our entire house.
    There isn't a drawer that's safe anymore.

  16. Nichole

    It really is pretty cute.

  17. Nichole

    I remember that same smell. It was lovely.

  18. Nichole

    Everyone needs a baby carriage in their purse!
    What kind of treasures did your boys keep?

  19. Nichole

    She is so in love with that card (as were so many of us at Bloggy Boot Camp!).
    So happy that you got to see just how special it is to her. :)

  20. Nichole

    Silly Putty? ;)

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