Will you be my friend? Yes or no?

Since the middle of July, I’ve been participating in the SITS Girls ProBlogger Summer Challenge, along with nearly 500 (!) other bloggers.   The challenge is 31 days long, with a new task every day.  Yesterday we were asked to find a “blog buddy,” someone we could run ideas past, enlist for honest feedback, and who would give us a nudge when we’re in a rut or going off course. 

When I first read the details of the task, I had flashbacks to grade school, where we had to buddy up with someone for field trips.  I remember  assessing my options, trying to decide who I’d want to hold hands with for an entire day (yes, I know that I over think everything!).  Then, there was the anxiety while building up the courage to ask someone to be my buddy. 

So, who did I want to hold hands with in this challenge?  I took a deep breath and asked two people, both of whom are willing to be stuck with me for a bit. 

Today I’m introducing you to Alli, from Alli ‘n Son

Why did I ask Alli?

I chose her because we are similar.

We share similar parenting/life philosophies.  She is optimistic and grateful.  She is a slightly OCD momma (yes, M&Ms must be eaten in pairs of matching colors). She’s the stay-at-home momma of a spunky, energetic, and often frustrating two-year old boy. But she is thankful for each and every moment and even has a day dedicated to just that, the Thank You Journal each Thursday (stop by and link up). You can often find her up to the knees in potty training, bubbles and all things balls.

And, I chose Alli because we are different. 

Take just one look at Alli’s blog and you’ll see how incredibly creative she is.  She just oozes great ideas.  She takes beautiful photos and is a whiz with Photoshop.  I’m hoping that if I’m a great buddy and I don’t pick my nose, she’ll share some secrets with me.  I would love to be more creative and I’m hoping she rubs off on me.  She’s a self-described wanna-be photographer and gourmet chef, a highly creative woman and one-time graphic designer, all rolled into one.

Here are some examples of her best stuff:

So, pop on over there and leave her a comment.  Maybe you could tell her that I have clean hands, I’m pretty friendly, and I don’t pick my nose.
And, stay tuned…I’ll be announcing my second buddy soon!

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