Shameful Secrets

Ever had a secret?

A secret that you held close, believing that if you were careful, you could somehow keep it under wraps?

Have you feared that your secret would be uncovered, leaving you ashamed and embarrassed?

You have?

Me too.

I have a dirty, messy secret.

It’s a secret that I’ve hidden from myself, as well as my family.

Like all things that escalate until they are completely out of control, it started innocently enough, a small purchase here, another small one there.

If I could have ever imagined that it would get this bad, I honestly would have tried to stop it long ago.

Because now, I just don’t know how to get my arms around it.

The time has come to come clean.

I’m ready to be honest with myself, with my family, and with you.

So, I’m turning to you all, to confide in and to ask for help.

I’m hoping that someone else has gone through this and can share with me some advice…some way of regaining some control.

It started with some hair clippies, also known as the “gateway” hair accessory.

Before I knew it, I had moved on to hair bands…

Then, the ribbons and bows took over my life…

And this is the mess that I’ve made of things…

Has anyone else had to clean up a mess this bad?

Please share your tips with me…I’m begging you for organization advice.

I’ve hit rock bottom.

I have nowhere to go now but up.


  1. I have those sorter things that you put inside tackle boxes that have all of the little compartments. I keep them all separated in a drawer and organized that way. At least until one of the kids dumps them out. But they do work really well.

  2. Melissa

    I think the container store is calling your name!!! :) Great post!

    Peaceful wishes,

  3. Lyndsey

    I can't help you…Max has no clippies! :) But this is very funny! I think this is your only clutter!

  4. Nichole

    Ooohhh…I need one of those!
    It's gotten to be such a mess that I can never what what I'm actually looking for.

  5. Nichole

    Yes, I think you might be right about that!

  6. Nichole

    She, as you well know, is so insanely linear and organized that I have found stashes of them lately in the oddest places. All of the blues in her play kitchen drawer, the greens on her nightstand, the pinks in her baby cradle. Never where I need them to be!

  7. Sunshine L.

    snack bags/sandwich bags/quart bags/gallon bags – the ziploc kind. I use them for EVERYTHING!! I'd do separate bags by item (barrette/elastic/ribbon) and put in a bigger bag or put in a plastic container. You could also clip the barrettes to a long ribbon and hang it from somewhere. You could also check out the website – I seem to remember a "hack" for the elastics (one of those carbinger thingys maybe?) but can't really remember what.
    I too have a lot of hair things – unfortunately my daughter does not let me put stuff in her hair (or at least VERY rarely!).
    good luck :-)

  8. that looks *exactly* like my childhood hair stuff collection! I had a basket that hung in my room that I kept it all in. good times.

  9. Bad Mummy

    Sunshine is right. ParentHacks addressed this and suggested putting all the hair elastics on a carabiner.… If you follow the link there, you can read the original post with people's comments. I like the link to this <a href="http://:” target=”_blank”>:

    The Mook has antique dresser with a very shallow top drawer. I've got desk organizer trays in there to sort out all of her hair doo-dads. I was going to use an egg carton, but it would take up too much space.

  10. Sorry, all I can think of when I look at that is, "oooh…pretty!"

    I'm the same way with shiny things. No help at all.

  11. Adrienne

    Not my area. As you know.

    Does Katie really let you put those things in your hair? Abbie barely tolerated brushing, much less clips and pigtails!

  12. Claudia Guerreiro

    Hi! This is my first time coming here and I find you super funny so far. lol. This is quite the addiction. lol. wow!
    I think you should put an elastic band around your wrist at all times so when you get tempted to buy more, you can literally SNAP yourself out of it. ;)

  13. I believe I have a similar collection provided by my mother. I lose most of them. My kids hate their hair tied up. I hang on to the elastics for dance class the rest I let them use with dolls. So the collection looks quite small.

  14. Alli_n_Son

    I have zero advice for you as a momma to a boy, but your post is hilarious!

  15. ksluiter

    Eddie doesn't wear the cute hair stuff, however I had an ENTIRE bathroom drawer devoted to my hair stuff as a kid–and I had brothers. So you know it was bad. And now? Again in our bathroom? There is a whole DRAWER of my hair stuff. I have no idea how to organize it, so it's a pile. In a drawer.

  16. kris

    So much snorty giggling over here.

    You need an intervention.

  17. Leah

    Oooh pretty hair bows!

    We use those small, thin basket things in our bathroom drawers to separate the small stuff, like the ribbons and ponytail holders. Then we have a big basket under the bathroom sink for large bows and headbands. That's about as organized as I get!

  18. Elyse

    I so love all of these ideas. But someone needs to help me with the next problem. You have a great little system (which I do) but every few weeks some little elf has taken the great little system out to use everything in it on her American Girl doll and put everything back in the wrong section!!!!!!

    (Nichole – It was great having lunch with you at BBC. Come over and visit my site!)

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