A handful of sons and two daughters

It seems that there was something in the water this week that inspired so many posts about the tremendous love that we have for our children.

I was caught up this week in the delicious smell of my sweet Matthew and loved reading so many heartwarming posts that celebrated so many small moments.

I’m going to keep my words to a minimum so that you can go and read these lovely posts:

Clare wrote about the first day of school and feet.  Yes, feet…go see and I dare you not to laugh.

KLZ wrote a lovely post about just how quickly time with her boy slips away.

Old Tweener beautifully described how much summers with her son have changed as he’s grown.

Head on over to Move Over Mary Poppins to read one of the most poetic posts I’ve read this week.  Prepare to melt.

Alexandra showed us just how important it is to live in the moment while our children are small.  Such a lovely post!

Adrienne’s post exemplified the unconditional love that she has her son.

Katie wrote about the deep connection that she has made with her little boy this summer.

And then, when you’ve read the amazing posts about sons, read this magical post about an amazing woman’s connection with her daughters.


  1. ksluiter

    I am so honored to be included with these wonderfully talented women, writers, and mothers. Thank you, Nichole!

  2. Alexandra174

    Oh, thank you so much.

    You have thrilled me with this mention. I will go read the ones you have listed here.

    And there is something about september, and the end of the year approaching, that makes you realize that childhood slowly marches on, no matter how hard we cling….

  3. Clare foursillykids.blogspot.com

    Thank you so much for including me in this entry! I am so honored. I agree with Alexandra. This time of year brings out the sappiness, and puts it all into perspective.
    Can't wait to check out the other bloggers you mentioned.

  4. CDG

    Wow, Nichole, what a talented group in which to be included!
    Thank you, so much.

    I've seen a few of these other posts, now on to the rest!

  5. kris prettyalltrue.com

    Thanks, you. I love being mentioned here.

    And I love you.

    I hope your readers aren't too scared off by my opening.


  6. Maryline francoamericandream.com

    So grateful your post sent me over to read Katie's and Adrienne's posts. Reminded me to add them to my reader too.
    Thank you so much. I knew I could trust your judgment, these writers are all amazing in their own ways.

  7. Adrienne nopointsforstyle.com

    Thanks, love. This is a beautiful collection of posts. I've been so caught up in reading them, I almost forgot to come back here and thank you!

    I love fall. It makes me feel nostalgic every year.

  8. Alex@LateEnough lateenough.com

    Dude. All I wrote about this week were boobs. And destroying the earth.

    Oh well, I look forward to checking out the ones I haven’t already read this week :)

  9. Sherri oldtweener.blogspot.com/

    Thank you for the sweet mention…I have read several of the other posts, and now can't wait to read the others! I noticed how many of us wrote about our kiddos over these last few weeks. There's just something about summer moving on and school starting, I guess!
    Feel pretty lucky to be listed with these other ladies!

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