Twitter Cheat Sheet

I am so excited that tomorrow is Monday (I honestly never thought I’d be able to say that), as I will be bringing you another installment of Small Moments Mondays

If you aren’t on Twitter, you really should be some of the terms in tomorrow’s post might be unfamiliar to you.

So, in preparation, I thought it might be helpful to offer you a bit of a cheat sheet for the Twitter vocabulary you’ll encounter.

But before I begin, if you aren’t sure what Twitter is all about or why you should even care,  How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live , explains it all quite well.

Here are some terms that you might find helpful when reading tomorrow’s post:

Tweet: a post with a maximum number of 140 characters.

DM, or Direct Message: a private message sent between two people.

Follow: When you follow someone, you are essentially subscribing to their tweets.  (Unlike Facebook, they do not need to accept a request, nor is the follow automatically reciprocal.)

And some general terms that you might find helpful should you decide to give Twitter a try:

RT, or retweet: the re-posting of a friend’s tweet.

Tweeps: a blend of twitter and peeps (people), a term used to refer to friends. 

Should you decide that Twitter is for you, check out this extensive Twittonary!


  1. KLZ

    I wish someone had written this out when I'd started tweeting.

  2. It took me a long time to figure it all out but so glad I did it's the most fun. Even though a feel a bit like I'm cheating on facebook.

  3. Nichole

    They both have a place…

    Can't remember where I heard it, but someone said that Facebook is filled with people you used to know and Twitter is filled with people you want to know.

  4. Nichole

    Me too! I remember being so lost. I signed up and didn't use it for months.
    I even remember posting on facebook that I wanted to want to use Twitter.
    Now I wish I could walk away from time to time! :)

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