Throwing Caution to the Wind

Craig and I strive to make healthy food choices for our children.  We realize that it is our responsibility to ensure that they have a healthy attitude toward food and that they make good choices as they grow older.  We’re teaching Katie about serving sizes, which nutrients she gets from each of her foods, and why some foods aren’t great choices.

Having said that, we’ve relaxed the rules a bit this summer.  She had an ice cream cone last week, a lollipop the week before.

We’ve come to realize that a large part of encouraging healthy eating habits is teaching her about moderation in all things.  We worry that if we don’t allow some small indulgences now, she may rebel when we aren’t with her.

So, with that, I present to you the following…

That right there?  That is a small moment.  A small moment of pure joy.

Also?  A guarantee that for a few days, there will be no other treats.  ;)


  1. Oh my gosh she's so stinking cute!!!

  2. Abigail @ Skywaitres

    What a sweetheart. She seems so excited, that's adorable. That's exactly what sweets should be, exciting treats. What a special little moment.

  3. That is a honking huge pancake. Did she eat it all?
    I like how she didn't know what a maraschino cherry was.

  4. Visiting from 31DBBB

    I completely agree, learning moderations is key. It's okay to have treats once in a while. It keeps kids (and me) from wanting junk all the time and appreciating it more when I allow a splurge.

  5. Nichole

    Thank you so much. She had just gotten out of her swimming lesson and was so excited at the thought of having a treat.

  6. Nichole

    Thank you, Abigail.
    Hey…you're a video queen…any idea why the video doesn't fill the box?

  7. Nichole

    It was a HUGE pancake.

    She ate about 1/3 of it and then wanted to just pick all of the blueberries out. :)
    And I was SO okay with that.

    The best part was that she wasn't sure what the chocolate chips were and that she wasn't terribly fond of the whipped cream! Yay.

  8. she's so happy she doesn't know where to start!

    I never liked sweets as a kid. I was allowed them in moderation if I asked nicely. but they weren't a forbidden treat, so I never really wanted any. but now? now I have the sweet tooth. blame hormones.

  9. The Sweetest

    That's exactly the kind of joy and treat should invoke- love it!

  10. Allison @ Alli &#039

    She's so cute! I can't believe that she didn't just dive in.

    We're the same way, very few treats. Unless the grandparents are around, then all bets are off.

  11. Lori

    Oh! Adorable!

    You must stop. I'm done with having kids.

    Quit making me covet more!

    Evil you.

  12. Nichole

    He threw up IN IHOP? Poor guy!

    She ate about 1/3 of it and looked a little weary after!
    But, she talked about it all day.

  13. Nichole

    You can borrow her any time you get the "just one more" itch.
    She's a fun little girl and she's plenty silly. You guys would get along just fine! ;)

  14. Nichole

    Thank you!
    The funny part is that since she gets treats so rarely, she always looks at me like I've lost my mind and she needs reassurance that she can actually eat them. ;)

    Yes, grandparents are allowed to break the rules, aren't they?

  15. Nichole

    Now if I could manage to eat treats as infrequently as she does, I'd probably savor them similarly.
    There's a lesson in there, but I'm not sure I'm ready to learn it! ;)

  16. Nichole

    Seriously, she was elated.
    But, what I love is that if you offer her blueberries or M&Ms, she'll take the blueberries every time.
    Maybe you'll outgrow the sweet tooth?

  17. kris

    I don't watch videos.

    I am weird that way.

    But that pancake? That is what Kallan would like to eat for breakfast every day. That doesn't happen, but in a perfect world? It so would.

    According to Kallan.

  18. Denice- KDCEvents

    So cute! I let my son have that one time and he ended up throwing up in IHOP! To this day he can’t even look at it on the menu, but that first time…His smile was ear to ear!

  19. Your pancakes are enormous, no wonder you want to keep them as a controlled substance. I had a flashback to the day the munchkin was grabbing things off the table that he could just reach but couldn't see. He discovered chocolate. I found one in each hand and one in his mouth and slimy chocolate drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. I could only laugh.

  20. Nichole

    I knew that you wouldn't look at it. But, I wanted you to see that ridiculous pancake.

    Katie and Kallan could have shared it and still had some left over. It was that big. And insane. And over the top.

  21. Nichole

    Seriously, how cute is that!? Chocolate isn't an easy thing to hide, is it? The slimy drool is a dead giveaway. ;)

  22. Nichole

    Okay, well as much as I preach moderation, I sure have a difficult time practicing it myself. I do a lot of post-bedtime indulging. ;)

  23. Jessica B

    I like this post. I was (am?) a spaz about what my daughter ate from birth until 1, atleast. First her whole first year she was nursed, and when we started food she had only organic, healthy, perfectly balanced meals. When she turned 1, I relaxed -but not too much. Over the years (gaw I can't believe she will be 3 soon) we are more relaxed. We now have an 80/20 rule. As long as 80% of what goes in is good, the other 20% is no big deal. And because of this I have a child that will eat fruit/veggies THEN want the candy haha.

    Nice Blog!

  24. Nichole

    That's a great rule…the 80/20 plan.
    I'm going to keep that one in mind and teach it to her.
    Thanks so much for coming by. :)

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