Sometimes You Get the Opposite of What You Expect

I love my children.

I love playing, reading, and snuggling with them.

But you know what else I really love?  Naptime.

These moments allow me to rest and recharge for more playing, reading, and snuggling.

Matthew chose not to nap today.  It could be his teeth that are bothering him, or perhaps the ever-present reflux, but he absolutely refused to succumb to a good afternoon nap.

Fearing the worst–a crabby, clingy baby–I somewhat begrudgingly retrieved him from his bed. I was rewarded with hugs and smooches and we ended up having a wonderful time together.

He was calm and happy, interactive and pleasant.

Obviously, he and I don’t have as much time alone together as I had with Katie when she was small.  But this afternoon it was just the two of us.

It was one of those small moments that I speak about so often…and though I am still a huge fan of naps, I have to admit that having him all to myself wasn’t so bad.


  1. GeekGirlWife

    Awww…the pictures are wonderful. What a handsome little boy! Enjoyed the post!

  2. Kristin

    I often feel that the youngest misses out on alone time. Though with my oldest in school we have time together.
    Cute pics.

  3. Those cheeks! I could just eat those perfect cheeks! But, don't worry, mom. I won't.

  4. Adrienne

    Oh, he is divine. SO beautiful.

    I remember that with Abbie, those rare moments when it was just us that I had taken for granted with Jacob. Such lovely memories.

  5. kris

    I remember how DELIGHTED Kallan was when she discovered that Maj going to preschool meant that she got me all to herself for several hours three times a day.

    She bossed me relentlessly to do a million Kallan things while her sister was away.

    The second one never gets as much alone time.

    But they have a way of making the time they get?

    Really count.

  6. kris

    Ummmm . . . three times a week.

    Otherwise? That would be a crazy preschool.

  7. Lori

    Those eyes…oh my…you could just drown in those eyes.

    Lovely shots.

    Lovely thoughts.

  8. Jinnia

    What a beautiful moment you didn't expect! Those are the best :) Your son is adorable!

  9. Jinnia

    What a beautiful moment you didn't expect! Those are the best :) Your son is adorable! I stopped by from 31DBBB. Love your blog title!

  10. DadStreet

    Funny how when my wife was pregnant with Jake I felt so guilty. Guilt that I was going to be taking away from then 16 month old Olivia. Now, when O is asleep and Jake is awake (I know it rhymes…) I love holding him close to me and bonding with him in ways I used to with O when she was an infant. As he stares deep into my eyes and his emotions come out of that wide smile pushing out his baby cheeks it gives me the deepest sense of joy and freedom. Freedom from the guilt I used to feel at the thought of having another.

    This little guy is stinkin' cute!! Great shots, once again!

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