I’m a Big Fat Ice Cream Liar

I lied to Katie yesterday.

It was a repeat of a lie that I’ve told countless times over the past two months.

On the day of the initial lie, we were outside playing and she heard the Ding Ding (the ice cream truck) and said, in her sweetest, most curious voice, “What’s that noise?”

I panicked.  I totally panicked.

Here’s why:

When I was little, I had an unhealthy addiction to the Ding Ding.  My mother, who often showed just how much she loved me through baking and allowing me all sorts of goodies, encouraged this. {Thank you, Mom!}

The Ding Ding plays a huge role in my memories of summer.  He came every day and my mother always had her spare change ready for me.  {I think I developed super hearing from always listening for the earliest hint of the music from that truck.}

If we were going to run errands, I needed reassurance that the timing would in no way conflict with my daily treat.  Nothing could keep me from that truck.

I would drop whatever I was doing and run for the truck with all of the other neighborhood kids.  We all waited impatiently for our Push-Up Pops, Creamsicles, Chocolate Eclair Pops, and Fudgsicles.

Every single day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am that mom.  I don’t allow Katie to have sugary treats very often. I’ve nearly perfected my trips grocery store, almost always avoiding the problem areas.  And, if she catches sight of something I won’t allow her to have? I say, “Oh, those aren’t for kids, they’re for grownups.”

{Yes, I do realize that I am a horrible liar.}

The Ding Ding is a combination of all of my worst nightmares on wheels.

What do I see when I catch a glimpse of that truck?  A pedophile (our local driver looks CREEPY) who drives around spewing fumes (get a new muffler, buddy!), peddling his high fructose corn syrup-laden fat bombs to innocent children.

So, when Katie heard the Ding Ding and asked what it was, I lied.

I said, “Oh, that?  That’s the music truck.”

She looked befuddled, so I enhanced the lie by telling her, “the music truck drives through the neighborhood every day so that all of the kids can hear the music while outside playing.”

Totally lame, I know.

So, now when she hears the truck, she looks at me and almost challenges me to lie again.  I am convinced that she KNOWS I’m lying.

Although a huge part of me wants so badly to make her happy, as I know the treats would, I just can’t do it.  If I let her have a treat even once, I just know that I am setting myself up for daily struggles.

How am I going to keep up this lie?  We live in California–our Ding Ding knows no winter.

Any suggestions?


  1. KLZ taminginsanity.com

    The idea that she KNOWS you're lying just cracks me up. But deep down inside, I feel for you.

  2. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    I am totally screwed, huh?
    She's old enough to know that I'm lying, but not old enough to completely understand why I can't let her eat that stuff.
    It's going to be a long summer!

  3. jaseza

    Funny, so yesterday I totally told Keelie about the ice-cream truck/van… and we have ice-cream in our freezer…and she knows treats. It's moderation that's important?!?! Please?!?!

  4. jaseza

    Ack, forgot to say that I have the same thoughts regarding the creepy drivers and equally creepy vehicles…they freak me out – totally get images of pedophilia danger and I want my kids to stay away simply because of that. I hope I don't misjudge the drivers but I'm not willing to take that kind of chance.

  5. CDG rubysu87.blogspot.com/

    I told Felix the exact same lie last week, but I'll be honest, I did it because we can't afford the daily expense. If Mama has to make her own lattes, then little boys can eat Mighty Mini popsicles from the freezer!

    Like, Jaseza, we have ice cream and other treats in the house, and he knows he can't always have them. They. Are. Treats.

    I'm almost as scared of creating an obsession with forbidden yums as I am of the "high fructose corn syrup laden fat bombs."

  6. Sunshine

    Luckily we live on a dead end street and the Ice Cream Truck doesn't come THAT often, and we play in the back yard, so when she hears the music, it is muted and I was able to get away with saying it was somebody's car playing music loud.
    However, last week we were out front watching city workers plant trees, and the Ice Cream Truck came. She knew exactly what it was – and I blame her preschool :-) ! I can fool her when she's with me, but I can't shelter her forever!!
    All of the workers decided it was break time, so I caved in too. Now, I'm trying to get by with telling her it is a treat for only sometimes. Hopefully that'll work!
    That said, I really have no advice. Sorry. :-)

  7. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Trust me, I worry about the obsession too. But, I was pretty much allowed to eat anything I wanted growing up and my eating habits border on horrible.
    So, if I can prevent her from eating it now and she goes on to eat it later, then at least I've saved her a few years, right? Right? Please tell me I'm right!

    And I'm so with you on the expense. Plus, we never have cash and I'm pretty sure he won't take my debit card. :)

  8. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Even if I ever caved and let her get a treat from the scary truck, I wouldn't dare do it in front of our own house. I would go eighteen streets over just so that the driver wouldn't know where she lives. And yes, I do realize that I worry about absolutely everything.

  9. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    You made me smile with your explanation that someone was just playing their music really loud.

    I have visions of some young kids, out riding around, with "The Wheels on the Bus" just blaring out of their car windows.

    So funny, Sunshine!

  10. Sunshine

    Our's does "It's a Small World." But I really like Laurie Berkner and I sing along with her really loud – not embarrassing, yet. (If you don't know her, she is awesome and I highly recommend her music!)

    We do have treats in our house. They are for after supper (a little ice cream, a cookie). And I do believe it is all in moderation. But for now, I control what goes in, and we're ok so far. (Except at the grandparents, but they are all pretty good :-) )

  11. kris prettyalltrue.com

    I got away with ignoring the ice cream truck for a while, but I never lied about this particular issue. I think it utterly hilarious that your daughter knows you are lying!

    I don't usually allow the girls to get ice cream from the ice cream truck, but once in while? I cave.

    One time? The guy down the street was dating an ice cream truck driver (who was a girl), and she would drive her truck to his house when she was done for the day. The girls would gather up their change and wait for the "date" to be done, knowing that the ice cream gal had to come back up the cul de sac.

    Where they would flag her down with handfuls of sweaty coins. She was lovely and patient, and always stopped for them even though she was no longer officially working.

    Luckily for me? That was a short-lived relationship.

  12. I totally have to write a blog post about the gazillion and eleven lies I've told my kids. I have this whole elaborate mythology going on, and in my mythology a music truck that may or may not have ice cream inside is small potatoes.

    I have to go now. The Tooth Fairy is awaiting my call, plus I need to re-install the magic in all of Carter's bandannas before I can go to bed.

  13. This is really funny! It's such a struggle to limit our kids' sugar intake. I live in Mexico & random strangers try to give my kid candy just because he's cute. They look at me like I'm a cruel mother when I tell them "Please don't give my child candy, thanks."

    We have an ice cream/popsicle stand a block from my house. I finally gave in and we go every now & then, but I try to make sure he gets the whole fruit bar & they make tiny bite sized ones for toddlers.

    Do they have a fruity option at least?;)

  14. jen bjdentonfamily.blogspot.com

    I am so happy I found your blog over at Natalie's today. I've read your last few posts, and I think we'll be friends! I have the same blogging obsession/balance problem and the same creepy aversion for the ice cream truck. My kids are bigger, so when they heard it, my 10-year-old ran in, grabbed money and her brothers and headed outside while I was nursing the baby. I had no chance to stop it. Best of luck and I'd lie as long as I could.

  15. When my boys hear the music from it, I tell them it's music like we hear from the church bells down the street too.

  16. I wouldn't feel guilty about the "music" truck lie. There are some decisions that you have to make as a parent that are in the best interest of your child (even if it involves a "white" lie) to protect them because they are just too young to understand otherwise.

    And, yes, a treat would make her happy – but there are a lot of other things that would make her equally happy without you having to compromise your rule of "no sugary foods." Don't think of it as depriving her of a sugary treat, but look at it in the way that you are giving her a gift of health.

    If you approach your decision to not allow sugary foods as part of a lifestyle (and explain it to her as such when she is old enough to understand), then I don't think you will cause problems (like an obsession with the forbidden foods) later. And, don't question yourself, you are on the right path to raising a healthy child.

  17. meredith insockmonkeyslippers.com

    OMG, that's hilarious. I have no clue what to tell you except you're screwed. lol.

    But you know this all could work out. The biggest lie my father told me was when I was very young. I had a little bird as a pet. This bird lived forever or so I thought. A couple of years after my father had past and I was a teenager that bird died. I wasn't sad at all because I was happy he had lived so long and had a good life (as good as a caged bird can have I guess). I told my mom how glad I was that he had lived so long and she gave me this look while biting her bottom lip. She told me that my father didn't want me to know loss at such a young age so every time that poor bird died he went out and bought another replacing it before I noticed. Apparently I went through 12 parakeets. All in all I look back on it knowing that even if it was a lie it was out of my best interest (in his mind) and he did it with love. I couldn't have asked for a better father.

    I'm sure one day when she is all grown up she will smile and laugh at how much you loved her and how truly crazy you are. *wink*

  18. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    That is hillarious! Your dad must have single-handedly kept the pet store in business.
    I'm glad that your mother told you the truth–I would imagine that it made you truly appreciate him and the intense love that he had for you.

  19. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Yay! I love new friends!

    I have to be honest and tell you that I explored your blog and I have more than a tiny cyber crush on you! Fabulous photos, amazing content, beautiful writing, and a gorgeous family! (I'm going back over to comment.)

    I look forward to getting to know you better. :)

  20. Gina Nash


    You are a riot! I love reading your blog! I have to admit I avoid the ice cream man like the plague for the same reasons! Only I am thwarted by my husband who insists that we keep the "good stuff" (Ben and Jerry's) in the house at all times. So my children have become ice cream snobs and they have a very powerful ally (Steve the ice cream freak).

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