Gratitude for Miles

Tonight I am thankful that when my husband’s mother died last evening, she was in his arms, as he so desperately hoped and prayed that she’d be.

I am grateful to two amazing women, Lori and Adrienne, who offered us information and comfort at a time when we felt lost and scared. Through numerous phone calls and emails, they each offered their extensive knowledge and kindness.

I am grateful to my dear friends, Andrea, Kris, and Loni, who checked in on us regularly and repeatedly offered shoulders to cry on and kind words when we truly needed them and Chris, Corey, Ana, and Briana, who took such amazing care of our children so that we could be by Craig’s mother’s side.

I will be ever thankful to the hospice nurses who cared for Craig’s mother in her last days; Jan and Arlene helped to ease our worries and provided us a comforting presence through their tender care and compassion. There is a special place in Heaven for these two beautiful women.

I am grateful for the nurses who carried out the hospice care–Cora, Jemma, Maggie, and Nathan. These nurses ensured that she remained pain-free and peaceful. They also put up with our constant questions. We were able to get a few hours of sleep each night and slip out for quick meals because we knew that they were keeping an eye on her. Despite the stressful environment that these nurses work in, with demands and cries coming from every direction, each of these kind souls paused time to kiss her on the forehead, whisper in her ear, pray for her, or tenderly wash her hair. Compassion is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

I truly appreciate each and every one of the phone calls, emails, texts, notes, and direct messages we received, as each message felt like a huge hug.

Craig’s brother, Sean, and his wife, Janelle, were always just a phone call away and their daily emails, calls, and words of appreciation kept us going through the darkest moments. ¬†We are blessed to call them family–we treasure them and value them beyond words.

And lastly, I am thankful to have had a mother-in-law who raised such a beautiful son–a son who wouldn’t leave her side, who brushed her hair and read to her, who reminded her, until she took her last breath, that he loved her dearly.


  1. Lori

    I am so happy that I could help, dear lady. And I'm glad that all are at peace now, though I know you will miss her so very, very much.

    Let me know if you guys have to head back this way for any other details and maybe there can be a get-together when you are not needing to be at a hospital every moment.

  2. BigMamaCass

    Prayers and hugs to your family in this time. I am so sorry for your loss :(

  3. Bad Mummy

    Hoping you all find moments of joy and peace in the times ahead.

  4. Adrienne

    I'm so glad to have been able to help in some small way. I'll be thinking about you the next few days as you deal with all the final details. I hope it goes smoothly so you can concentrate on grieving and taking care of each other.

  5. kris

    My love to you in this difficult time. Your grace, wisdom, and strength, combined with your recognition of those same traits in your husband . . . have been an inspiration to me. Take care of one another.

    I have no other words.

  6. Sunshine

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I really can't imagine. Treasure your memories and repeat the stories – often. You and your family are in my thoughts. <>

  7. Peggy

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am also grateful that Craig was by her side when she passed.
    She is at peace now. I'll pray for your family that you will all be at peace with her passing as well. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
    love you.

  8. Crystal

    I'm so sorry for your loss. She's now in a wonderful place watching over all of you. You're all in our prayers.
    She was so lucky to have her wonderful son by her side in her last moments.
    Love you!

  9. Janelle

    Loves to you and Craig. We are blessed to have each other – that's for sure.

  10. jen

    No words. Just peace and comfort sending it your way.

  11. brandy

    Sending thoughts of peace to you and your husband. Having traveled this same journey with both my father-in-law and my own dad, I know that's all I can offer. When you're ready, we can get together.

  12. Loni

    You are too sweet. I am glad I could be there to support you and Craig in a very very small way. I continue to pray for you guys in this time of grieving. praying that you may have an overwhelming sense of peace. What a sweet and thoughtful post as always.

  13. Nichole

    Thank you so much.
    I'm sending your family hugs and prayers as well.

  14. Nichole

    Thank you for your kindness.

  15. Nichole

    You help me in many ways, whether by making me giggle, distracting me, or comforting me.
    Thank you for that.

  16. Nichole

    Thank you for your kind words.
    I am so grateful that Craig and I have built a strong foundation, as it has helped us get through so many things.
    Thanks again for the emails…they were so comforting to me when I really needed it.

  17. Nichole

    Thank you, Sunshine.

  18. Nichole

    He rarely left her side, and when he did, he was so worried that she would pass while he was gone. Words cannot express how much it meant to him to be there with her.
    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.
    We miss and love you guys so much.

  19. Nichole

    Thank you, Sweetie.
    Yes, she truly was lucky to have a son like Craig. She did such a great job with her boys.
    Let's talk soon?
    Love you, too!

  20. Nichole

    Thank you so much for the wishes of peace and comfort. It means so much to me.

  21. Nichole

    Thank you, Brandy.
    As we were going through the hardest parts of the journey, you were in my thoughts. It wasn't long ago that I saw you go through this.
    I would really love to get together soon.
    Brunch at Bella?

  22. Nichole

    You were so thoughtful while we were going through the most difficult times.
    I can't thank you enough for keeping us in your prayers.

  23. brandy

    Twist my arm. :)

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