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I’ve read so many wonderful things lately and I wanted to share some of them with you.  Here are the five best blog posts that I’ve read over the past few weeks that have either inspired me, moved me, made me think, or made me laugh:

Patterns and Chaos

Blog: No Points for Style

Why I Love It: This is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve read lately.  Adrienne’s writing is rich and eloquent. Her use of metaphor is remarkable.

Favorite Passage: “[Carter] is a person, whole and beautiful under the scrim of disorder on top, and he makes decisions and takes actions that belong to him. But sometimes the illness is so loud and his defenses are so weak that it dictates all of his behavior.

Powerlessness is a bitch.”


Reading the Signs

Blog: Pretty All True

Why I Love It: Kris, who I’ve mentioned here and here, artfully blends beauty and pain and makes you read even if it hurts to do so. This particular post is from Mother’s Day weekend and I have carried it around in my heart since reading it.  Kris proves time and time again that even with a childhood fraught with difficultly, she is loving, wise, and forgiving.

Favorite Passage: “My mother’s scars are a beckoning sign as well . . . in this body is a soul who has been damaged, a spirit who has been harmed. She is mended and patched, but not healed or repaired. She remembers. She understands.”


How It Started

Blog: Now who’s the Fat Project

Why I Love It: Wickedly funny, this ongoing bit of devilish behavior is a guilty pleasure to watch unfold. Love it, love it, love it.

Favorite Passage: “So #FatProjectReverse started with just an idea that maybe I could make something extra fattening for her like fried cheesecake.”


What it feels like when Satan lives in your esophogus

Blog: The Heir to Blair

Why I Love It: Reading this post was like receiving a huge hug.  Until Matthew was finally diagnosed with acid reflux, our life with him was truly challenging.  It was moving to read this post from someone who totally got what it was like to live that way.  I am so grateful for this post, as it meant that I wasn’t alone.

Favorite Passage: “Because as over-stimulated as your child feels, you’ve had high-pitched shrieking invading your every thought for almost five hours.  For the seventh day in a row.  At night, you close your eyes & you still hear crying.  You wake up three times every night, swearing you heard screaming & wondering if motherhood will give you post traumatic stress disorder.  & you sit down & cry, looking at your child & irrationally asking him why he hates you.  Wondering if he’d be better with another mother.  Wondering if what you wanted for so long was the biggest mistake you ever made.”


The Beauty of Living Slowly

Blog: Simple Mom

Why I Love It: I’m guilty of letting life get so busy that I sometimes let he beauty of each day slip right by me.  I love this list of specific ideas on how to truly slow down and enjoy your family.  I hate the idea of blinking and having my children grown and wishing we had truly savored more of the small moments.

Favorite Passage: “Turn up the music and dance in your living room with your children. My kids love this, and it takes 15 minutes.”

There you have it.  Happy reading!


  1. thenextmartha

    Can I say that I'm honored to be mentioned with other much more talented folks than me? Yes, honored. Thank you so much. Let me make you some cupcakes.

  2. Oh! I am so incredibly honored to be included in a list of such fabulous blogs. Thank you!

    I'm off to get to know Simple Mom. I've never visited before, but after this introduction I have no doubt I'll love it.

  3. Nichole

    Bake for me, are you kidding? Do I look like I was born yesterday? ;)

  4. Nichole

    Your writing never fails to move me. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Janelle

    Oh yea, another mom with dance nights! I have always had dance nights…whether we dance in the house, out in the rain, or down at the beach…simple life indeed is my style. The moments are miraculous every day, you only have to pause…and please do, because as I watch 15 year old it reminds me – time flys and it is precious. I am not ashamed to have spent hours – hours – over the years just standing in the background, savoring my childrens actions, expressions, talk – they amaze me and it helps me truly know them for them….simply dance and simply watch. I love it!

  6. Kris

    You know I love you! Thanks for the kind and generous words . . . although people who visit on a day other than Saturday are likely to get a different impression of me than the one you have provided.

    Which makes me giggle.

  7. Peggy

    To enjoy the small moments when my girls were young, we would take them for a "Mystery Ride". It could be to the playground, out for an icecream, to the circus, they never knew. The anticipation made the day all the more fun. They would try to guess where we were going by what I told them to wear or to bring.
    They caught on at a young age that if the mystery ride was after supper on a work night, then there probably was a Smiley's Icecream in the near future.

    They still talk about them. It was something that my parents did with me and my sister & brother when we were kids, and I'm betting that my grandchildren will go for a Mystery Ride or 2 with their parents.

  8. Lyndsey

    My sister in law dances in the living room with her two kids all the time! Love to be reminded to just enjoy the moment! My favorite small moment recently happened when I picked up Max from school and we walked by a pile of large foam blocks…the same pile we walk by everyday. He said to me, "Mom look at these blocks!" Of course in my hurried mind I was thinking these are the same blocks we see everyday…ok what? He then said the sweetest phrase that melted my heart and made me take in the moment. "Mommy I want to build you a castle." Of course I said yes and watched him light up with pleasure…great time.

  9. Nichole

    That is so incredibly sweet, Lyndsey. Max is such a love bug. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in all of the stuff that eats up our days. You'll never regret those moments spent letting him make you the center of your world.

  10. Nichole

    That is such a great idea! Katie would truly love that, as there is little that she loves more than an adventure. I bet Penny will go on some mystery rides, too!
    And now I'm craving Smiley's–Swiss chocolate almond! yum

  11. KLZ

    I love that you took the time to call out your fave passage…soo nice!

  12. Nichole

    It would be impossible for any visitor, on any day of the week, to be disappointed in what they find at your blog.

    You are a beautiful, multi-faceted woman. And your writing is pretty darn amazing, too.

  13. Nichole

    When we are old and gray (okay, wait, forget the gray part), we'll look back and be happy to have taken the time out of our busy days to dance. To sing. To play. I won't look back and wish that I'd spent more time cleaning, or cooking, or doing laundry.

    This family dance is really all that matters in the end, isn't it?

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