I’m a Handful of Contradictions

The truly lovely and crazy funny Genina, over at My Beautiful 604, has awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you, Genina!

In order to accept this award, the recipient must complete the following:

  • Thank the person who gave them this award.
  • Share 7 things about themself.
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With this honor, I am tasked with sharing seven things about myself with my readers.  So, here goes…

As a parent, I am a strange blend of crunchy and conservative–I am full of contradictions.

Here are seven things to illustrate this:

Let me preface this list by saying that I do not believe that it is my place to impose my choices onto others.  What is right for my family is not necessarily what is right for someone else’s.  Informed choices are the best choices.

1.  I breastfeed and I am an advocate of extended nursing.    My plan had been to nurse Katie until she turned two, but at 21 months, she was done.  I was saddened, but always said that when it wasn’t a mutual relationship, we would stop.  Hopefully Matthew will make it to the two-year mark.  Once he turns two, I’m probably cutting him off.

2.  I delayed solids with Katie until she turned 8 months, when we introduced cereal.  We waited until 10 months for additional foods.  I hope to hold off on all solids with Matthew until he turns 10 months.

3.   I made all of Katie’s food from organic, whole ingredients.  I loved trying different baby food recipes and knowing that I had a freezer full of things that I had made for her.  I look forward to making Matthew’s food as well.

4.  We didn’t co-sleep.  I am a firm believer in teaching good sleep habits, which for our family, means everyone in their own bed, falling asleep on his/her own.

5.  I wish I could say that I am in love with baby wearing, but I am not.  Katie refused to be worn, so I got off the hook pretty easily with her.  Matthew is, however, much more willing. I have a Maya Wrap and a Moby Wrap, and while they are each nice, I end up in pain and rather claustrophobic after wearing him for very long.

6.  I don’t cloth diaper.  I didn’t even consider it.

7.  I’m a rule follower, but I’m technically listing only six things about myself and I’m passing this award on to just five people because it is crazy at our house today!

Here’s who I’ve chosen to pass the award on to:

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…back to the basics…


  1. Kris prettyalltrue.com


    And yes, I meant that to be in enormous incredulous letters. I could never have done that. I loved those little teeny baby-food jars. Loved the whole ritual of the shopping and the screw-tops and the adorable little labels, and the portioning out of the store-bought goodness.

    And the puddings? I had to buy extras, because those were some seriously yummy treats.

    You are such a good (and versatile) mommy!

    Congratulations on your award!

  2. Hey, congratulations on your award! We're in the big time now, baby.

    I went all crazy-hippie-crunchy with Carter. Most of it I would do again, except the cloth diapering. I cloth diapered my older kids and it was fine, but by the time Carter was about 3 months and we knew he was, ahem…different? Why didn't I cut myself a break and switch to disposables?

    Sigh. Balance is not my thing.

  3. I love it! Thank you so much for posting! I too can't believe you made all your own Baby-Food, I think that's a great way to go! :) I love to be in the kitchen, if I ever have children I would like to think I would do that too!:)
    I like that you don't co-sleep, our neighbours did that with their little boy, he's great to babysit and he loves his bed.
    You rock, momma!

  4. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com


  5. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Thank you. :)

    I'm not so great at the balance thing either.

    One tough thing about parenting is the reality that we can't really know how good a job we're doing until our children are grown. Maybe that's why we throw ourselves in so completely, so that we can feel like we're doing everything in our power?

  6. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    Making the food really wasn't difficult, just time consuming. It was so worth it.

    Thank you for the award. :)

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