And Just Like That, She Turned Three…

Sweet Katie,

Today you turn three years old.

I feel as though I turned my back and you became a preschooler, full of curiosity and excitement, wishes and preferences. I want so badly to describe you, to find some way to summarize who you are in this moment, but I find that to be an impossible task.  You are complex and diverse.  My description is disjointed, as you are still putting together all of the pieces of who you are.

You are everything I ever dreamed that a daughter would be.

You are pure magic.  You taught me what it meant to be a mother and you teach me new lessons every day–lessons in patience, silliness, tenderness, and vulnerability.

You are silly and engaging. You love to giggle and you crave tickles.  These are moments that I will hold close for those days when you aren’t by my side.  I will never forget the sound of your laugh, the urgency in your eyes.

You have so much to say.  You got a late start, but since you began speaking, you talk so much that I keep thinking that we have certainly covered everything.  When I hear your voice, my heart cracks open with adoration and pride.

Though you are by nature a bit reserved and reluctant, when you open up, you are magnetic and engaging.  You are smart,  intuitive, and compassionate.

You are stunning.  Your hazel eyes sparkle and betray your thoughts.  It is so easy to see when you are making plans.

You are loving and kind.  When you reach for my hand or ask me to sit close to you, I would drop anything, Katie.  Nothing is more important than those moments with you, with your hand in mine.

Lately you’ve been asserting yourself a bit more and you are proving to be committed to the things that you want.  There are times when this exasperates me, but I’m also impressed with you.  I want you to learn how to hold firm when you want something and I am proud of you for communicating your wants so clearly.  Your vocabulary grows by the day, as does the complexity of your thoughts.  You are learning solid reasoning and debating skills and that makes me immeasurably happy.

Daddy and I realized last night that 1/6 of our time with you in our home is behind us.  I can’t fathom the day when you go off to college, when your world extends so far beyond us.  I hope that I have the strength and courage to let you go, but also the love and tenderness that makes you want to come back.

Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life.  Thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to be silly and to giggle.  Thank you for lighting up when you see me.  You are a gift Katie.  I treasure my days with you and I am so incredibly grateful for you.

You have beautiful things in your future, Katie.

Above all, you are an angel, my beautiful, sweet girl.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

With a heart so full of love,



  1. Peggy

    *sniff* Beautifully said.
    I cried every year that my kids turned another year old, at least until the teen years.
    Although it does feel like the country song “Don’t Blink” at times, there are just so many fun times to look forward to as they get older. And just when you think that it’s all over, and you aren’t needed anymore, they come back, and want a friend.
    Happy birthday sweet Katie. I just know that you will grow up to be a wonderful young lady.

  2. Sue Campbell

    It goes so fast, Imiss the baby but I am constantly impressed with the little girl. I want to hold onto the past, but I'm so excited to see what's in store. Sounds like you are in exactly the same place. Beautiful post.

  3. kris

    Such a beautiful love letter to your daughter and to the relationship the two of you share. I especially like the notion that your daughter cannot fully be described because she is still putting together the puzzle pieces.

    And your daughter was a late talker? We have another thing in common! Maj? Waited forever to talk, but now has endless words for all occasions.

    Often they are crabby impatient words, and I try to remind myself of how impatiently I waited for them to arrive.

    Not so very long ago. From 3 to 11?

    It is the blink of an eye.

  4. Nichole

    Maj and Katie are so much alike that sometimes it stops me cold to read some of your stories. It's like looking into the future.

    Katie didn't babble as a baby and at 15 months was only saying mama and dada, so we had her seen and have been working with a speech therapist who we adore for well over a year now. She's made tremendous strides, but we still have work ahead of us.

    At what age was Maj completely caught up?

  5. Nichole

    Thank you for your kind words and thank you for stopping by.
    I've been enjoying your blog, too.
    Hope to "see" you here again!

  6. Nichole

    You know how some people get in a funk when they turn another year older? Well, that's how I've felt since Katie turned three. I've been weepy and nostalgic, wishing that I could just pause time (even rewind it a bit).

    I'm just not ready for her to grow up…

  7. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    There is nothing like admiring amazing qualities in our children. Even the ones that drive us crazy, because we know they'll serve them so well later in life.

    Sage was also a late talker and now she has PLENTY to say. ;)

  8. Rebecca

    So precious! Wow…my daughter turns 3 in 6 months…and you're right, it's a sixth of her time with us at home. Really puts it in perspective when you put it that way!

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