Our Gift

We suffered a miscarriage in December of 2008. We were eight weeks along, and needless to say, we were devastated and disillusioned. I remember feeling that I would never be able to make sense of it, of why it happened to us.

Then, we were blessed to get pregnant again right away with our beautiful baby Matthew.

When he entered the world on November 17, 2009, it all made sense. If we hadn’t miscarried, we would have never had him. Matthew is the baby that I was meant to have. His soul is tender and he simply exudes love. I can’t help but think that our lost child taught me something about having faith and that Matthew was gifted to me to teach me something about myself, about life and I am so grateful for him. When I look into his eyes, I feel as though I’ve known him forever, that he understands me in some important way.

There was a time when I couldn’t fathom having a son. Now I ache inside at the thought of not having our beautiful Matthew.

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  1. SquashedMom

    Do I get to be the first comment on your first blog post? Here, now, 9 and 1/2 months later? How cool is that?

    Nine and a half months… now why does that number sound so familiar? Tee hee 😉

    (And I even used an emoticon. How goofy cool is that?)

    I'm so glad that last year you started blogging and I started blogging and that we found each other. Happy 200th post, my friend, from back here at the beginning, the spark….

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