Crazy stalker or grateful reader?

The “Mommy Blog” is such an amazingly dynamic genre. I stumbled across my first blog before I even had children, as I was so insanely impatient to get pregnant and was seeking out all things baby related. I visited as a way of getting a glimpse of what I so desperately wanted—to be a mother.

In those early days, I read Dooce (isn’t that required reading?). I loved (and still do) Heather’s letters to Leta. There’s a beauty in her ability to blend love and humor in such a moving way.

Once Katie was born, I found myself taking endless pictures of her, as all new parents do. Though some came out fine, I wanted to learn more about photography and I stumbled across The Pioneer Woman. It may have been the photography that lured me in, but the recipes and confessions keep me coming back. This is still one of my go-to sites. Ree’s silly, whimsical nature makes you feel like you’ve known her forever.

When Katie was 15 months old, my gut told me that her language wasn’t progressing as it should. As I sought out information, I found Amalah. She was like the hug that I needed as I tried to make sense of what was/was not happening with Katie’s speech. Though I have friends I could talk to, I didn’t feel like anyone really got it. There were so many nights early in the process when I grappled with the big scary labels–of what could potentially be wrong with our sweet girl. Katie began speech therapy and is now at a point where we can see the end of her sessions. I am so thankful to Amalah for unknowingly offering me a shoulder to cry on.

And now, as I struggle to learn how to juggle two kids, on most days I truly just need a laugh and I’ve found that and more on some new-to-me blogs.

Recently, I have begun reading Chris Jordan’s Notes from the Trenches. Whenever I ask myself how I will ever learn to handle two little ones, one visit to her site, full of stories of raising seven (!) children, reminds me that I have it disgustingly easy. I love her subtle sense of humor and her photographs are simply beautiful.

On days when I am sleep deprived, cranky, and wonder how I’ll muster any enthusiasm to get through the day, Mommy Wants Vodka can make me laugh time and time again. Aunt Becky has the art of sarcasm mastered. She is irreverent, cheeky, addictive, and the kind of person you wish you could sit and have drinks and a laugh with.

AndreAnna, of Diary of a Modern Matriarch, is the embodiment of grace under pressure and a perfect example of not realizing just how strong you are until you are tested. Faced with what appear to be insurmountable challenges, she manages to retain perspective and even find humor in the everyday. I admire her strength and her ability to remain focused on what really matters, as her children will too one day.

Friday Playdate’s Susan Wagner and Suburban Turmoil‘s Lindsay Ferrier are inspiring me to put myself back together. Two kids, no more than two hours of sleep in a row, and a husband who swears that he loves me unconditionally have been a recipe for disaster. These two women are so put together, that it is bound to rub off on me, right?

Kris, from Pretty All True is quite simply, pure awesomeness. Her anecdotes make me laugh until my sides hurt and then I want to thank her profusely for the experience. She has the most amazing knack for storytelling and I am committed to working through all of her archives.

I thank each of these moms for paving the way for me to find my voice. They have each been influential in some way on my parenting path. It is my hope that through the act of blogging, I can find a way to express and rediscover myself. I was once articulate, intelligent, stylish, and fun to be around. The old me has to be in there somewhere, doesn’t she?


  1. kris

    So glad to have been listed here amidst such amazing company! I can't read Dooce anymore, because I am seduced by her photography into thinking I need every single thing pictured, including her stupid dogs. But she is fabulous, as are the other women. I have found the blogging world to be an amazing and welcoming place, and I am sure you will find a comfy home.
    Starting . . . now. Am off to add your RSS feed to my Google Reader.

  2. Wow, I take it as a huge compliment to be listed among such awesome women.

    Thank you for the wonderful things you said. It truly does make a difference to have my story out there – to have people in my corner.

  3. Aunt Becky

    Come catch drinks with me, dude! Why is it that the coolest people never, ever live close enough for cocktails?

  4. Nichole

    Okay, so I have an idea.
    You tell me what time zone you're in and we'll each have a drink tomorrow at 5:00 your time. If that happens to be early in the day here, that is a sacrifice that I'm willing to make. I'm cool like that.

  5. Jennifer

    I'm loving reading your blog – it's funny to see some of the other blogs that I read on your blog also.

  6. Nichole

    Thanks, Jen! I'm so happy to see you here.
    There are so many amazing blogs to read. I just wish I had more time!

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